Introducing Hive VPN

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Hive VPN is working on providing VPN services for Hive Power delegations. This will streamline access to privacy for anyone who has access to Hive Power.

Protocols we are testing include, but are not limited to;

  • Wireguard
  • OpenVPN
  • UDP
  • TCP

Is there any features you would like to see in a VPN service specifically tailored to Hive users?

Please comment below, we are happy to hear from other Hive users.

How much Hive Power delegated per 1 Mbps of VPN bandwidth do you think is fair?

Please comment below, we would love to hear from you.

@hive-vpn is a continuation of the development on @steemvpn, thanks for your consideration and support if you have been with us the entire time.


This is an absolutely excellent idea and I would gladly support this. I currently use a VPN on every single device I touch and would be super open to be a beta tester for a Hive-backed VPN option!

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Thank you for your consideration.

You will be notified when we have a beta test for Hive. It was successful on Steem, but as I mentioned in the article the intricacy of the HP/Mbps conversion rates will be a very important stepping stone to cross.

Assuming we stay at $0.20 USD per Hive, its reasonable to expect 15% curation or more, and also provide a streamlined 99% uptime service will be varying factors that could drastically effect the feasibility if this project if people are frequently taking away delegations they needed to use for a short term VPN session.

On one hand I don't want to limit users with a terms of service agreement, also having to moderate and enforce that ToS, which takes away from the flexibility of the service.

On the other hand I don't want to be short changed in 1 year if a CPU burns out on the server rack...

Thats the last part, we can obviously rent server space, to compete with major VPN services that have Data Network Servers at their location typically. The alternative is to limit the bandwidth per user to rates that are strictly for blogging and video streaming to the measures of about, 1080p 5Mbps Video and 192kbps Audio which would allow 4 users per server rack.

With this scaleable design, and assuming no one minds us renting Amazon Web Hosting services, we can safely say it would be feasible to launch the beta soon.

If we have users who want us to host independent servers, for privacy concerns, that would require more robust funding. The HDF is a good platform, but I want at least 10 users to say I have provided them with a high quality VPN connection before I ask for money from this community out of respect for the innovative nature of this life changing blogging experience.


We would be interested in discussing a potential opportunity for collaboration here between your project and the #HiveHustlers community!

Join our community Discord if you're interested in chatting further ;) (DM @nulledgh0st )

We have a practice of keeping everything on chain for transparency where its due.

We will send @phusionphil to discuss on discord further what this offer may be, and then if possible update this comment to further enlighten the community to the great projects we are developing.

@deuceman see you on the Hive Hustlers chat. @darkflame this community is bumping.

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