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Wow! That was so cool! Probably, one of the coolest things I did on this blockchain, and boy, was it easy. I turned a handful of Hive, into a $10 Starbucks gift card!

And, this was all made possible by @brianoflondon's amazing work with the Lighting network! ⚡️⚡️

I also followed the simple directions from @patrickulrich's post!

You will just need an account from The Bitcoin Company(pls use my referral code- 1BAW4C,) and access to the website,

I highly recommend reading this post for detailed information, but this is what I did...

First off, I signed up to The Bitcoin Company(pls use my referral code- 1BAW4C,) and selected to purchase a $10 Visa gift card (digital only!)


I then copied the invoice, and proceeded to there I pasted the invoice. I chose to pay with Hive, and I paid and signed the transaction.

It literally took seconds, when I saw a $10 Visa gift card in my account. I even 21 sats back for this transaction. I then, went to my Starbucks app and reloaded the $10. But you can literally choose from hundreds of different gift cards, or just use the visa gift card at your favorite store!

So, thanks to @brianoflondon for your great work, and to @patrickulrich for writing the guide I followed!

This whole process was so cool and easy. I highly recommend you give this a try!

Thanks for stopping by!


That is cool.

Looks like an easy way to get HIVE to Fiat.

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Good one!
It is easy and a good way to pay with Hive.
I'm looking for an alternative way, as it's only possible in the US. If my foggy memory doesn't trick me, it was possible to get virtual visas on that app to pay via NFC in Europe some time ago.