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PeakD and Ecency are platforms based on the HIVE blockchain, and my goal is to develop a community that shares the same values, and advertising other platforms or projects distracts me from that.
Join the WORLD WEB3.0 now! The future of technology :)

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Thank you all for reading and for the support. I really appreciate it! As you can see, I am very motivated to create quality content and every comment, vote and reblog motivates me even more. If you haven't followed me yet, please do so and also subscribe fanbase.


Lol people need to deposit first? Okay I will say pass or next. Hehe.

Hey! Thank you for stopping by! Yes, but here, at Hive also you have to deposit in order to power up faster :) and to have good vote power bruh !
If you want I can deposit for you, text me in telegram : @dimecoiner

Nah I never did but it's alright. If you like such just keep at it. 👍

Then invest the profit in Hive ;) smart is smart

Looks sus. Tag me after 1 year related to this. Good luck!