Jamaican medicinal plants

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Hello, dear friends!

So that was a long time ago, six years ago. A small group of tough guys from Amsterdam, went to their friends in Jamaica to smoke local marijuana and see how medicinal plants grow on the island. In today's review, I want you to look at one of the ways how to grow medicinal plants in Jamaica. At dawn, the guys had an interesting tour on the river, which flows through the Jamaican jungle, the result of the tour was to visit a farmer. And see how a farmer grows medicinal plants.

The journey began. Set sail.

So, as you can see on the GIF guys, provided the most interesting kind of banner, gondola.I went down the river many times in a gondola. The feeling is indescribable.Especially if you're under the influence of medicinal plants. Then the trip is very fun and unforgettable. And at all such a walk, useful for health.

What a beauty and I want to swim in it. Warm sea, golden beaches, this is good, but the Jamaican jungle is very beautiful.
After a while, the guys sailed to the specified place. Where the farmer met them. Then the farmer took the role of conductor, as not acquaintances, this is the place to find. Further, the path began to go through the narrow river channels.

These two gifs turned out cool.

The long-awaited excursion to the plantation of medicinal plants surprised. The farmer showed how he grows medicinal plants. It was not large, the bulk of the island. This gives good conditions for the healthy growth of medicinal plants, seen on the GIF as a farmer shows the land in which there is rotten foliage, it is a good soil with nutrients. But most importantly, the ground is always wet.

Thanks to the Internet, I watched a lot of videos about medicinal plants. It has been filmed in many places on our planet, But the more interesting place for the cultivation of medicinal plants, than in Jamaica. I have never met. I hope you enjoyed it.


All health and profit.

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Now that patch is hard to get to. Great little tour. ✌️

Thank you!

Great story, did these gentlemen bring back any seeds or clones to share the medicine?

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Hello @crypticat,
Interesting question.
History is silent about this.

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