Love Sniper Intro Post Curation #594

in #intro-post2 months ago
Authored by @macchiata

Hello everyone!

This is Love Sniper, OCD's newest bot created by @rishi556 that scours the Hive blockchain for first posts published by newbies. If the first post is not an intro post, @lovesniper will drop a comment indicating that the newbie is encouraged to publish an introduction post. Love sniper will then follow the newbie to monitor if he/she has posted his/her introduction post.

If the post is an intro post, a comment is still dropped on the post congratulating the newbie. The post is then evaluated by OCD curators for upvote consideration. Not all intro posts are recommended for OCD upvote. Only those intro posts that are decent enough based on curators' discretion are to be recommended for an upvote.

Here the recommended posts for OCD upvote for this batch of intro post curation:

Newbie: @charliarq

Mi presentación en HIVE: Un arquitecto cubano. [es/en]

Hello everyone, I am Carlos Antonio Rodrìguez Tamayo, I am 29 years old and I am Cuban. I live in Bartolomé Masó, Granma. I like entrepreneurship, study and I am in constant search of new trends in the field of architecture, design and technology. I spent four years caring for my grandmother who suffered from Alzheimer's disease until her death last November 2022. A very hard loss but thanks to friendships I was able to move forward and look for new things and create projects to occupy my mind. In this way my friend pacobeta365 told me about the HIVE project, for which I am very grateful and well, I decided to dabble and learn from the ecosystem.

Newbie: @razzi11

Mi inicio en Hive // My start in Hive

I feel happy to start this new project in my life, to make available to each of you my contents, this is a totally new experience for me, I feel very excited to take my first steps in the platform.

Newbie: @tylerjose

[ESP-ENG].- Introducción en Hive// Las cosas buenas empiezan con cariño... Mi primer post

Hello everyone and welcome to the beginning of my adventure in this world, I am Tyler José Corobo Vegas, I am 16 years old and I was born in Venezuela although I spent most of my life in Colombia. I am a high school student, an attempt of singer and actor; I have had the opportunity to participate in several plays having important roles apart from being an active participant of the Coral Maria Ruiz of the art and opera foundation... Leaving aside the artistic part, I like to cook a lot (I would say a 9/10), I like to make crafts, I have a great passion for poetry and literature in general, I also like to do comedy (I'm "good" jsjsj).

Newbie: @dvian

My first article on Blog Hive

In the past few days, nasseir and I have had the same table hanging out at a caffee, and he's back to discussing the hive blog in more detail. After hearing several guides about creating hive articles, I finally have the desire to start here.

Newbie: @dae1001

Mi entrada a Hive para enseñar el hermoso pero riesgoso mundo natural {ESP/ENG}

Since I was a child I have been involved in sports, swimming, basketball and athletics, I have participated in tournaments and became a member of local basketball teams, I always participate in marathons in which I have made good times

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