Posting from my phone.

in #leofinancelast year

Wow how do ppl do this?

To be fair being in this bouncy car is not helping.

It's interesting how much I'm into tech but this is only my second data phone. Got my first one like 4 years ago. Had a flip phone all the way until 2017. At a certain point it became a funny badge of honor. The longer I had a flip phone the funnier the joke. Never had use for a data phone. Could still go without one in fact. No going back now though. Seal is broken and gps is convenient.

I will admit that when I was online dating back then, not having a smartphone was a massive red flag to the girls I was talking to. First impressions matter apparently. Go figure.

Speaking of convenience, funny how willing we are to trade privacy and freedom for it. If only crypto were a bit more convenient. Unfortunately the most convenient parts of crypto are the centralized solutions. Funny how that works out.

I'm just sitting in the back seat of this car right now about to spend 5 hours picking someone up at the airport. Figured I might as well write this shitpost on my phone and get paid while I travel. How weird is that? Tech is weird. The future is always sneaking up on us.

hmmmm what else?

Nothing much really... just in a holding pattern at the moment across the board. I really should be doing more productive things.

Reminds me we were going to check out this gym down the road but that fell though the cracks as well. SoonTM. Have gotten like zero exercise since covid. Very bad. Gained back the 50 pounds I lost in Summer 2019. I'd link back to that post if I wasn't on my phone. Dealz with it.

Oh I also have been buying those DUAT tokens again. Price came back down to my buying level recently. Surely ppl dumping getting impatient waiting for the game to drop after a snapshot on jan 6th. I'm not sure why developers across the board announce these things way too early and kill all the hype with their soonTM bullshit.

Just work on it in secret and capitalize on day one announcement shock hype. That's what I'd do anyway, but I do understand wanting to talk about the thing you're putting your blood sweat and tears into. Seems... selfish though on a certain level. Meanwhile I'll just practice trading around these hype cycles. I've almost figured it out I swear. Slow and steady.

Alright I think I'm done for now.
Didn't want to miss another day of blogging.
Consistency is important.
Enjoy the shitpost.
No pictures for you.


125% DV!


time of the month...


Is there a reason you self-vote all your posts?

You are on some massive auto-votes and you are one of the most rewarded authors on hive, and you still feel the need to farm? If by consistency, you mean post crap everyday and get rewarded $100 plus in hive, I will consider this a farming operation.

Please don't forget your friend jrcornel. Lets not get there.

Stay informed my friend.

lol my 'friend' jrcornel
Dude it's crazy you posted this comment just now.
hm... what timing.

My timing is often terrible. I am glad I amused you.

Again, I enjoy your stuff when you put your heart into it. So are many others I know.

Just don't compelled to post everyday. Post when you feel like. Also try not to self-vote, please.

Man... you're fucking blowing my mind right now... so weird.
In any case, it would have been nice to get this kind of feedback a little earlier though.
It's true. I can to better. I'm not in a good place right now. Is what it is.

oh yeah also should I not be self upvoting my own work?
seems like a weird thing to get hung up on.
1 out of ten of my votes goes to a post I wrote.
I agree that a lot of that content was shit but I'm also having a hard time right now

but also you gotta admit if self-upvoting is the reason I'm being downvoted... then I'm being downvoted $55 because I'm scooping $2 of non-curation on a self-upvote... that's pretty extreme.

One of my first posts on Hive (I mean steem) was how lame it was to self-upvote your own shit... like giving yourself a high five on facebook and shit. It's a bit different here because of the money aspect and valuing your own content and whatnot.

If you think that I should never upvote my own content ever again I will give that extreme consideration.
Honestly did not even think that kind of thing registered on any level.
Maybe I'm just on auto-pilot or some shit.

Lots of things are weird. Show the neighbor 4 doors down from yours a post of yours and explain that it fetched $100. They will tell that its weird.

Again...this is NOT a request. Don't self-vote, please. Otherwise I am perfectly capable of removing that self-vote for you :)

No you are NOT just downvoted for doing self-vote. You are downvoted because net rewards were getting too high. It was adjusted. It is called disagreement on rewards. Fairly common thing on hive.

This is not a joke. I like you so I gave an explanation. Normally I do not do that. I or anyone else are not required to give an explanation for a dv, just like we don't give an explanation for an upvote. You have been here for a while, you already know all this.

Cheers! Enjoy the rest of your summer.

lol god damn it

what are you looking at my screen right now?

disregard my next post that's about to be published in 5 seconds

I cant post on my phone. Did a couple comments at times on the Leofinance mobile. When you the eyes start going, cant see the damn screen. Plus the crack in it doesnt help.

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you gotta lay off the crack task

I'm doing the liketu posts from my phone. I guess I only had something like 5 leofinance posts through my phone, but these were something more like a thread than a post.

You have to take off the sunglasses. 😎

No pictures!?! I can't read a post with no pictures!! That's like medieval torture lol

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this is a great shitpost, ser.

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Maybe but he still put together a longer post than 80% that appear on Leofinance.

He does almost 500 words on a phone whereas some that will take 3 posts to reach.

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lenght is not the only quality metric :P

The man likes to pour words. I wonder if he used predicted text... This one helps me a lot.

DUAT talk, let's check the price..

Oh I also have been buying those DUAT tokens again. Price came back down to my buying level recently. Surely ppl dumping getting impatient waiting for the game to drop after a snapshot on jan 6th.

I totally forget about the token! It looks like some people already ape into it 😅

I majorly post from my phone, is something wrong with me?

Consistency is important.

Yes!!! I'm getting back into writing every day, including using prompts that don't instantly give me ideas. It makes being creative easier with each one, but sadly that goes away without practice...

I hope you had a good five hours 😂


@edicted! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @wrestlingdesires. (6/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Have gotten like zero exercises since covid. Very bad.

You know you can work out at home as well, right?

Nice post, sir. Put a picture next time.

fake news

Judging from some of these comments I'm starting to understand more why mobile has always been an afterthought for everything on Hive 🤣. I use my phone probably 99% over my desktop mostly for convenience sake. My job takes me into many different kinds of homes and it's rare to find a desktop, but EVERYONE has a smartphone 😉

We old I can't do stuff on my phone it takes me 10x longer and so much harder than just sitting down at my desktop. Laptop is a little better but still always prefer the big clunky desktop to get shiz done.

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Eheheh as you said. Time is money, not a bad payout for a "shitpost" as you called it. Eheheh but your phone history story was entertaining. 🤣😄

You take some nerve to write a post from a mobile phone.
I have tried once and lost everything.
At least you care to keep the consistence going.


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No pictures for you.

LOL, when I read that I immediately pictured this scene from Seinfeld. Safe travels.


AH You caught me I was doing soup nazi vibes

Lol I always use phone to post something.😂😂

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Consistency is important.

We were just about to forget you:)

Uhm.. How is the travel going? You really want to buy all the duats?



I think smartphones show the best of humans.

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Something not consider good have a relevant message.

Shitpost turned to good Post.

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shitposting growing in popularity, very nice ( with Borat accent )

For me it's my Pc or nothing. I can't do shit without it. The writing inspiration wouldn't come through.

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