Hive HBD and LEO prices for Kenya - April 3 2021

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I have been travelling to and from nairobi.... it has been a hard year but am optimistic.

1 HIVE = 78.72 Shillings (+)


1 HBD = 190.58 Shillings (+)


1 LEO = 1.33980049 Hive

$0.9685 USD = 105.47 Shillings


being positive is the way to go... I believe one day the stess and struggle shall leave us alone..



Kenya is awesome some love government job in the long run even if the salary is small but value long term sources. I am happy caz in 2fays had loan to build a new house in Bungoma..

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Leo honestly has made us interact... keep it up

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I am so glad you are here!

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What is the value of a salary there in Kenya?

In the past as a clerical officer could earn 1000kes by end of day. I fix phones and am opening a new shop to sell charcoal and Irish potatoes .. I give small loans on household items..

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