HIVE marketplace is LIVE!/ Call To Action, 100 HIVE Giveaway

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As has been announced in this post here:
Hive and HBD markets are LIVE on Dlux.

Now you can bid, sell and purchase #HiveFolks NFTs with Hive and HBD.

Snimka zaslona (493).png

This post is also a CTA with a giveaway attached.


5 random commenters will receive 10 Hive each and the tweet with most likes will receive 50 Hive.


  1. Share your NFT on Twitter using #Hive #NFT
  2. Share the Twitter link in the comments on this post.
  3. Reblog this post

We are also 10 NFTs away from the 1000 HIVE giveaway!

Lets get the word out there. :)


I really appreciate the community and decided to broadcast the community in my twitter page....![Screenshot_20211220-151421_Twitter

Here's my tweet,

To those wishing they have the #hivefolks nft, it's actually not too late to have one. Head over to to mint yours.

Hive is improving everyday


Fun project!

Wow, you all are not fooling around. That is a serious reward for a call to action.


Ay'! Discrimination! LOL. What about us that hate Twitter? Why not rather use for a change, screw the centralized networks like Twitter. And not everyone already has an NFT on Hive, but we want in too. Come on, dudes and dudettes behind promotions like this, get more ordinary members involved too.

Well, you can always grab one here.
Everyone has the same shot.

My HIVE punkkk! 😄

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the person sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at

Pushing my luck. Hope to get these beauties.

This is really awesome.

dame I wish I have an NFTS.
well, one day I will have one. :)

Hive is improving everyday and so many new projects and developments happening on regular basis. Lets go #HIVE #NFT

I want to participate to see if I am lucky.

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Great contest! Supporting it.

I have some friends that want to start with nft and i told them about hive nfts that has the nftshowroom as great dor artists.

Good luck all

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Cool, that went superfast! 😎 Great work!

1st step to comment
2nd step tomorrow on twitter

good night!