Images From Telegram of Russia's Invasion of Ukraine March 2022 (part 1: buildings)

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Exploded & Damaged Buildings

Exploring the chat application Telegram shortly after the commencement of Russia's military invasion into Ukraine was an experience where I was saturated by photography & video direct from the battle zones. I browsed Twitter and Telegram as an alternative to being spoon fed overly simplistic, biased propaganda from #msm mainstream media news sources but wasn't quite prepared to be immersed like this: literally dropped into the front-lines to view endless streams of war footage.

Ahuge amount of battle zone footage being uploaded from both military sides becomes too much to keep up with or make sense of. Unbeknownst to me, the default storage and media settings for the Telegram app have it downloading all the uploaded footage locally to my phone. Not knowing what else to do with all this footage, I have done my best to sort it into categories where I can post it here to retain a record of it for posterity.

All of these photos come from several telegram groups (mostly pro-Russian) and date around Mid-March 2022.

1. Night Time

anti-missile flak?

2. Streetscapes

3. Apartment Blocks

A Russian flag is stuck out of a hole in the wall to signify recapture by Russian Forces. Next to it is another flag which probably represents the locality. We can see on the left hand side of the awning over the staircase entryway, the Azovstal locality crest.

Conclusion of Russian Invasion of Ukraine: Telegram Photos (buildings)

This war / conflict / battle / incursion / invasion was specifically timed (not just astronomically). It has been able to distract the majority of the world away from the failure of #covid-19 mRNA experimental injections and the adverse effects caused by them. It is appalling and disgusting to see human lives being thrown into the trash heap by the continuance of #satanazi #zionazi ideologies continuing to run rampant through Ukraine's sorrow drenched fields and towns.

Great evil abounds there and I have much more to share on not just this conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the ideologues driving it but also my personal relationship to Ukraine (being of Polish ancestry myself).

Kill The Zionist Nazi pigs behind this horror - beginning with the previous co-owner of Ukrainian Privatbank = Ihor Kolomoisky. He is one of the primary genocidal Zionist Nazi Rapists of the Ukrainian Nation, an oligarch swine who should be bled out in the abbatoir and his billions of stolen wealth redistributed to his millions of victims.

The fat Zionist swine Kolomoisky is a disgrace on humanity and a blight upon the earth.

This is the end of part one.

I will be posting further footage and photos collected through Telegram from March 2022 of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine...

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