My vote was worth almost 3,000%

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Yesterday I voted for a post that was almost immediately rated at 3000%. A couple of weeks ago I already wrote a similar post and many assumed that this was some kind of mistake or glitch, but in fact I was paid exactly the amount in which my vote and percentages were estimated. To be honest , I didn 't understand and I can 't understand what is the reason for such a high percentage for my vote ? tell me, do you also have such charged percentages?))


I do remember seeing in 200% and 300% but never higher than that.
That is some % you got there…

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even if you look at my statistics now . then it looks like this, and I always have posts that are 500% 600% 700%))!

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It depends on when you are voting and if other people are votinf later, like a few days after. They sre getting a penality for voting late and you are not, so thats why you get more.

also, if you are powering down this can impact it ^^

I turned off the power 3 weeks ago

You are still powering down bro.


:) looks like a good problem to have? Did u get any clear answer as to why that happens? I think you should ask another hiver with the same or more HP as you and maybe they get that same thing happens to them..

btw, is that hivestats where you are seeing this? I look on there, but only understand a few things I see there.. :P

Hi! Thanks for visiting my post. It has been a long time.

Curious too how that efficiency works.