A Tale of Two Pizzas Weekly Winner(s) (Week 13)

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Links to the original post and the story so far (in order) can be found in the Tale of Two Pizza's Archive Post

This week has been a pretty crazy week so I am several days late with this winners post! With Hivefest happening over the weekend and all of the excitement surrounding it as well I've definitely slacked a little so I apologize for that to all of our entrants!

We had 5 entries this week and some very interesting developments! The intrigue and mystery is deepening week by week!

Check out this weeks entries here :
@samsmith1971 brought us an interesting twist this week! She continued on with Delilah's scheme to steal the plans to undermine the Pizza Baron but also decided it was time for an old character to awaken after an unfortunate injury!

@wrestlingdesires showed us just how good Rachel is at her job and why she has had such a fearsome reputation throughout our tale so far!

@an-man continues to develop the Italian plotline and it appears the Barons from overseas may be making their presence known in the lands of the Pizza Baron sooner than expected!

@oscarpower55 wrote about Delilah and the Baron once again!

@repayme4568 wrote about Delilah's Birthday party with the Pizza Baron.

The winners this week are @wrestlingdesires, @samsmith1971 I'll be sending each of you 20 PIZZA and 5 SBI. @an-man I am sending you 20 PIZZA and including your entry in the plotline but I was a little confused by the end of your piece so I wont be sending the 5 SBI this week- see more below!

@samsmith1971 I like that you decided to reintroduce Wes and gave him some background! He's been in the sick bay recovering from the concussion and I had pretty much forgotten about him! It seems like Delilah and Henry are about to pull a fast one on her dad too! Love it!

@wrestlingdesires I loved the savagery Rachel displayed- and the way that Danny Rupert's camp seems to maintain a level of businesslike camaraderie even as they are embroiled in so much turmoil!

@an-man A great entry this week! I am glad things are moving along with the Italian Barons! A small point of confusion though! Is Manzanilla the brother of Danny Rupert? Or someone else? I wasn't quite sure at the end of your piece though I am very glad the Italian Barons have an incentive to cross the ocean ASAP!

@oscarpower55 and @repayme4568 thanks once again for entering this week! I hope you'll continue to enter and follow along with the storylines!

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Winners delivery pics



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I will work on continuing our tale and post the next section of the story and contest this evening! I very much appreciate all of your hard work and engagement in this great experiment! I hope you will all enter again this week and please reblog to help us get more participants! The storyline is rocketing along now and I have a feeling we are about to come up on a few exciting weeks!


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Thank you so much @dibblers.dabs I had fun this week writing this! This experiment really is a joy to be a part of for me. I truly appreciate the opportunity to be doing something different in the creative sphere on the blockchain and am grateful for all the PIZZA and SBI that has come my way. You have been very generous 🙏

It's all been good fun! I'm glad you have been entering each week! I know I haven't managed to get my posts up consistently every week and that can throw a wrench in the works for some peoples schedules so I am really pleased with how it has all progressed. Congratulations again! !PIZZA

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@samsmith1971 @an-man congratulations on your win ❤️

@oscarpower55 @repayme4568 please keep up the great work ❤️
@dibblers.dabs thanks so much for everything, you rock :)


Thank you so much, i am happy

You and @samsmith1971 are the real winner here. :-)

Thanks :) You added to the fun too ❤️


;-) !PIZZA

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You Are Alive and have been rewarded with 0.1 ALIVE tokens from the We Are Alive Tribe, and it's paid for by the earnings on @alive.chat, swing by our daily chat any time you want.