Vote value of VYB?

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Ok so front end just landed so we can finally see what a vote is worth which to me is real exciting!

So unknown to me I have been up voting with VYB so I did not have 100% vote to start with but we can work backwards together!


How much is a vote worth?

Ok so at 90% my vote power is 2.05 VYB which means at 100% I am giving out 2.27 VYB.

I currently have 5215.72 VYB staked through purchase and airdrop so from this we can work out that each VYB drops a vote of 0.000434841632 or to make it easier a 1000 VYB drops 0.4 VYB or a 1 VYB vote needs 2,300 VYB

Whats my APR

You can vote 10 times a day and it will recharge the next day, so my return is 2.4 x 10 divided in half for reward to poster = 12 VYB a day ! Thats a daily APR of 0.23% or yearly with no reinvestment of 84%

Ok so get out there, have some fun and vote some good content!

P.S this only the 5th post using the new front end, pretty proud of that!


First payouts from the first VYB posts have happened.

Now would be a good time to update this analysis. Need to recognize that the rewards pool is operating at 1/3 the full inflation rate right now, though (and will for another 7 days or so, then it goes to 2/3 for about 10 days).


Definitely on my to do list tomorrow! Will be interesting to see full vote value in a few days!

How much is a vote worth?

Ok so at 90% my vote power is 2.05 VYB which means at 100% I am giving out 2.27 VYB.

I suggest that you repeat that experiment frequently, because that value is subject to change, for at least a couple different reasons.

First, the Hive-Engine smart-contract governing the rewards-pool distribution has been modified to include a bootstrapping period. In addition, we are incorporating our own ramp-up process -- for the first 10 days VYB rewards will be issued at 1/3 the full rate, then for the next 10 days the rate will be at 2/3 the full rate, then full thereafter (i.e. matching the POB rate).

Second, the results shown are always 'pending' and depend upon other voting activity up until the payout window closes.

NOTE: The payout window for these first 10 days has been reduced from the normal 7 days to 2 days. Let's see if that leads to any unique interest or excitement!

Will do, will be interesting to see if it goes up or down with the 1/3 vs more voting in reward poolside! The reduced payout window will be really interesting, does that mean the payouts close after 2 days and no more rewards can be collected? Does this mean any following 3 day votes are lost or just not collected.

You are assuming that the display feature has the formula correctly. Historically, the the frontends have had problems matching the display to the back end value ... which is what really matters.