Hello from Montana, USA!


I’m currently a part-time teacher. Previously, I managed a group home for boys. I’ve also been an investor for over ten years.

Psychology and philosophy were my primary studies in college. I’ve become increasingly interested in finance, economics, politics, and technology over the years.

A combination of these interests led me to start an investment partnership which has become a primary focus of mine. The thesis being: a group of like-minded individuals can achieve more by leveraging the collective knowledge and capital of it’s partners. To date, we have funded a handful of housing projects and pursued a wide range of successful investments.

Growing up in a poor family, an economic idea that has become very powerful to me is: self-sufficiency through cooperation. Politically, I’m quite critical of a federal government that has become too large and promises too many things to too many people. I believe people can effect a lot of change in their lives by utilizing the power of community. For example, partnering to buy a house, sharing living space with friends, ride-sharing, trading skills, and empowering each other by sharing what we know.

I started programming this past year and have been amazed by the community resources available on the web. It’s awesome to see how much people with programming experience are willing to share knowledge with people just getting started.

I think the elements of community and creating utility for individuals outside the sphere of government are what I appreciate about crytpo. I’ve found people in this space very helpful and it’s great to see the range of topics people contribute to this site. Hat’s off to you!


"self-sufficiency through cooperation." is what I believe in as well. I studied ecovillages and how they operate to learn some of these things of which you speak. This is a great place you've discovered. Welcome!

Wow dude, great attitude. I'm getting into the economics/finance/crypto/coding space for the same reasons. Made easier by how helpful everyone is!

Thanks guys!

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