A Compounding Account for my Daughter Monthly Update

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As indicated in a previous post here, I recently started a new HIVE account for my 5 year old daughter. I went ahead and dropped in a relatively small amount of HIVE, as well as some passive earning tokens in order to build up an account for her over time. We have also posted some of her artwork to the account and intend to do so as she grows so she has a compilation of her original work to look back on when she is older!

It's been just short of a month since the last status update so lets see how we are doing! I haven't done any transactions or moved anything around since the last post... Without further ado lets take a peak at how we are doing!


We can see the amount earned from my last update post pending! Not much but it all adds up! The HBD will go right to savings, and all the HIVE will be powered up. We can see that over the course of this month we have amassed 0.156 hive through DHEDGE drips and Ecency Delegation. Not bad at all. Our value has increased drastically due to the increase in HIVE price over the last several days. We were at $13.76 in our last update so we have managed to nearly triple our base Hive account value in the last month... WAY TO GO HIVE!

I also ended up delegating an additional 1HP from my personal account to assist in RC for transacting the accumulating second layer tokens. Here's where we are at after claiming and powering up.


The HP and HBD from claiming the rewards pushed us over 3x last months benchmark for $41.51! I included the first few lines of earnings so you can see the increase this month from daily 0.001 dhedge drips to 0.002 as well as the Ecency delegation payouts of 0.003!

Lets move on to the layer 2 tokens.


We've got some real value building up here! With $48.23 in value vs the $25.49 from last month the gains haven't been as high as with Hive but still can't complain! I won't try to show the full list of every token we've accrued- it's too big to catch in a single image. Here are the ones that are worth more than $0.01.


I'll be selling and converting these to add to the dividend token stacks in order to increase the token earnings and continue to compound! I've decided to stick with DHEDGE again this month because of the regular HIVE earnings!


The amount of DHEDGE has been increased substantially this month! I decided to trade INDEX and BRO for an increased DHEDGE stack- this should cut down on the number of different tokens received and reduce the number of transactions I am making to acquire more tokens! I have my eyes on a couple of other passive income projects as well- we will see about incorporating those soon!

So far the compounding account is doing well! Keep your eyes peeled for our next art post from her account soon!


Nice it is coming along well. "other passive income projects" like....?

I'll keep that bit to myself for now! You can be sure if I make a move on her account I'll post about it!

Alright, ill keep watching. Just wanted to start to do the same...timing is everything and getting in early is even more important. Looking forward to what you find.

Really cool that you are doing this for your daughter. I wonder what it's going to be worth when she's 18!


Hopefully more than if I had put the same amount in a savings account! I should do that actually for science and comparative purposes.... maybe I'll actually set that up one of these days! Hive vs Robinhood vs Bank- the grand showdown! !LOLZ


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Yes definitely an interesting experiment! I might do the same for my 3 year old son...


I think it's a wise choice! Even if it doesn't necessarily perform that much better than a bank account (I think it will do far better though) it will show her over time that her artwork can have value and demonstrate that there are many ways to earn a living! If you do start one for your son let me know! They can be hive buddies and build the next big project when they are 12 !LOL !PIZZA

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they can be hive buddies and build the next big project when they are 12

haha - amazing!


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I love this project. I still don't understand half of what you're doing - I need someone to write a 'Hive for Dummies' book.

The last time you posted about your daughter's account, I had just figured out how to buy pizza, and was feeling very pleased with myself. It was my greatest achievement so far on Hive! 😆 I now have enough staked to be able to tip people, so have some !PIZZA :)

Look forward to the next instalment. :)

Thankfully it's very hands off. I just log in once a month to take the earnings and put them back into the passive income tokens (I picked DHEDGE again this month) power up the hive, and delegate it back out to Ecency! Then I just let it do its thing all month!

Glad to hear you got your Pizza staked! Now is a good time to buy more as well with most of the hive engine tokens dropping in price because of HIVE increasing so much!


@cathgothard! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @dibblers.dabs. (1/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Oooh maybe I should use some of my HBD to buy some more Pizza?! I have been waiting for $HIVE to drop in price before I convert it and power up... :)

I keep bookmarking articles about Pizza and other finance things, but I never get time to read them. I need to educate myself about this stuff.


yeah I would hold that HBD until you get a better ratio! No way to know for sure when that might happen though! In my opinion !PIZZA is always a good choice- but that's my personal opinion!

Nice job! Hive has been on fire lately.

delegating hp would be nice but I need mine for resource credits. Wish I had bought hive instead of sps a month ago 😭

Thats awesome,triple!