Hive power 13 weeks!

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Hive power 13 weeks!

From the very beginning, when I first learned about hive and its functions, it was in March 2020, I was most repelled by its power-on function, since I understood that 13 weeks is a lot and I had to think carefully whether to turn on the power or not.

Since my arrival at hive, I have sold only 1 time coins to re-buy a little more due to the exchange rate, but turning the power back on turns out that I am losing this opportunity to sell and frankly I don't like it. For mass users who, as we all want, should come to hive, it will be very inconvenient and will also be repulsive just because they need to lock their funds somewhere for 3 months.

Personally, it would be convenient for me to unlock them quickly and sell them on the stock exchange with an increase in the exchange rate and turn them back on, I think it would be more convenient for many for development in general.
Maybe there is some way to solve this issue ? How do we determine if we need , and most importantly , is it possible to reduce the power outage period of hive ? Judging by how the issue with HBD was resolved, which is now 20% per annum, I think that everything is real.

Let's maybe vote or open an additional topic to discuss who is for and who is against reducing the time for disconnection? After all, there are really a lot of advantages in the fact that the power supply will be able to turn off and on, or am I wrong?)


It is a security feature that has no reason to change. Protection of the blockchain is vital. If you do not want to suffer the powerdown, do not power up.

The long powerdown reduces the incentive for exchanges to get involved in governance.

Also, with the emergence of HBD, it is crucial that HIVE be as resistant to manipulation as possible. Reducing the power down time increases that.

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Exactly this. New folks see it as a burden, and I get that... but like, imagine how things would have gone if we had a 3 day / two week powerdown while the whole Steem fiasco was going down! It'd have been an even bigger shitshow than it was.

That's right, have a great day.

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13 weeks to me is a long period. I guess making it to atleast 2 weeks makes some sense.

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if it were possible to offer options for consideration, then of course 2 weeks or a week or 3 days. then it was possible to consider such options .but the question is who decides this?)

This topic has been discussed over and over. Here is my take on this:


TL;DR The 13weeks staking period is essential for Hive security and prosperity

what is the difference in the safety of exactly 13 weeks as opposed to 2 weeks ?
hive can thrive without such a long time )

Skin in the game. Long term engagement and commitment. Providing stability and predictability to the system

It used to be 2years at the beginning and 6months later on. Always while market is not so sure there is one or two guys bringing it up... This just proves it's not for a Hive but for particular investement decisions of single users.

previously , the power outage was 2 years ?? it's a very long time of course. But for ordinary users who in the whole mass do not understand even what it is necessary for, it takes a very long time and scares away. You can also make it so that it is 2 years, but in this case the percentage of accumulation should be an order of magnitude higher, which would be fair. Perhaps it is better to make it so that the shorter the power accumulation period, the lower the percentage , and the longer the period, the higher the percentage , respectively.!!

The other idea is to declare staking period upfront and weight-value your votepower accordingly.

There were various solutions discussed both layer1 and layer2. Like giving up some part of your HIVE for shorter period of power-down. Most of these brought by the fear of the markets, not substantial arguments. This might come back again and again but without essentials discussion is futile.

Actually without this long period the whole value is lost, so if somebody doesn't get it there are other options to invest: liquid HIVE, HBD, HE-tokens.

HP is a governance token and 3months make sure that people involved are ready to take long term commitment to support their ideas and views. This is basic of HIVE. Stake is a warranty for all investors that this place will be lead in the better direction. Hive is the only altcoin without company behind it which would be incentivised by profit to improve itself. Hence 13weeks. Is it a lot in this context? Not IMO.

This ecosystem is thought-through really good and changing such crucial things shouldn't come easy.

I think most people here would like to see it reduced, but we aren't ruled by majority we are ruled by stake. So, I have little hope that it will change.

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do I understand correctly that the question relates to hive witnesses?
if so, why don't they raise this issue? or are they all unanimously interested in a long staking?

It comes up often. The largest stakeholders, not unanimously prefer the 13 weeks. It's a DPOS system so they are the decision makers

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3 months is a long time.

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I agree with you )

If maybe you are right. If what you want is to have money for a quick reaction, then it is not efficient. In any case, it is a system that makes the chain more resistant.
I don't know if in the next few days when pHive is released this may be a viable alternative for you.

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maybe, but I'm so used to hive that I just want it to get better) it 's like a child )

This is a recurrent topic that at some point has to be addressed, in any case, we have to adapt to the conditions we have now.
What many people do is maintain a permanent power-down of some stake to be prepared for the opportunity to come... do you know what I mean?
Let's say you keep a constant power down of 1000 Hive, once a week you power it up again or sell it in the function of your will and so, you can somehow have some chances of performing a good strategy.

at the moment, I am in the process of turning off the power because I think that something will change this summer in the direction of increasing the stability of hive and I hope to jump on the train.))

what do you mean about "turning off the power"? to stop the power-down?
What do you expect besides the new upgrade (Hardfork)?

I mean I turned off the hive power

Probably the witnesses

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from reading your post i think i need 101 in hive. i dont understand it fully like you do.