Pegasus_ok4-2 copy.jpg
The Ascended Wealth Mastery - Cecilia Dietrich, Oil on 80x100cm Canvas, 2020

Hello beautiful souls! I'd like to seize the opportunity so introduce myself to this community.

I'm Cecilia and I'm a Swiss artist - mainly doing oil paintings. But I like to express myself in all kinds of different mediums like creating videos, playing piano, singing, drawing as well as painting with other mediums and making beautiful and magical art with everything I come in contact.

For me art is a way of being, I see it as the language of authentically expressing my inner world, a way to bring the invisible that is clearly perceptible for me into something tangible so that others can enjoy it as well. Because there's such a richness in experience that goes beyond the five senses.

And in fact I see doing art also in being aware of the moment, knowing that everyone including myself brings value to the present moment and choosing intentionally to bring the best version of me on the table. Like seeing one's life as a great piece of art and creating consciously the most beautiful artwork.

So I guess art is where the journey starts and never ends... luckily ✨

The painting that you can see above is my biggest commission that I did so far, it's called The Ascended Wealth Mastery.

And below I'd like to show you some photos of the painting process.

Pegasus Process1.jpg

1st step: Underpainting and sketching

Pegasus Process2.jpg

2nd Step: Defining the colours and shapes of the main objects

Pegasus Process3.jpg

3rd Step: Elaborating the patterns and structures of each object

Pegasus Process4.jpg

4th Step: Getting more into details

Pegasus Process5.jpg

5th Step: Refining everything

Pegasus fertig2.jpg

And this is the final result. I always love to see the painting transformation, it's a surprise for me as well.

Thank you so much for reading, I appreciate you being here. And also thank you @yangyanje for introducing me to this platform.

Now I'm curious to hear more about you. Share something about you below, I'd like to get to know you and connect with you.

Wish you all the best🌻


what you do is spectacular, you have a huge talent, welcome to the blockchain and thank you for sharing your piece of art.

Thank you so much, I appreciate a lot! 🙏🌻

Willkommen auf der Chain

Ein tolles Bild!


Vielen Dank, sehr lieb von dir!😊🌷

Das war ein gelungener Vorstellungspost.

Als Newcomer hat man es immer schwer die Community auf sich aufmerksam zu machen.

Beste Grüße


@indextrader24 Vielen lieben Dank, das weiss ich zu schätzen! 😊

Awesome works, very creative and impressive :) Always exciting when such a talented artist joins our community. Welcome Cecilia!

@tipu curate

Thank you so much, I appreciate you being here and supporting! 🙏🦋

Wow! It's amazing artwork!
love the Lighting and background! the whole thing is brilliant!
This is very good, I really like it my dear sweet friend @yangyanje. God bless you.

Thank you so much for stopping by and writing these kind words, I greatly appreciate! 😊🌸

Welcome on Hive, Cecilia! I love your painting - very pretty. I love blues, and I love horses, so you got me :)

As a fellow artist, I'd like to give you some unsolicited advice, if I may: Many people find Hive, and if the dollars aren't coming in right away, they give up very quickly. However, Hive is marathon, not a sprint. Just keep posting quality and interacting with our great community, and you will find your fan base, with your rewards going up accordingly. If you're lucky, it takes days or weeks, but it may be months. Don't get discouraged, you came to the right place; Hive is great for artists! And remember, Facebook et al pay you NOTHING and sell your data down the river...

I wish you all the success in the world!


Thank you Caro, I'm glad you like it. It's nice to connect with you 😊 What is your art about? What do you like to create? Thanks a lot for your advise that's very kind, and it makes sense what you're saying. I like being here, the people seem to be open minded and generally there's a great vibe with lightness in it. You're right, it doesn't, and honestly I don't like Facebook that much and I think it's kinda outdated.

I wish you all the success as well!🙌

I'm fascinated mostly by paint that moves, strong colors, so flow art is my thing. Mostly acrylics, but lately that has become a bit boring to me and I started exploring alcohol inks. Occasionally I like painting abstracts (acrylics) and when the mood strikes something representational (also acrylics).

I'm in it for the fun. I do have a studio, a brick-and-mortar store, and a poorly updated web shop, but honestly, I'm too lazy to actively pursue any kind of commercial success. I don't have to; I'm in my sixties and retired. To be perfectly honest, every piece I sell is a piece my kids won't throw in the trash when I die :) There are only so many paintings they can hang in their hallways, LOL.

@caro-art That's amazing! I saw your paintings, they are very beautiful. And yes flow art brings out really interesting patterns. Hopefully, you sell all your paintings, it would be sad to see them in the trash.
Wish you a wonderful weekend. 🦋✨

And to you as well, Cecilia :)

This is so well written and enthralling to read. You choose your words so eloquently and it's really impressive how well you can write in a foreign language. Really like that full moon, the rocks and the clouds. Specially like the dark blue shading in the clouds and the details on the reflection of the moon in the water. A lot of intricacies, detail and remarkable precision in this piece. the contrast on the front of the pegasus appears as less of a silhouette and makes it so magical. It reminds me of a magazine I used to collect in the 80s called heavy metal. It contained all these epic illustrations. Keep these posts coming. Always so exited to see them. Still stokes about the Rock details in the middle and the amount of details on the shading you did. It's looks like you did it so fast on the video. I wonder how long it took you. Thanks for sharing the process.

Thank you so much @yangyanje for your very detailed comment and well chosen words. I'm always interested in knowing the affect the painting has on the observer. Oh and it's nice that it reminds you of a magazine. 😀 This painting is purely from my imagination, the client just wanted a Pegasus and then I received this image in the same night in my dreams and yea by working on it I had the pleasure to experience step by step its unfoldment.

Honestly, I don't know how long it took me, but it was quite a while, lots of hours and days. Especially because of the wings, I painted each feather very detailed and this was very time consuming. But in the end I think it's worth it because I love details, to me the painting is much more interesting that way.

Thank you for being here, sharing and supporting, I love to see what you've been up to lately as well! 🌺


Willkommen hier auf Hive!!
Schätze Schweizer Künstler kommen immer mehr ....
Vielleicht kennst du auch @carolineschell

lg und noch viel Spaß!!

Vielen Dank! Ich kenne sie nicht persönlich, aber bin zufällig auf ihr Profil gestossen 😊 Ich wünsche dir auch viel spass, danke! 🌷

Willkommen auf Hive. Wahnsinns Kunst übrigens.

Hallo 😊 Vielen lieben Dank! 🌸 Machst du auch Kunst?

Nein,hab leider keine besondere Begabung. Ich überlasse das lieber den Talentierten 😉

@thales7 Alles klar. Vielleicht kannst du es ja mal lernen, wenn du Lust hast 😊

Willkommen in der Hive Community!

Genieße die Reise, tolle Bilder! Ich bin ein Fan deiner Kunst.

Oh wow Dankeschön, das freut mich sehr zu hören! Machst du ebenfalls Kunst?

Ab und zu. Malen macht Spaß!

I’m an Artist and Filmmaker in Canada. This is my YouTube Channel

Hi @offgridlife , thank you for stopping by. That's great! I'll have a look at it. 🙂

The refined version looks a lot lighter all of a sudden.

Interesting, haven't noticed that. I guess it's because there's more white within the painting like the white clouds and also maybe the lighting that used was brighter.

Yeahp, I think the lights going to the final painting changed for sure.

Yes, you're right. When the light is colder the blues get bluer. And when it's warmer they get more reddish. I think for the last picture I had colder lightning.

That’s very interesting, the devil’s in the details.

WOW you are great!! Really beautiful unicorn!! And Welcome on Hive!!
Take a !PIZZA :)

Thank you so much, I really appreciate! May I ask, what do you like to create? ✨

Yeah sure you can :)
I like drawing in black and white...directly with a pen without a specific idea...letting my hand go and letting my thoughts flow out :)
kinda abstract :)
If you are interested have a look on my blog here ;)
And take another !PIZZA and a !BEER

That sounds amazing. So you just let it flow intuitively. I'm having a look at your account yes 😊

I always have an image in mind but I don't know how to paint it at the beginning so I have to let it flow as well, but with a vision in mind :)

Wish you a great weekend! 🌻

Thanks :)
I developed this way of painting because i'm not good at it ahah. If I make a mistake I correct it by modifying the figure ;)

An awesome weekend to you too!

Awesome, that sounds like a good strategy 😀

Hi, nice to connect with! 😊

Wow so beautiful and a lightning is well bright,I like this keep it up🙏

Thank you so much for having a look at it and your lovely words! 😊🌺

Welcome to Hive, great you have @yangyanje to show you the ropes. Your art work is very beautiful and I think you will enjoy your time on here, there are many other amazing artists on here.
Something about myself, well I feel most at home in nature and have lived off grid for almost 13 years now, being wild is the best way to be xxxxx

Hi there! Thank you so much for being here and welcoming me. Yes, I'm glad to be here and I'm looking forward to connect with more like minded people 😊 Wow, that's amazing that you've lived off grid for almost 13 years. Where do you live? In the forest? I agree with you, being wild is so freeing and also I feel most at home in nature. Nature is where we come from, our roots 🌳💚

Hello Cecilia
It is so nice to meet you, read your post and enjoy that beautiful painting of the unicorn! I wish you a wonderful experience here. I am a photographic addict and huge nature lover. I am not a naturally good artist unlike yourself so express myself through the photos I take I guess. I practise meditation daily and appreciate the moments as they happen as yourself.
I look forward to seeing more of your posts.

Hi Sally (is that your name?)
Thank you so much for your words, I appreciate a lot! That's amazing that you express yourself in photography. I absolutely love nature photography, so I'm excited to check out your page. And yes nature is beautiful 💚 That's awesome, me too - practicing mediation daily really helps me to stay clear, centred and inspired. Do you feel that as well?
Wish you all the best! 🦋

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