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I took the time to reflect on what had happened in one of the blogs I published recently. I understand the backlash which is why the moment I realized my mistake, I humbly admitted it in the comment section and asked for an apology.

Of course, there are those who don’t know me at all but feel so strongly about the issue. The comments thread became so toxic every day which caused me so much anxiety.

This prompted me to reach out to Acidyo, the founding figure of the OCD community, and the one who gave me the role as an onboarding leader. I explained to him what had happened. He was kind enough to hear what I have to say in my defense. Instead of judging me, he gave me a lot of valuable lessons and a chance to rectify my mistakes.

I finally understood that among the cardinal rules of the OCD community is the creation of 'original' content. He even adds that "the general fluff content isn't something that fits hive as we focus on originality and not things that can be read in most articles on the internet".

At the time when I got invited by Acidyo to be part of his onboarding program, I was determined to deliver quality materials if I was to promote Hive even if I have to invest my own money in it. I had to spend so much time creating some of the materials needed for my own onboarding campaign; snippets, my personal Hive business card, onboarding invitation cards, etcetera. This is when I started investing money to hire people to help me with my work so I can save some time. From the materials used during the first Hive seminar I hosted, hiring an assistant to work for my social media pages, creating reports of my small community, if they stay engage with the community and they actively post blogs. And a few editors to Proofread, edit, and revise some of the drafts.

To be honest, I have not even thought of digging deep into the real meaning of OCD- which only means that it puts a lot of premium on original work posted in Hive.

So maybe there was a purpose for why things had to happen. If I didn't make that mistake, I would not realize that I should learn and study in-depth the basic rules of his community. The bottom line is since we get paid through the upvotes, it is not fair to the whole community if I pay other people to help me with my content.

One of the most valuable lessons I learned is not to trust others with my own blogs, similar to how we all should not trust others with our crypto money.

Moving on, I am determined to create more personal blogs on my own. Given ample time, I hope people will get to know me more for who I truly am.

My role as a leader of my small community, my Hive friends who believe in me, and the trust that Acidyo has given me matters more than anything else. To continue to mentor, to guide newbies, and to show them the ropes of the Hive platform is a privilege that I don’t want to waste.

Lastly, so I can share to them my personal realization that just like life, hive gives us “valuable lessons” that may be truly painful and gut-wrenchin but ones that will only make us better if we don’t give up. This is my way of showing that I am not giving up!


I have met you in person and have supported you since then. However I clearly remember that during our visit at your place to help you out on planning YOUR first ever "HIVE SEMINAR", we had a chat about Steemit and Jassen - so called community "leader" in the phillippines. We definitely mentioned how he paid others to write for him which also was one of the reasons for his downfall in the other platform. And this I thought you have listened but to my dismay this was exactly what you did.

During your first Hive Seminar, I was infact impressed how you were able to explain well the Hive blockchain. We also emphasized to the newbies the importance of "ORIGINAL CONTENT" and the hard rule of "PLAGIARISM" and this I thought you took to heart.

I always had second thoughts about your real intentions for doing such drastic actions to promote Hive and creating YOUR "Hive Cebu Community" but I was told to give you the benefit of the doubt and still support you if it was just all to promote Hive in our place. However being a "leader" as you claim to be does not correlate with your previous action of hiring others to write for you while claiming to be a full time blogger while propagating to newbies about originality.

Second chances? If it was just other people, such actions would have led them without a future here on Hive so why give you the exemption? But the hell with what I think or what others say right? since you clearly mentioned what matters alone is the opinion of one person.

Hypocrisy and lip service go together.
I doubt she'd answer back. She can't even be bothered to answer the people that called her out. If she does answer back, great.

I'll give her credit for the apology. At least that deserves recognition as most just call it quits, power down and leave quietly. Making an apology is something I respect. The rest of the drama unfolding, not so.

If this happened to a random person with no reputation established, they would be forgotten as yesterday's story. Recovery may be near impossible. But someone with reputation established gets brownie points for doing a good job.

The downside of having a "reputation established" is that you will be remembered as "something else" if one might or might not recovery from a huge blow like this.

Apologies or not, the real intention became clear along the way and this did not sit well for me.

While I don't think we should care much what people think of what we do, our reputation is carried in others and within a community, it matters a lot. Our reputation is what gets trust (or not) and speaks of our level of integrity. Once broken, it takes more than apologetic glue to repair.

Credit for the apology, yet this was posted over 24 hours ago and still not one reply. Pity.

As they say, it takes years to build a reputation and just few minutes to ruin it. Besides the reputation, integrity was at stake once one starts to claim being a leader.

Well, trust has been broken, respect has been lost. Others may give her a chance but ill join the club of those watching close by.

Once broken, it takes more than apologetic glue to repair.

Some folks seem to get a lot of leeway.

I have one big question

I like publishing most of my posts on OCD

Right now reading this post and going through all the comments, I feel I am not well informed..... I need answers and help so I will be following the rules when I am using the community

Does OCD need not just original contents but original photos too?

I mean photos we either shot with our phones or edit with Canva....

Or can I use free images from sites like pixaby, freepix, pixel, etc as well as long as I source those images?

Thanks for responding in advance

If you don't own the photos, mention the sources where you got them.

I will definitely do that. Thanks

hi inday clara! 🖐

I'll be patient, I'll watch how it works out. I see if you get new users here in, then it can be fix what step by step.
Like I was say.... I'm be patient for a while..... I'm curious to see what big users here are going to say.

Oof. I don't particularly think that all content needs to be original on Hive, nor am I against having people write on your behalf. But 1) doing so on the "Original Content" community and 2) not disclosing it to your readers, that's very much not on.

Still, I think the community needs to be able to forgive and forget - at least if it doesn't become an ongoing pattern.

I have much I want to say but not sure I want to share on Hive anymore. In any capacity.

@ryzeonline and I wish you much joy, love, and success in all you do here or elsewhere.


Yes, awe are always learning and most probably from our mistakes, did you get any proper guidelines for what to do and what not to do as a leader of the community. Some of them exploring about that they see a lot of like you in this blockchain but did they learn how to guide them through a paper workshop or virtually. Mistake always a mistake and thus i am not arguing with others but it helps you to be strong enough to sustain and fight back in future.

Hi. We removed your Loving HIVE ❤️ badge, because your actions are not an example for new users and you do not represent the values of this community.

We hoped that in this post you would show proof that you hired editors, but we were disappointed. Any plagiarist can make that excuse and we hope this is not a precedent to do so.

Everyone makes mistakes, but that's okay, it's only a grain of sand compared to what you do for this community. good luck

I always read your post related newbies encouragement seminars .its sad i see you here little down.Don't worry human do mistake but never give up improving. hope to see you soon in mainstream.

anykind of trust equal drama. But I feel you, hang in there!

Ngano diay ni oe?

Well I will say that there's nothing wrong with not ever ever ever given up on anything really. That's one of the best things there is about being able to make mistake s from day to day is that you can. And you can be able to feel even better about the outcome of the following days ahead knowing that it happens and there's a good chance it very well may happen again. Thanks for the upload.
Much Love@nanco22

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I will go back to my original comment to your 'bought & plagiarized' post:

The most important element of leadership is INTEGRITY. I have failed to see any yet.

You may be able to redeem yourself given enough time, but you have to earn that respect back. Right now to me you are nothing but a random optimizer, and I have seen enough of them in hive and in my life.

So it is not about me, it is about you, and how community will treat your action in future. Respect must be earned.