I had enough, I QUIT!

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But don't worry. What I have actually quit is wage labor, or my day job so to say. Even if I loved being a social worker, three years ago I set my self up for the goal to become a full time musician.

And here I am three years later and I have accomplished just that. In way less time than I ever would have thought.

I have learned so much during these three years and I have got to know so many amazing people that I barely know where to begin.

Here I am

Anyhow, since last Monday I am working full time as a self employed musician and music entrepreneur. And it feels almost surrealistic to actually have time to really work.

These first weeks I will spend to really build a solid foundation. And to find the right balance between business work (the not so fun, but still pretty fun part) and creating music, practicing guitar, vocals etc etc (the freaking awesomely fun part). But also how to best be able to let YOU have a first row ticket to this journey.

What now?

I have gotten a lot of ideas how I will keep developing my music. One of those are to release music under different names/aliases. This since it has become hard for people to really find a common thread within my music. This will create more freedom for me to do the music I feel like.

I have yet to figure out the details, but I'm getting there. And for now I just wanted to wish you a warm welcome to the next chapter in my musical journey.

And if you want to have a VIP access to me and my music, you can join me either via Facebook Messenger or via my e-mail list.

So I quit, but I also start!

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