Splinterlands - My May Progress (Weekly Post)

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Near the end of May I had been looking forward to adding in my collection to reach 1 million DEC burn rate in cards as soon as I could. However within those short weeks it appears the demand for cards went through the roof. With Untamed packs officially sold out in game there is only Dice packs left. The supply had dried up but the demand has remained red hot.

Market Cap Boom


For the month of May I really added mostly rewards cards I earned through daily and season rewards. With that I did not get near 1 million DEC burn rate in cards. However the total amount of my $ of my full collection crossed over $6,000. I do have multiple max level cards so I would not think if I were to sell my collection now that it would equate to $6,000 but give or take a few hundred from that amount.

The overall market cap for the total amount of cards are rising exponentially and I plan to hold out not purchasing much until things settle down. The Untamed cards and plots are in how demand as I am seeing on Hive Engine that both have literally doubled in price over the past week. Where it cost over 7 Hives for an Untamed pack and 70+ Hives for 1 Plot

My Collection


In addition to my Spinterlands cards I own some plots and untamed packs. I have already sold out my Orbs, but have 6 plots and 23 untamed packs. A decent amount of potions. My plan is to hold on to the Untamed packs until it appreciates a bit more and sell them. In the aim for 10 plots before introduction comes it appears will be unable to meet that goal. I had a few months to purchase plots under 50 Hive but ignored it and have mostly been powering up. Not going to regret it as it won't help but will look carefully how things play out for if there is potential to get just 4 more plots to make a even 10 I would be looking to do that.

Planning the Month Ahead- June

It is almost half way through 2021 and my Splinterland collection is my majority of where I stashed my crypto investment. Coming in a distant second is my Hive Power, which is close to 1/3rd of that of my Splinterlands. A majority of the assets are in cards with a small percentage in plots, Untamed packs, and DEC tokens.

For June I hope to added enough DEC to my collection to hit close to 100k. While hoping to save enough to get to 10 plots too. The later will likely be difficult without heavy investment but maybe with some luck I will get there.

Finally with card prices going exponential I will hold out from purchasing cards directly unless I see an amazing deal. Besides that I will basically be adding cards through rewards only.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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@mawit07! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @logicforce.

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Your discipline is very good, I can never stop buying the cards I want