If this post makes $200 I can pay for the Discordtip tip.cc bot add Hive so we can do giveaways, lotteries, airdrops over thousands of discords with this bot added

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unko from @discordtip can add new tokens to the tip ot for $200 and we can then to giveaways, airdrops, lotteries and games in the discord and HIVE will also be available across thousands of discords. @theycallmedan and @meesterboom could then go on a rampage across all the discords with this tip bot, giving HIVE to all of these users, while they all find out how to earn MORE hive just posting memes ABOUT heir favorite discord experiences.... this is a very lively discord based community and hive has a lot of discord based tools

@banjo already has HIVEP which is on steem engine

But both hive engine and banjo on hive by @inertia will all probably come soon hah



Here is discordtip




Here is how you can use this bot oin your own discord server, : Link; https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?&client_id=617037497574359050&scope=bot&permissions=81984


Here is the Official Discord Tip Room https://discord.gg/5kjykUy


Listed it free of charge ❤️

holy shit

Every little bit helps I guess : )

Sounds good. My little contribution.