The temperature dilemma

in #inji7 months ago

Measuring the temperature in the attic for a while. I was skeptical with the first sensor's readings (Hue motion sensor), added a new one (Aqara temperature sensor)

As you can see, now, I have no idea about the actual temperature.

That's not what I signed up for when I invest time into my smart home setup. 😊 I guess, maybe I can add another sensor and accept the median value. Still sounds a little bit overkill.


That seems pretty ok, Mr. Green Robot.


u mining up there or what

No, not really.

However, I'm measuring temperature in every room.

Heating works based on these readings. Dutch winter is also starting, so I'm setting up my automations.

Stop buying crap from China.

Take the average and forget about it.

How are you communicating with those sensors? I have a bunch of wired and wireless sensors using a DS18B20 one-wire sensor. I use Raspberry Pi computers to do the monitoring and logging to a MySQL database running on my main Linux workstation.

They both report the values their zigbee hubs. Hue reports to it's Hue Hub, Aqara is connected to a different zigbee Hub. (Conbee)

Home Assistant can connect each of these hubs, and I can consolidate all data in there.

Your setup sounds cool!

I have been thinking about exploring Home Assistant, but do not have anything to control yet, so I just monitor temps around the house.