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Hello lovely HiveMinds. Let me say hello. I am a 56 year old bloke that many, many moons ago studied Computer Science at University. I now live in the south of the UK and have a lovely wife and 3 adult boys.

23 years ago I convinced two EY friends of mine to set up a company called (look at wayback web!). Our vision was to wire the world better using this new fangled thing called the Internet.

We participated in many early online communities (anyone remember dial-up modems that used to make a racket?). We explored California and some of the counter-cultural hippies who were techno-optimists who, like me, thought the web stood for freedom and democracy and a smarter way of solving problems.

This was before Google! For me the Blockchain is the same frontier all over again. Let's not let the opportunity slip this time....

With the dotcom boom and then bust we ran for cover in 2001 thanks to a big UK corporate called Capita and then subsequently with a company called Thales. In 2010 we re-launched c-people as and have been hard at it ever since.

We have been experimenting with building better people and planet systems since then and the result is lots of learning that we are finally in a position to share with people who are interested. Our system change approach starts with people, moves on to organisations and then finally to opportunities.

We need better systems, don't we?

For the people part, we have developed something called value exchange which is a tool to help people look after themselves and chart a future.


We would like to share this freely with interested people. I am here to conduct an experiment into putting Value Exchange and Value Recognition onto the blockchain. This is a people empowerment tool.

This is not an Ethos' company thing. It is a gift to anyone who wants to use it.

Value Exchange is simply a tool to help individuals to collaborate, trust and moderate their self-interests. From what I can see, Hive has the best UI/UX and on-chain capabilities to do what we need natively (no-code). I may be wrong of course. But from my initial search I believe this is a good place to run a project to ask willing volunteers to come with us on this 'working out loud' journey. Hopefully, we will also be able to amass many new HiveMinds as well along the way!

Please let me know if you would like to join in the experiment. There is more info in the link below so you can find out more:

The Value Exchange


Welcome to Hive. I keep an eye out for Brits as I maintain a list of those who are active. I hope you can find some people who are interested in your project.

Doesn't matter where people are located. Thank you for the welcome ;-)

Hi and welcome to Hive - sounds like my kind of project - also in the SE here!

Nice one. I will need help in setting up a group/discussion and of course finding the right way to conduct myself in this lovely community.

You can set up a community via PeakD which is easy enough, as to discussions everyone on Hive uses Discord for that, there's not an on chain discussion app, as to conduct, just be a reasonable human being, don't self vote is also a general norm.

It's of course up you how much you choose to Vest!

Welcome to Hive. Our house is your house now.

Aww lovely words, Thnks ;-)

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Welcome and Have Fun!

Hey @robpye! This is @indayclara from the @ocd team. Congratulations and welcome to Hive!

Starting your journey here on Hive can be overwhelming so it's good to do your research and ask around. You can also read: How To Get A Great Start on the Hive Blockchain.

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Welcome to Hive.
From now on you will be amazed!

Welcome to Hive family sir @robpye ... Hopefully you can accumulate more people for that project of yours.

Yes, and I have to figure out how to get many more kind people onboard with us here as part of this project and experiment.

Welcome to Hive!

Good to have you on the blockchain.


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I've update the Value Exchange link at the bottom of this post - as the original one was incorrect!!

Just testing this account with Ledger keys in place

I just saw your new message here on hive ! So I came by to say : Welcome I wish you good luck with hive blogging and I Will See you around🍀 Your passions and thoughts put into writing and a hive blog is great and fun. Also niches or new ideas are appreciated and if you have questions let us on hive know. There are many hivers that will help if you ask in comments or in discord!
There is so much so all topics will have a place here. The hivinguniverse is so diverse it’s suitable for all of us. See the list of all communities on hive in your front end drop down menu.
We (@ jamerussell and I ) are presenting New comers in Our @Heyhaveyamet blogs almost every day , ( when normal life doesn’t get in the way ) and There is a Discord called The Terminal for newbies and all the answers to your questions, join in, I am on Hive everyday ! You can always leave a comment.
Greetings from Brittandjosie from the Netherlands but also many other hiver bees and have fun here!

And don’t be afraid to ask there is so much that the beginning can be daunting and scary.
But we are nice, complicated but nice.

Theterminal discord invite

There I also mobile app for blogging called Ecency Or join their lovely Ecency discord
Here is the “ steps to take blog” :
Good luck to you as the new arrival, may hive become your new life !

Or this blog


Thank you so much @brittandjosie such a lovely welcome by everyone. I am looking forward to engaging and working out loud on this experiment with everyone.