10/10/2021 - Welcome to inji

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It's Sunday, the 10.10.2021, in the evening and today is the day.

While the plan was to do this a year earlier, on the 10.10.2020, I guess things don't always work the way they're planned, that won't stop me. So here we go.

The Beginnings

2 years ago, I watched a video of Gary Vee, where he talked about one of his best ideas for a social network, that by limiting posting to once every 24 hours it would enhance the quality/meaning/value of engagements.

I was intrigued by the idea and started building right away. (What I came up with doesn't equal the 1 post each 24 hours-model as I found it a bit too strict, but rather uses mana where 100 mana recharges within a day. Currently, a post "costs" 70 mana and a comment costs 30 mana. This might be changed in the future, depending how well it works and what the feedback is.)

The initial goal was to build a small prototype within a month, but after a week, I realized I need to do this right (my personal mantra is "Wenn, dann richtig/If I do it, I do it right"), so for a few months I researched into the best technology/tech-stacks and started building the infrastructure for the project.

When I started in late 2019, Hive didn't even exists and Steem was still in "Wen SMTs?"-mode. And to be honest, I was tired of constantly being dependant on another project and I realised that whatever I was working on next had to be independent. It should be part of Web3 and support Steem (now Hive) and other blockchains, but relying on Ned - no thank you.

If I'd have known that Hive would be jumpstarted into existence just a few months later and that things like HAF are on its way, I probably would have done a few early design-decisions different. But that's history now.

Within the last 2 years, I tried my best create a social media platform that combines Web2 and Web3.

At this point though, the project has to see the light of day, because ultimately my own opinion matters less than than those of the ones who use it.

So, without further ado, let me introduce...

Welcome to inji

I'm excited to announce and launch the public beta for my passion-project & what-I've-been-working-on-for-the-past-2-years, the social media platform:


For the public beta, I've decided on limiting access to dedicated Hivers with at least ~10,000 HIVEPOWER. For this, I've queried HiveSQL with the following query:

SELECT name FROM Accounts WHERE vesting_shares > 17777777 ORDER BY vesting_shares DESC

The list of accounts can also be found here. If you're not on there and you'd like to request access, please message me at: https://inji.com/@timo

What else can I say? To be honest, I'm somewhat scared to finally release inji and I'm honestly not sure if it's good enough. But as the famous saying goes: "If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you've launched too late."

Whatever happens, happens. I'll be looking forward to your feedback.



Hey this looks neat! An artist came to me today wanting to add an NFT Showroom NFT, I tried this with one of my tokens and clicked add and I am not sure anything happened (can't find it posted to my profile):

Screen Shot 2021-10-10 at 6.01.16 PM.png

Not sure if I did something wrong or perhaps it isn't implemented yet but I would love to make this a smooth integration with our NFTs!

Sorry, Hive NFTs aren't supported yet. On my asap-list!

Currently, only NFTs that can also be found on OpenSea are supported.

Ah okay cool, I will keep an eye out for when they are 🙂

Great to see this finally announced, awesome project.

Lets inttoduce hive to Africa again en mass like we used to with strem but let's get in the newspapers and on twitter this time .

Jack dorsey lives in Ghana now lol maybe in exile maybe to integrate steemit to project blue sky who knows lol ask the discussions.app guys

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We can talk on telegram/discord on this

Congrats on the launch, does inji use the hive blockchain for posts and rewards? the 1 post per day is an interesting rule and also my motto on Hive ;) I think the rule could be limiting though when there is a big event happening for example that requires more coverage. Maybe some elastic rule would be better that would allow to post more than one post from time to time.

inji is basically quite unique where posts can be created off-chain but supercharged with Hive. Also, you can just interact with Hive posts/comments etc. directly. Sounds difficult, but it isn't.

The 24h rule was the initial idea. Right now, it works with mana, where it "costs" 70% mana for a post and 35% for a comment. An account recharges 100% mana over a day automatically.

Oh, exciting! Will try it out tomorrow. So cool to see a passion project from you :-)

Ah, couldn't wait to try it out, works fine so far! Just one minor thing is that I put a question mark at the end of the first sentence which doesn't display on Inji:

Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 23.41.37.png

Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 23.42.04.png

But first encounter with Inji was SMOOTH! Congratz on your soft launch!

Thank you! Well, there are a lot of questionmarks for me how people will respond to inji, what they'll like and what they don't like, but reg. your questionmark: I'll look into it! 😃


Curious to see the response as well!

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Cool, cool, already did my fist post:

Come by and check it out :p

I definitely like the idea for posting once a day and as it was said if you want to use your post to congratulate Tom for his birthday 🎉 so be yet.

Looking forward intro trying your social media network.

Namaste 🙏

Well I am close to the 10,000 HP mark and hope to make it by the years end, currently 9,510 or so HP). I hope the project works well for you and its users.

No problem! Added you 😃

Cool, I will look it over and try to help test it out some from a user point of view.

Congratulations on the launch of Inji! I'm leaving a comment on this post as my first action on it.... Seems appropriate.

Hmm well I guess I need more money so I can get in on this.

No problem! Added you 😃

Thank you very much!

what we can earn?

Am very excited to hear this, am new here so i will love to be a beneficiary of the HIVEPOWER.
Thanks so much

In order to make things perfect, we sometimes stop good things from happening. Thanks for releasing this. It looks so cool @therealwolf.

Is there a way I can have access even if I don't have 10K HP?

No problem! Added you 😃

Thanks a ton. 😉

Its nice with the fact your pursuing your goals and which I know will yield success at the end of it. What can I say but congrats @therealwolf

Hi, can I get on the list to test the app please?


cheers !BEER

Cheers @manniman !BEER

Hey @manniman, here is a little bit of BEER from @sandymeyer for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

No problem! Added you 😃

Amazing, thank you 🍀

Hey @sandymeyer, here is a little bit of BEER from @manniman for you. Enjoy it!

Did you know that you can use BEER at dCity game to **buy dCity NFT cards** to rule the world.

So your my witness again for doing this cool project huh. good work

FWIW, no luck signing in with Hivesigner:


Serendipitously, I had read about another 10.10 event earlier today, the Double Tenth incident from 1943 in Singapore.

Could you try again? Should be resolved now!

Cool, let's go try that :D

I'd love to be whitelisted ^>^ looks like a solid project!!

No problem! Added you 😃

It's an intriguing idea. Congratulations on getting the beta out there into the world!

I'd be interested in being whitelisted and testing it out.

Good to see you're still around! For sure, added you to the list.

wow, I gotta hand it to you. All these years that you have been talking about "something" and now to see it, I have to say the first impression is very positive!

It looks really professional; I love the available options for Hive/twitter/leo integration etc (convert into a post), and the idea of 1 post/day seems really interesting/challenging!

I already asked on inji, but how would you compare this with #projectblank from @leo team?

Currently, a post "costs" 70 mana and a comment costs 30 mana.

First of all congrats on having a working product - I am sure, the community will help in providing feedback and improving this. These costs are for any app interacting with the hive chain, right ? or on top of that ?

Thank you! Interacting with Hive is free. The mana "costs" are there to foster mindful posting. At least that's the plan, I guess we'll see how it will be received and used.

Keep up the good work @therealwolf thanks for the update

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the person sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at https://hiveposh.com.

Hey @therealwolf, here is a little bit of BEER from @sandymeyer for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Welcome to ingen
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Hi Timo, Awesome news. Congratulations on the Launch.

I would love to try it out. Can I get added to the beta?

Ich wünsche Dir viel Glück und viel Erfolg mit "inji"
Leider habe ich nicht annähernd genug um mitzumachen.
Trotzdem alles Gute.

incredible!!!! Congrats on launching!

I don't have 10,000 HP. Can you still add me to the list?

Congratulations! I am no expert in coding but boy this definetely took some work! Be proud of it, you deserve all the applauds!

interesting concept.

I think reputation scores for topics could also fix that problem if term of quality.

Hope your project do well! keep on your good work.

@therealwolf, You're a great and brave guy! I have a low SP, but I wish your project great success!
Maybe I'll join you later...

Hey @Therealwolf, I don't know if you remember meeting each other at Krakow SteemFest. I would be open to check it out once it's ready.

Absolutely brilliant! 'Not good enough' indeed! Best wishes for its definite, huge success. What a product.

Felicidades por tu proyecto...exitos.

Finally! Very excited to check it out.

Never be scared to launch, the whole point is the feedback. Congratulations on the launch.

congrats on the launch buddy , keep up the great work you are doing.