Why you want long term financial charts with trend lines; 1,039 days.

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What you'll find below are charts I created for you to see the value of keeping long term charts updated with support and resistance trend lines. For those that are new to the financial space and to charts and technical analysis I take you back to a time you see only in movies or read in books. There is no pressure for you to buy anything. What you see took my time and I want you to know that there is a benefit of "knowing" when you do what I've done on these charts that you can expect things to occur years in the future and you'll have the reason that a market found support or resistance. I've been a chartist since the mid 1990s and back then I learned to do it by hand. To me, the time I sit down to create a chart and explore the financial world seems but a moment however when I look up from the table or the computer I realize I have spent many hours, sometimes, a full day, in a world of numbers and lines. Please look at these charts; learn something.





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