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Having pets doesn't only comes with easy and cute things. It's also big responsibility and a huge lifetime commitment.

Sometimes, people may judge of how I treat my cats on a higher level of treatment. People say "Oh! they're just stray cats. Why would you bother? Why will you go to a private clinic. Our cats was being spayed or neutered by the local free veterenarians. "UYYYY? YOUR CATS ARE SOCIAL AND VERY ARTE". I heard it couple of times from random strangers, friends and family as well.

Well, we have different choices in life and budget. For me, no matter how expensive or whatever breed your pets are. They deserved to be treated as part of the family. What's the point of having a pet if you can't just provide the basic and safe needs that they NEED? I might be on an extreme cared with my pets. Coz I loved it and it makes me feel good and better. There's should not be a comparison between breed dogs or cats compared to the stray dogs/ cats. They are all the same! They're all animals waiting to be loved and cared.

The bottomline is "BE A RESPONSIBLE FURPARENTS" Pets are not just there to accompany you. They exist to be a part of you. To be a part of your family. And they deserved whatever good things may come their way.

Two days ago,Our Neyney girl got her surgery. She was spayed. We have been waiting for this. And it took us almost a year to do it.

Screenshot_20210827-155126_Quick Grid.jpg

When they were four months old. Jeepjeep was neutered. Neyney was not being spayed that time coz her ovary was still tiny and it's not advisable to get her the surgery.




Our Neyney girl still recovering. And she's looking forward to play with his Kuya Jeepjeep soon. And she also got her microchip! Which is a good thing. She's just being so brave and cutie. And we can't wait ro travel with them when life gets normal again.




And the good thing having a big brother is when you're in pain, sick and recovering .He will be at your side checking you from time to time.

We should learn how cats love and protect their kin.



Yay! 🤗
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Thank you @ecency! 💜💜💜

Your kitty cats are beautiful. it’s wonderful to see how well you care for your pets.💕

Thank you for your kind words @redheadpei 💟💟💟

my pleasure @itsmiessyonpeakd 😻

The hurtful words of others are always there but the concerned words are nowhere.

Ok rana oi, ana man jud ng tawo lagi. Bisan og mo explain ka ikaw pa nuoy lainon ky again naa na sy rason. And yeah, if ikalipay nmo why hear the words of others, dba Ma'am?hahaha

Ma'am purrrr 🙄! Bunalan ayyyybb. Nyhahaha. Gara gara diha uy! Murag mantag singkwenta anyos nga Mamasang 😂😂😂🤤🤤🤤🙄🙄🙄

Pero appreciate the comment. Tarong man pod diay ka sahay! Nyahahaha! 🤤😂😁🤣

hahaha, untwa!! Maam gud ky respect the elders. Tarong?joke man to mra rag true.hahaha

Elderrrrrrssss ka dyan! 🙄🙄🙄🖐🏼🖐🏼🖐🏼 aybbbbbbbbb gyud. 😂😂😂

Talk to my hand! Haha. Bitaw, Goodnight! 👋🏼🖐🏼

ahahahaha, ky unsa man dy? sge ky d man kag maam, "Madam" nlang pra murag managpag escabeche.hahaha

Abnormal ayyyyy! Hahaha. Madam madam madamdamin. Samoka aning bataa uyyyyy! Hahaha

Oh! I hope she’s recovering very fast and be active on her paws soon!

Hoping it too. Thank you @kaminchan 😽😽😽untitled.gif

Pwede maging memeng para naay mu care naku awww hahaha

Hahaha sige pwede ra gud! Steve wooohhhhh imong uyabbbb nyahhahaa untitled.gif

Hahaha manawag dayun kay Steveeee 😂😂😂

kalooy man ni neyney, okay na siya?

Okayish na G! Umiigat nasab ug balik hahaha

Bitaw naka suway pud ko ana na naay moningon na "murag unsay breed sa iro bisaya ra raba", ngano diay ug bisaya mas nindot ug pag galam if nndot ug breed, kon maka sulti pa lang ang doggo mka ingon siguro "ikay nag paka-on nako?" Hehehehe..

As N noh? Malain baya ka. Inani siguro lang gyud ning mga mentality aning mga bati ug soul! Nakadumdom gyud ko sab nga gitagaan kog mga bukog from a party kay para daw sa akong mga iring. Mura kog nahilis. LOL ako nalang gidawat daw gihatag sa iring sa may guard house. People assumed nga bantog rescued animals lang inana na dayon.

naa maam bisaya na doggo ug mingming hahaha ig palit dog food ug or cat food ask pa dayun unsa breed hahahaha, dili na lng ko mag tell kay kapoy sumpay estorya

Haha. Ayaw ma'am uy! 😂

Hahhaa. Inana gyud na kasagara na. 😂 Mao gyud maayo nalang dili mo storya kay basin mosakit ang dughan samot. 😁🙄🥺

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Me encanta saber que te nace ser buena persona con los gatos, comparto tu opinión así no sean gatos de raza o encontrados en la calle, ellos también merecen buen cuidado y atender sus necesidades. Espero se recupere pronto de su cirugía. Un abrazo desde Colombia.

Hi there.
I love knowing that you are born to be a good person with cats, I share your opinion even if they are not purebred cats or found on the street, they also deserve good care and attend to their needs. I hope you recover from your surgery soon. A hug from Colombia.

Thanks @juancho10 for the sweet and kind words. 💜💜💜untitled.gif

No es nada, espero poder seguir comentado tus increíbles publicaciones. Un saludo.

It's nothing, I hope I can continue commenting on your amazing posts. All the best.

she look so adorable in the collar😍

get well soon neyney

Hoyyyyyy, grabi naman kung mag hugot!!!! Nyahahhaha. Joker manka uyyyy 😁😹😂🤣🤤

Don't cha worry! Hindi lang puso ang ang pwede maging pusa sayo! Gusto mo pati buntot? Hahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣untitled.gif

Shoooooookkkktttt! Bisaya pod diay ka???? Nyahahhaha. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Palit ug screw whatever you call it. Para inig luag ikaw nalang mag pahugot. Self love! Hahhaha

Ka sad! Yati ra... hahahahaa