"Whos Who?"// HiveFolks Cheat Sheet!

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We are sharing a list of "whos who" in the Hive Folks NFT collection. This should make it easier for everyone to determine which account likeness they hold.

The MINT is ongoing: https://www.dlux.io/nfts/

Snimka zaslona (479).png

DISCORD: https://discord.gg/anzgYgAj
Drop your NFT in the comment section here to win 20+10 HIVE: https://peakd.com/hivefolks/@hivefolks/first-hivefolks-giveaway



Been waiting for an image like this! Thanks for sharing it with us. So much easier to know what we all are holding now. That Darth Knight design is too cool.

Sounds like someone has been buzzy!

Why necessarily they have to be like Bees?

Thats the theme of the set. :)

Or maybe they are the HiveBees. The Bees in the making of Hive? :D


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This is so adorable and really cute NFTs. Not sure if those are the right word to describe but it looks really beautiful!

well THIS was necessary! good job : )