Hive Keychain Mobile v1.11

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v1.11 is now live on Android and iOS, coming with a bunch of new features we hope you will enjoy!

Account History

Until now, you could only check transfers on mobile, you can now check your whole history, complete with delegations, savings, conversations, claims and power up/down.
To make things easier, you can filter them by type and search for a particular operation in the search bar.

Hive Engine operations

You can now stake, unstake and delegate your favorite tokens on mobile!
To do this, just navigate to the token, and click on the '+' icon.
You can also see the list of your incoming and outgoing delegations.

Hive Engine history

In a similar manner to the main token's history, we've added missing operations such as staking and delegations.
To view the token history, just press on the Hive Engine token, and then on the ≡ button.

And more!

On top of this, we've improved a lot of features in this update such as :

  • RPC nodes management
  • Better URL autocompletion in the browser
  • More dApps in the Explore section
  • Adding account by authority
  • What's new? popup

Download the Apps / Extensions

The download links for our mobile Apps and extensions are available on our landing page


To communicate with us, report an issue or become a Beta tester, join our Discord by following this link :

Or scanning this QR Code :



@stoodkev : CEO - Witness
@cedricguillas : Full-stack Developer
@theghost1980 : Front-end Developer
@nateaguila : UI/UX
@yabapmatt : Advisor - Witness
@aggroed : Advisor - Witness

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Making this app better and better, keep up the good work.

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thank you very much for making the application easy to access and use

Awesome news guys!

Thanks for the update, going to poke around right now and test out the new version!

This is do nice and thanks for the update and progress of it.

Wow! This is good to hear. I am using this too but lately I have a problem using this.

Very cool. Thanks a lot! 😎


Awesome upgrade. Now, we can do more with our keychain. Well done.

shout out to you

That's a cool upgrade.

This is a good development. Thank you for keeping us up to date

I would love to have besides a full keychain, a keychain lite version.

Fast and for basics.

It becomes bigger and bigger and also sometimes pretty slow.

Good update thanks team! Still waiting for dark mode though!

Great as always! 🤟🤟🤟

Excellent improvements! 👏🏻

Great work people!

You can now stake, unstake and delegate your favorite tokens on mobile!

I already did this in the browser of the Hive Keychain application. Probably I keep doing it this way. I used to it. Of course I updated the application. The new account history feature with the filters is very useful to keep track various things in our Hive account.

This is so nice and awesome 😎👍...also
Supported the proposal

Hi @stoodkev and @keychain team. Thanks for your work.

i have v1.10.5 (Beta) downloaded from Github here (i think), but on that page it says it's v1.7.6

i would like to download latest version 1.11 but not from goggle as i choose not to support them (or Discord and many other corrupt centralised orgs) for many reasons.

Can you share a link to download v1.11 other than google please.

Many thanks in anticipation

Sat Nam


Problem installing.

Downloaded, but when installing i get the following error

i recall having this error several times in the past and messaged you before about it. Not sure how it was resolved before.

No idea, I'm not usually installing apk this way. I'm sure you can find some resources online.

Empece a usar la app hace varios meses lo unico que no me gustaba era que la app tenia que estar abierta para aceptar la publicacion de comentarios o votos si habias iniciado sesion con QR en otra PC que no sea la principal pero por todo lo demas muy comodo ya que podes ver mucha información que tal vez es dificil de encontrar en el perfi de hive


I gifted $PIZZA slices here: tipped @stoodkev (x1)

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