Jamaican Charas

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Hello dear friends! You know that I love to do my reviews only using my natural photos. But I decided to add to myself, another way, to make interesting reviews using interesting videos. I hope you enjoy it.

So, it was a long time ago, six years ago a small group of cool dudes from Amsterdam went to their friends in Jamaica to smoke local marijuana and see how medicinal plants grow on the island. But in this review I will not focus on growing medicinal plants, but how do Charas with medicinal plants in Jamaica.

This lesson is not easy, as it seems at first glance. If a person does not like physical labor, then this lesson is not for him, why? The answer is simple, after rubbing the medicinal plants for an hour, the hands will begin to hurt due to the constant tension of the hands. And it can also cause a headache due to a strong smell, this is natural for beginners. I myself personally can rub a medicinal plant for 3-4 hours without a break to get Charas, and for this work, as a rule, I earn myself Charas, which is enough for a couple of days. You understand that this is not a big fee for four hours of work under a strong sun.
Charas is a narcotic substance, pure unprocessed tar collected from hemp leaves and inflorescences. Like cannabis, it contains 60-65% THC (for comparison, hash oil contains 30-90% THC, about 3% in hemp stems, and up to 15% in inflorescences).

Before rubbing a medicinal plant to obtain Charas, you need to wash your hands well and immediately you can start collecting this medicinal product.

After a long work, dear people you lead in the photo collected a good amount of Charas. And after this procedure, the work is not finished yet. And the most interesting is just the beginning. So, after collecting the resin in the palm of our hands, we proceed to the second stage of the process, removing the resin from the hands. This is a very interesting activity, at least for me. There are many ways to remove the resin from my hands, dear people from Jamaica used my favorite method, with using a conventional knife.

We take the knife, heat the blade of the knife to a warm state, and we begin to remove the resin with a gently warm knife blade, cut the resin from the palm of the hand. From the heat of the knife blade, the resin becomes soft and sticky and lends itself well to being removed from the palm of your hand and forming the necessary shape in the future. This can be seen in the hyphae. After the resin has formed, it will become very solid. This is the real Charas.
After a long interesting job, it's time to relax and smoke a fresh medicinal joint with marijuana with the addition of Charas. Personally, I really like to smoke pure Charas, how to smoke Charas is also a lot of ways, one of them look at the photo. Why I like to smoke Charas, the answer is very simple. Charas personally gives me a very strong, healing effect. My ethereal just roll over after smoking Charas, after which there is deep sleep. Which I sometimes miss. So I personally smoked, smoked and will smoke this wonderful healing product Charas.

I wish everyone the very healing smoke. And thanks to the distinguished people from Jamaica for an interesting walk. Greetings to the dudes from Amsterdam.

All health and profit.

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This was a awesome post. Very informative. Need posts like this to educate.
Watch cross tags. Stay focused on Reggaesteem and jahm. You’ll get the tribe following.

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I'm glad you enjoyed it.Thanks.

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That's the good stuff! I think we call it Jamaican gum up here or maybe I'm thinking of something else that looks similar

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The sticky icky

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Jamaican chewing gum - it sounds really cool. I smiled. I remember in my youth I once ate charos. Thanks.

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@tipu curate

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Thank you very much, very nice.

You're very welcome! That was an interesting process you documented. :)

I m glad you liked it

Very nicely done, @senattor ! Exemplary of reggaesteem content needed on the feed 👍🏼 As super said, though, just careful with the tags 😎

Keep up the good work :)

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I get you, about the tags.I have a little problem with that.Thanks

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