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My name is Tom Wamalwa Wafula. I am 34 years old, married with kids.

Kenya is my country and am proud to be a Kenyan

Deep in thought.

#Success #Vision #Steemit Jan 27 2018

Am now a renown phone fixer .. I repair phones.. I love this job.. I have no strings and no boss, because I am my own boss. Sometimes I make good money and sometimes I don't, but it satisfies me... unlike the Government job. There by end of the day I could make 1000 KES (1.4118 SBD).

I love politics, I meet many people and we engage freely.

At times I fix phones for the old for free..

I plan to order a supply of cheap phones for my shop for sale.

My advice to the youth ..
Your hands are powerful!

@TomWafula - Global Blockchain Curator , Kenya Global Connect