Hive and HBD Payments Disabled on The Hivelist Store

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Hello everyone! Well, here we are again as the payment method saga continues. First, our fiat payment processors kick us off because of the fact that we do have an NFT side of the business, we were flagged as a 'Restricted Business', thus resulting in our account begin closed. Now we are having to temporarily disable Hive and HBD payments on the Hivelist Store. The issue is that there are only 2 payment plugins for Hive for a WooCommerce store. The first one came along right after the original fork, which @roomservice took the old STEEM payments plugin and converted it for Hive and Hive Engine tokens.

It worked great for a while, until it didn't. The plugin hasn't been updated in a long time, and I haven't seen roomservice around in a while. So if anyone is interested in playing around and trying to update this plugin to work with the latest versions of WooCommerce, that would be awesome! I have the original plugin download if you want to try and make it work.

The second plugin was from the @hivepay-io team, which they came out with a version 1 plugin, but haven't updated since their version 2 of Hivepay came out and the plugin breaks the entire site.

I, @thelogicaldude, wish I was a better PHP developer so I would be able to know what it is that needs to be updated to work with the later versions of WooCommerce, but unfortunately I am not. Hopefully we can get a Hivepay plugin update for WooCommerce soon! We are just about to start ramping things up here on the Hivelist store and we really need Hive and HBD payment options!

So until now, we only have the Coinbase payments option which allows you to pay with BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DOGE, USDC, and DAI.

The search is on for other payment options that is suitable and hopefully will including lightning payments which people can then use the Value for Value app from @brianoflondon to go from Hive to Lightning BTC. That may be an option, or... maybe Brian can think of something cool for us, lol.

Anyway, I just want to shout out @selfhelp4trolls who is one of our newest store vendors that called out the issue! The something was causing payments to happen on the blockchain twice and failing on the WooCommerce side... It was weird. So the payments were refunded and we are now back at the drawing board.

He did just put out an ebook on the store that you should really check out!

Again, thanks to him test ordering the book, we were able to figure out that the original Hive payments plugin does not work anymore as well...

So until I can get an updated plugin from somewhere, we are going to have to go with what we have! I am looking for the best Lightning BTC payment option I can find so we can support the Value for Value app project until we can get a hopeful upgrade from the Hivepay team soon!

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Not super helpful lately but still here and trying to help.

I can certainly work with you on what you need to be able to accept Lightning which you can receive as Hive.

I think there might be a piece of work I should do so that people can ask for an amount in Hive or HBD and get a Lightning invoice that give exactly that amount. I have to think about how to make that work.

you have been helping people around… thanks 🙏

Would be cool if there was a way to generate an invoice based on the cart total kind of thing. I was able to get HBD working so I am at least good there for now. I will also look into some options.

Good luck getting this fixed. I'm keeping Hivelist in mind for my purchases.
The drones look good but I think I need a higher end one able to cope with decent wind.

Yeah maybe, I have seen lower end models handle wind just as well, but they may not have as much power at higher altitudes so yeah I get your thoughts on that.

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I was perusing discord post promo's and found this. I understand it is a few months old but wonder if the payment processing issue was fixed.

We can accept Hive and Hive Engine stablecoins at the moment. Works great in that respect. Just doesn't do conversions so 1 HBD is equal to $1.