Death of Free Speech by Amazon, Apple & Big Tech – CALL ON HIVE COMMUNITY FOR COMPLETE BOYCOTT

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Unless this is some kind of twisted joke, it appears that Amazon has colluded with Big Tech (a.k.a., Google, Twitter, Facebook, & Apple) in order to completely decimate free speech, as per the latest headline from ZeroHedge:

"This Was A Coordinated Attack": Parler CEO Speaks Out After Amazon Boots From AWS, Vows To Rebuild 'From Scratch'

As per the article, it appears that as of Sunday midnight Amazon will completely pull the plug on Parler (the competing alternative to Twitter) in order so completely silence its entire user base – which is in the millions – by removing its servers from its AWS server hosting platform.

John Matze, Parler's CEO, wrote in a message on his platform that Apple "will be banning Parler until we give up free speech, institute broad and invasive policies like Twitter and Facebook and we become a surveillance platform by pursuing guilt of those who use Parler before innocence."

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It certainly appears that Amazon, owned by Jeff Bezos (who also happens to own the trash rag propaganda outlet The Washington Compost) is not only criminally colluding with his cronies at Big Tech breaking who knows how many current laws on the books, but also enabling and facilitating a monopolistic grab on the micro-blogging market by Twitter.

These are undoubtedly practices that would normally be seen and investigated as antitrust ones. But since there is no system of justice or judicial integrity left in the United States, there is practically zero chance that ever happening.

Furthermore, the fact that Amazon, Apple, and these Big Tech parasites have colluded together to help rig the US Presidential Election in favor of their Democratic senile Deep State criminal speaks volumes.

If Twitter and Facebook can ban the 45th acting President of the United States, then essentially they can ban absolutely anyone on earth.

Make no mistake, there will be absolutely zero room left for any kind of utterance that goes against the mainstream narratives that continuously push lies, falsehoods, lies, lies, and more lies.

These parasites are terrified of free speech, for if light gets shined on their own egregious corruption – much like a flashlight at night in the kitchen would reveal an army of cockroaches roaming around shamelessly – the masses will start to discover the extent to which they are complicit in heinous levels of greed, corruption, deception, criminality, election rigging, collusion, and theft.

Biden is not even in office and see what the likes of Amazon, Apple, and Big Tech are doing. Can you imagine how much worse it will get in the coming months and years?

Apple banning the Parler app from their App Store also speaks volumes about their own nefarious doings; just like Amazon, they are criminally enabling Twitter to corner the entire micro-blogging market which should not be able to happen or take place in a so-called free and democratic capitalist state. But, hey what else would you expect from a company that is the Epitome of Greed


How about we show our support to Parler and their millions of voices here from the Hive Community and outright call for all our members to completely ban these outlets?

  • Cancel your Amazon subscription
  • Get off Facebook
  • Get off Twitter
  • Get off Gmail and Google
  • Never buy Apple products

There are much better alternatives elsewhere anyway. And you can support much more deserving providers.

These companies don't give a crap about you, your freedoms, and free speech. So, fuck them!

I think if we collectively start a movement for this, we can create a critical mass large enough to really show them that they are at the beginning stage of becoming extinct dinosaurs.

The future doesn't belong to them, it belongs to us!

If we want any kind of decent future, we have to start now and commit to this.


Congressman Devin Nunes (one of a handful of remaining honest ones) is calling out Big Tech as per this January 11 interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox News:

Rep Nunes calls for racketeering probe into Big Tech over Parler ban

As YouTube is also very likely to censor and delete this video, here is a transcript I have prepared and am including [emphasis added]:

Fox News, January 11, 2021, Interviewed by Maria Bartiromo
Description: Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., says Amazon, Apple and Google's suspension of Parler is 'clearly a violation' of antitrust, civil rights and the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act.

NUNES: The effect of this is that there is no longer a free and open social media company or site for any American to get on any longer. Because these big companies - Apple, Amazon, Google - they have just destroyed a, what was like, Parler is likely a billion dollar company; poof, it's gone! But it's more than just the financial aspect to that. Republicans have no way to communicate. It doesn't even matter if you're Republican or Conservative; if you don't want to be regulated by the left wingers that are at Facebook and Twitter and Instagram where you get shadow banned, nobody gets to see you; they get to decide what's violent or not violent. It's preposterous. So, I don't know where the hell the Department of Justice is at right now or the FBI, ah this is clearly a violation of antitrust, civil rights, the Rico statute. There should be a racketeering investigation on all the people that coordinated. This attack on not only a company, but on all of those like us, like me, like you Maria. I have 3 million followers on Parler. Tonight, I will no longer be able to communicate with those people. And they're Americans, and by the way, unlike the fake social media sites, we know that everybody that's on Parler because you get certified, there's a number; it's actually a very safe platform. If you break the law on Parler, the FBI can subpoena to find out who those people are. If you break crimes on Facebook and Twitter, good luck. So, Parler went above and beyond. It's one of the reasons why, I didn't go to Parler you know eight months ago because it was a Republican platform. I didn't know if it was Republican or not; I went there because I knew that I could express my thoughts freely and that I knew that my list when I post something was gonna be there, that Fakebook and Twitter weren't gonna be manipulating it.


Please share far and wide!

God Bless.



The president has the ability to make them responsible, if he wishes so. He still has full executive powers and section 230 needs to be removed. Lets see what happens!

Problem is the DNI never delivered their report that they were legally supposed with regards to this particular Executive Order. Therefore, one can only assume they are as compromised and corrupt as the other alphabet agencies (CIA, FBI, etc.) Trump might only have the military behind him, but at best it would not include all of those generals who are corrupt and heavily invested in the MIC armaments companies. TBH, not looking good. Thanks for your input.

Aren't these companies supposed to be centralized? It was obvious that sooner or later they were going to end up doing something like this since they have total power with their monopoly.

I wish - left all that behind years ago... i support that idea forever. just one question to hivers... why is this still so connected to especially google?

Didn't know this would be activated. How to disable it?

when cruising in the net all kind of trackers and sniffers are activated on all the site... especially the advertising companies. and most "social medias". To get them disconnected or left out there are some plug-ins to use. on all my browsers there are the following:
NoScript or NoScript Suite Light / Disconnect / Ghostery / AdBlock Plus / Adblocker Ultimate / uBlock Origin /
That should help a lot, but beware, there is some actions needed especially with the noscripts in the beginning. and some site don't work properly anymore. the question is, can one live with that? hehe
Or you use the Brave Browser and Tor... but since brave is based on googles chrome and tor was created by the military, i'm not to sure of it either... since the internet is just ones and zeros. 🙃

You said it ..ones and zeros , meaning we have no control over a code we havent created

They're not terrified of free speech, they're terrified of the truth coming out and they're going to suppress everything related to what might hurt them.

But, if there's still a trustworthy court in the country, this could cost them big (along with all the lawsuits they already have against them . . . but I bet the damages on this one will be gargantuan).

[ENG] Trump vs. the World / [ESP] Trump contra el Mundo!

Image taken from the publication : Defenestration for a "new world order"?
Imagen tomada de la publicación : ¿Defenestración para un "nuevo orden mundial"?

Special thanks to @krnel for re-blogging! Happy New Year my friend. Merci beaucoup et sante a toi et ta famille!

Welcome, bienvenue. Happy new year. Are you on telegram?

Sorry for the late reply my friend, hectic week. I've tried to subscribe to it, but when I enter my phone number I just get that never ending twirling meaningless loopy thing that tells me abosolutely nothing about what is going on; so, I don't like buggy things like that. However, I am on signal (you can guess my username). You? Let me know if you'd like to connect there. Peace.

Try telegram on your desktop, and use your phone number just to receive the code. It's an encrypted chat software.

Come by the deepdives discord and msg me:

La verdad que todo que a politica nos referimos, es muy compleja y siempre existio y va existir todos estos fraudes, saludos.

La verdad que cuando existen muchos intereses suseden estas cosas, saludos.

Ah, danget! You had my attention until we conveniently evolved to election shit. Amazon, Apple, I was all eyes and then it's.. another election theory.

Parler is down right now; I cannot access it. Reports are it's more than big 3 dropping it. No theory here.

Reading my response again, I swear I didn't mean to sound all female doggish. 👍🏿

Parler, yeah it's terrible. And it ain't getting any better any time soon. One thing after the other.

'female doggish' lol. First I heard that euphamism!

I am accustomed to thinking of what news is being suppressed. That's why I like forums like this. Parler had potential to be mostly neutral and have the celebrity magnet effect. Unfortunately, they thought they could use mainstream infrastructure.

I call it noose.

Hey well I'm glad you found this one, welcome back! It's been three years, I hope it wasn't too bad out there.


Ever since they have been updating their terms of service during the early corona outbreak, I already boycotted all of these tech giants. Knowing blatantly today that I am nothing more than a red blood cell which they parasite off and keep themselves alive while trying to restrict us and manipulate us, 3-4 months back I took the jump and deleted my google accounts, I host my own email adress through my domain and also use protonmail for a secondary email instead.

I have been without Facebook for more than a year already but still had instagram mainly for business purposes, I am trying to be an independent artist, so all that kept me there was the networking possibility and reach, but I deleted that as well.

These past few months made me realize I am building up a life for myself that is only aimed at self-sufficiency and sovereignty. I am saying my good-byes to these big giants and corrupt institutions. No longer are they receiving my energy and attention.

The time has come, for as long as we agree to being treated by these slavekeepers as slaves willingly. Well we have no right to complain about our situation if we're investing in it still ourselves. Time for a revolution, in which we disengage simply from the dying aspects of our modern world and lets move individually towards something new and groundbreaking. Live your dreams.

It's like the slaves complaining to each other and then taking a resolution to the slave owner.

They just arrested a huge military clan in france , they took all their heavy weapons

Awesome blog @libertyacademy.

Hope you don't mind sharing this one at my other social-media! Need to spread the word first and then get the fuck out of fb and other centralized platforms!

Nice related article from a real journalist Glenn Greenwald: The Threat of Authoritarianism in the U.S. is Very Real, and Has Nothing To Do With Trump (alternate link via ZeroHedge)


The Western criminal Gang of Four, (L-R): Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, source: Photo by BERTRAND GUAY,TOBIAS SCHWARZ,ANGELA WEISS,MARK RALSTON/AFP via Getty Images


VIDEO: Twitter Insider Secretly Records CEO Jack Dorsey Detailing Agenda For Further Political Censorship - Project Veritas (via

Project Veritas - EXCLUSIVE: Twitter Insider Records CEO Jack Dorsey Laying Out Roadmap for Future Political Censorship … ‘We Are Focused on One Account [President Trump] Right Now, But This is Going to be Much Bigger Than Just One Account’, January 14, 2021


Dorsey said that censoring Trump was just the beginning.
“We are focused on one account [@realDonaldTrump] right now, but this is going to be much bigger than just one account, and it’s going to go on for much longer than just this day, this week, and the next few weeks, and go on beyond the inauguration,” he said.

Read the rest...

Can't wait to see this traitorous criminal perp-walked in handcuffs. Hopefully, in less than a week Jack!