Hivewatchers Roadmap

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  1. Funding model feasibility review to replace the antiquated on-chain voting model

  2. Scope and guidelines documentation

  3. DHF proposal or similar (depending on outcome of 1)


Funding models

It's a difficult question as to how a project the size of Hivewatchers should be funded. The unfortunate reality is that both members of Hivewatchers must put in at least 20 hours a week for the project to operate. That includes processing reports, liaising with the community, answering chat, conducting investigations, management duties, helping people, and everything else that goes into it. While many hours get donated, not all can be.

So far we've done a review of how the original funding model was established, much of it being before both of our time, and what were the original ideas behind it. A lot of relevant discussion was unfortunately lost when Steemit Inc closed off their Slack to all users that were also on Hive. We're retracing our footsteps as a project in this regard and evaluating what had transpired and what we can learn going forward.

We are also examining the feasibility of various funding models. One is obviously the DHF. Another one is a blended approach as curation of ourselves is largely outside of our control. There will be a post regarding this in the future where we discuss it in detail upon completion of the project.

Scope documentation

The new documentation for Hivewatchers must be written as we're on a new blockchain now and how the community in general has evolved. What will happen in the near future is that these will be drafted and presented on Github. You will see a post announcing this.

One reason for keeping the first draft off chain is to allow for unbiased feedback. Everyone, including users who are blacklisted, are welcome to provide their feedback in Github. We've openly welcomed feedback for a long time now.

Another reason is to allow for easy to track editing and changes, especially minor changes. It would also eventually allow us to build up a set of translations and informational repositories that can be clearly presented. Of course we'll adequately document on chain as well once we have something that's coherent and acceptable.

DHF proposal or similar

There isn't much to say here at this point as step 1 and 2 must be complete before we can go to step 3.

Feedback in General

In regards to feedback in general: We treat all users equally and we don't aim for the most vocal and "influential" users to overshadow the voices of those who are lesser known. Just because someone who is widely supported presented a position, it does not mean that their opinion will be held in higher regard than someone who is new but has excellent ideas for a gap they identified.

Everyone should always provide feedback. We've asked for it before but unfortunately the last time no one provided it. We want feedback that's honest, critical and actionable.

That being said, we are not going to act on changes that benefit a small group or one or two dapps. We are here for the entire Hive ecosystem. That means everyone.

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Note: Please report all abuse through the web form.


It's good to see that you are at least working on improving on what you do. Despite what some people may think Hive is being abused in various ways and we need a broad range of community support to combat that.

I think it's vital that we have resources we can point people to show exactly what behaviours might attract downvotes. If they feel they have a case to appeal then there needs to be a responsive team to deal with that. I am sure there are people who would accept some small payment for such work.

BTW This page on your site still refers to Steemit.

Good luck.

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I hipe you follows get the funding and automation you need. Youbwork hard and are often victims of abuse because of the fine work you accomplish.

Thank you for the recognition.

I hope Hivewatcher's proposal get enough support to receive funding from DAO because it would be sophisticated method to operate with more ease.

Some people might disagree with it but no system is perfect(not everything can be coded) and we always need some authority who can put some things into check.

Thanks. After seeing your work recently I know your feedback is from a perspective of experience.

You guys really seem overstretch and that seems to be impacting the investigation, so resourcing is a big issue but you know that already.

I see lots of newbies, many genuinely don't know about sourcing or where the line is and keep on making mistakes. Others, of course are just pushing their luck. Would it help to give first time offenders a list of "things frowned upon on Hive" instead of blacklisting them immediately? That may help to keep genuine users on Hive.

In many cases we are unable to tell who is new and who is a fake account, particularly when the user shows clear signs of understanding the community beyond the usual range of a newbie who looked things up.

What would be good to see is more groups aimed at talking to newbies. Right now we refer to The Terminal but I know they can't take on everyone.

@guiltyparties I just regained access to my account after several years being dormant and now every comment I make is being downvoted- and the dicord is all blacked out to me. I can't even post in any channel for appeal. Why is this? And how can it be fixed?

Ever heard of “In dubio pro reo“ — If you are not sure then don't do anything.

There should be no blacklist in the first place.

How can I switch your fucking blacklist off? I never asked your to be my protector because I don't want one. I want a censorship free chain.

Blacklists and censorship suck. If I wanted a blacklists and censorship I could use Facebook. BTW: There is no SteemWatcher blacklist. And guess what else:


You confuse censorship with scam, theft and fraud enabling.

Hivewatchers have never censored anyone's freedom of speech.

Anyone is allowed to write whatever they want and would never be blacklisted for it.

If someone attempts to plagiarise, spam, steal identity/use identity deception, defraud or phish. Then they may end up on the blacklist.

I'm trying to see how to use a addon, it wouldn't
hive blacklist screenshot.JPG
print pictures in my post and as I'm trying to work out the bug I'm blacklisted on a non decentralized controlled system!!!

Hey did you do something to my account .. coz my account reaches getting low

They are censoring posts they find abusive... so basically they are acting like a police or a government in a decentralized platform (or at least is should be).

They tag you, they judge you and they convict you... and they kill your reputation... no wonder why so many people left Hive!

@guiltyparties please remove my account from the Blacklists thank you

Bullshit. You rate my posts as spam, so I conclude that your whole "Road" map is rubbish, since you can't distinguish plagiarism.

Spreading false information about innocence is a poor attempt to help you with the case. Your mass plagiarism fraud using multiple accounts was well documented.
You were scamming by translating Polish articles into English thinking that your fraud would not be detected.
Any user can evidently see our comments left on your account proving the fraud. You kept providing false information and denying stealing someone else's writing until you were completely cornered with the evidence and finally blacklisted in this post:

“guilty until proven innocent” blacklist. Haven't seen one correctly marked posting.

Hive started off with a faulty blacklist right at the fork and got worse ever since.

Could you please explain to us exactly what faulty blacklist you mean and what "faulty" blacklisted accounts are out there?
Could please provide the evidence and explanation?
I am sure that you have a lot of information to back it up. Otherwise, you would not be making such statements.

We are happy to hear valuable feedback.

Thank you

You might have a short memory, github doesn't: . Not to forget @scottcbusiness — blacklisting him was the dumbest thing ever.

Besides: In a fair and just community it's “innocent until proven guilty” — You have to bring evidence and explanation to prove that all accounts on your blacklist deserves to be on that list.

And what does this blacklist have anything to do with Hivewatcher's blacklist?
Could you please elaborate on your baseless accusation?

Please provide the evidence that the account @lichtblick has ever been blacklisted by Hivewatchers/Spaminator.

" You have to bring evidence and explanation to prove that all accounts on your blacklist deserves to be on that list"

Also, just because you are unable to simply go to the "replies" section on blacklisted account to read our comments that always provide evidence of plagiarism and/or spam in our sources, or you are simply unwilling to coming to our Discord and ask about the case, does not mean that there is no evidence.

That's because it's the answer to this statement from me:

Hive started off with a faulty blacklist right at the fork and got worse ever since.

I'm well aware that there is more than one blacklist on this chain. That that's the point I'm making. And yes, the very first blacklist, backed right into the fork, did the most damage. The Hive chain started off with a blacklist taint.

For a few days, maybe a week, I was very enthusiastic about Hive. I had great hopes. I really thought Hive is the answer to Justin Sun.

Then I read about @scottcbusiness and @lichtblick and my hopes were thrashed. I instantaneously knew the chain won't go anywhere.

And doxxing myself on Discord is not the same as “simply unwilling” — Discord is a mayor hurdle for anonymous accounts.

Regarding the blacklist that was introduced with Hive fork for Tron/Just Sun witness supporters/shills, we agree with 99% of accounts on that list.
There were some errors (accounts that were used as proxy votes on Tron witnesses) that had been later corrected in the following hard fork.

"doxxing myself on Discord"

Doxxing yourself on Discord?

This reply does not make any sense.
How is that possible to be doxxed if no one knows any details about you except some randomly chose username?

if no one knows any details about you

Lot's of people know the details on current Discord account as I play with real people.

randomly chose username?

Well, yes one could also create an new Discord user just so communicate with you. That is a still mayor hurdle. I'm just glad I don't have to actually defend myself against you.

Yeah your so right @technologycorner how can @hivewatcher be so sure to improved this blockchain if he cant actually distinguished the true spam or plagiarism.? All he wants to do is to down people and blacklist like us who just want to improved ourselves. And in the first place I really didnt get it which part I commit mistake. So please @hivewatcher removed me from blacklist because it sucks!!!

"be so sure to improved this blockchain if he cant actually distinguished the true spam or plagiarism"

Hello. Could you please elaborate on where we are unable to distinguish plagiarism or spam?

As far as we are aware the blacklist put on your account here is 100% correct:

We already explained it to you here:


@hivewatcher Im not plagiarising any content that are not mine coz if their is a content that you read in my post that is not mine, I usually put a quotation mark (" ") to indicate that it is not mine, nor I am not a spammer, scammer and ID theif that you are accusing me. I am a good person a newbie that trying to find my luck in this platform. I can't do any of this you sucks! Because of this I can accused you as a spammer of flooding in my feeds coz all of the comments you posted in my present post has no even evidence that I am plagiarising any content coz all of it is my own thoughts!!!


You are not a "newbie" as you claim because you have been on the platform for 2 years.

The blacklist comment is generic. For any blacklisted account that fits at least one of the categories mentioned in the blacklist comment. There is a written "or" in it.

You fit 2 categories. Plagiarist and spammer.

You were spamming and farming with mass junk posting of bible verses added to some random photo of yours. Low effort trash posting.

Then you were also recently caught with plagiarism. You decided to adorn these spam posts with stolen writing.
You know that you have plagiarised and you have seen the source that we provided in our plagiarism comment. Telling false information is not going to help this case.