The Daily Meme #462!


We are coming to a point where retail traders are expanding their influence on the market.

Before now you had to have a million dollars and approval to trade things on markets.
Sure, you could pay a middle man that was approved to trade, but it cut into your profits on the trades.

Now, you can do it with your hive account.

Keep in mind that you want to increase your hive, so you don't get paid until the hbd sells.

Buy low, sell high.
Don't gamble with the rent money.

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Billy Jack, the movie.



very true. good point. As a still noob investor, I appreciate all the good advice (from those that do, no those that just talk..)


I feel free when trading on the HIVE internal market, no comission, no KYC, no min limit to buy or sell.

It's a good thing Dan put in the original design.
We don't have to use a cex to trade.


I hope Elon Mush never gets invloved in a scandal
Elongate could be really drawn out.

Credit: mrhuman88
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