Hive Folks Launch Announcement/🌟 Tomorrow 3 PM UTC/ 12.9.2021

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Announcing the Hive Folks NFT launch date. The launch will happen tomorrow on 12/9/2021 at 3PM UTC. (aprox. 23 hours from the time of this announcement)

Launch INFO:

  1. TOTAL: 546 NFTs
  2. Mint price: 80 Hive + Mint fee circa 1 Hive.

MINT LINK: (hivesinger link will be added at launch)

On launch day you will find the Hive Folks (hf) card following the link above and you will be able to mint your NFT using HIVE. You will receive the UNOPENED NFT inside 5-10 minutes to your Dlux wallet (connect using Keychain) and will be able to OPEN it.


All restrictions lifted as of 12/11/2021



Each NFT project needs a roadmap it can grow from. We will do our best to deliver ours.


  • The project website will be launched a few days after the Mint. It will feature the roadmap and a Library of NFTs showing all the characters and the breakdown in quantity. All direct viewing of the specific NFTs will be visible on the DLux marketplace.

  • 1000 Hive giveaway, to a random NFT holder whose NFT is NOT listed on the market. Each non-listed NFT will be counted for the giveaway.


  • 40% of the weekly trading volume of HiveFolk Nfts will be distributed to the NFT holders based on NFTs that are not listed on the marketplace to encourage holding. Trading fee will be set to 7%.


  • 2 weeks after the point of full sale of Hive NFTs (or when tech is available) there will be a giveaway of 1 unique 5/5 NFT art and original music project from Vladimir Kuznetsov Worldbeyond soundtracks, music producer that has composed works that have been used in various TV productions, promo campaigns by Chris Jericho, Aston Martin, G-Drive, Eicher Trucks, Tadano Ltd., as well as many podcast authors, video bloggers and documentary producers, and Marica Vil, a concert master violinist from Croatian National Theatre.
    Holding this NFT will allow the holder to have a original soundtrack (5-10 mins) created for them with all rights. (This is valid for first minter and when trading requirement is met for the second, third, etc.)

  • "Hive Folks" NFT holders will also be eligible for a giveaway from an upcoming NFT project by @poshtoken. This applies, again for all NFTs not listed on the marketplace.

  • We will be working with other upcoming NFT projects and doing similar promotions benefiting our holders.


  • After 50 000 Hive of total trade volume has been achieved HiveFolks lineup will be expanded by another 50 members, circa 500 additional NFTs. The Top 50 Holders of HiveFolks NFTs will be allowed to choose if they want an NFT created in their likeness or someone of their choice, keeping in line with the basic rule that all are made in good taste and with good intentions!
    Immortalized on the blockchain we love, forever.
    Each account featured in this SET will receive a airdrop of 1 random NFT from SET 2.

PHASE 5 and beyond:

  • This is the spot where we say: Much more to come. As the tech develops and opportunities arise we will explore options like NFT staking, community token creation and airdrops to holders, constant giveaways to the holders alongside the trading value distribution, etc.


No NFTs will be named. All NFTs will receive a random alphanumeric designation.

The likeness of the following Hivers might/might not have been used to create this collection😉:

@lordbutterfly, @acidyo, @trumpman, @belemo, @gtg, @blocktrades, @crimsonclad, @brianoflondon, @encrypt3dbr0k3r, @joshman, @aggroed, @disregardfiat, @theycallmedan, @starkerz, @meesterboom, @themarkymark, @enforcer48, @geekgirl, @r0nd0n, @good-karma, @roelandp, @pharesim, @jarvie, @inertia, @darthknight, @onealfa, @khaleelkazi, @therealwolf, @nathanmars, @mahdiyari, @snook, @taskmaster4450, @ausbitbank, @slobberchops, @drakos, @edicted, @jongolson, @penderis, @steevc, @traciyork, @tarazkp, @coininstant, @galenkp, @cervantes, @isaria, @kevinwong, @neoxian,


Wow, I minted this guy:
Unfortunetely I have no clue who he is. Any insights?

Yes, someone on the Discord confirmed, and looking at his profile image it is pretty obvious!

This will be fun!


want to sell for 100k hive

I'm buyin!!! Check your wallet

If its not fun, what are we even doing. 😉

Exactly, thats the bit that everyone seems to forget! :OD

fun? what the hell? Im leaving...

Didn't they tell you..? You can't ever leave!!

if you try they just fork you

Hard style :OD

But we can use keychain right? I will not be using HiveSigner.

You can connect Keychain to Dlux marketplace

can we do that today?

No, lol.
Launch time is tomorrow 3pm UTC. Soon.
So everyone gets a fair shot. :)


I have not explored the Dlux marketplace yet, are there any details steps on how to do this ?

Just follow link and you will see the HiveFolks card in a few minutes. Once you receive it, you can open.

Log in with keychain and that too active key ?

So I guess, I see them, but if I click on Buy nothing happens. I thought, it would ideally take me to hivesigner ?

Keychain makes the buy. Once you confirm purchase with keychain you will get the token on Dlux. There you can open it.

I don't know what I am doing, but I bought 3 using keychain. Where to open them ? 😀

I also do not see it. It's been more than 10 minutes now. The count of owned NFT still shows 0.

no dear @sanjeevm.. i am not planning to buy.. It seems expensive to me at the current levels of HIVE.. Did you get some NFTs here? cheers

So was there any issue, because if I go and check this then nowhere I see may name in the NFTs. Ideally, it should have shown all and mine as well ?

Hi there, can you confirm, if my transactions went fine and where can I see those NFTs ? Has there been any issue ?

CLick top right corner. Open inventory. You should see it there. CLick open.

Why if I may?

Hive Signer is good for what its good for, changing account permissions. Sending tokens or even custom json doesnt require giving anyone permissions.

And how are you sure your chrome plug in is safe? 🙈

I tried to fix that. ¯\(ツ)

I like the concept of incentivizing NFT holders by sharing some of the fee, way to go for NFT projects, adding additional value :)

Its not only about the trading fee. We will be doing airdrops, giveaways, working with other projects.
This is less about HiveFolks but more about making Hive the NFT chain it deserves to be. Creating value longterm.

If cryptopunks was the NFT project for Ethereum, I want Hivefolks to be the NFT project of Hive.
Its about incentivizing the NFT culture on Hive.

I thought of doing that with Hive Punks but in the US it isn't legal.

3 pm UTC is 4 pm CET, isn't it? I need to prepare 3 x 80 $HIVE + peanuts for the fees !LOLZ


Why did the astronaut throw away his vegetarian burger?
He wanted something *meteor*.

@hivefolks, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @ervin-lemark
Use the !LOL or !LOLZ command to share a joke and an $LOLZ. (1/1)

I've got my HIVE ready to get one tomorrow.

Djeez, there is not enough money in my account to participate in every project on this blockchain!

This will definitely be awesome

Can't wait for this!

It's going to be fun :)

Is it time yet?!? I want one of these! Hopefully someone I know. lol

Can't wait for this man!! Gonna be a ton of fun for the entire community!

Maybe this would be my first NFT ever

Why is this so much better than I expected? This really is such a cool project, guys! I better have my 240 HIVE ready on the clock! (It is HIVE, not SWAP.HIVE, right?)

Yes. Mint is done using the Hive wallet.

Date is wrong in title, btw. Unless you mean today.

Looking forward to this!

what if you get me? LOLLL

I want a snook nft!!!

I am counting on you LOLLL

Thx. Changed it.

80 HIVE?! That’s actually not to bad. Little piece of history folks.

Feels like Hivians are becoming superstars. Best NFT collection ever! Let's make those NFTs fly!

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Feels like Hivians are becoming superstars

I feel the same :)

I am facing this issue when I click on buy.


There was an issue with DLux. It seems to be fixed now

Awe for real, I didn't make the list? That's kind of a bummer.

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Really amazing to see more and more amazing projects like these emerge to further our Hive ecosystem in a really positive way! Thanks for this amazing project!


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will therer ever be a bearbear613 nft... ever

Did I miss the train ?

Hi LB I can’t find the option to mint or something


Oh seen. But it says. Network didn’t accept the transaction. I’m trying to be careful not to do duplicate transactions

There was a bit of congestion yesterday. Everything should be working today.

It’s all good. I’m clear now

I think 12.9.2021 is wrong date, it should be 09.12.2021 or 12/09/2021.

Sounds interesting!

Btw, you have a typo in the word 'successful' :)

So you have to log in using keychain ? No hivesigner ?

Yooo, it would be so cool having an @belemo nft. My brother is a Hive celebrity

Are things a little delayed? I tried to mint one this morning, and it's still not showing in my inventory.

Well that's odd, why wouldn't clicking my username at the top right, and going to the inventory there, not take my to the right url? That seems like that should be fixed.

paylaşım için teşekkürler.

Just hearing about this

Nothing against your project.

Just pointing out the hypocrisy of the idea of "over-rewarded" being the justification given by folks like @azircon, @acidyo, @curangel, @altleft, and @ocdb for their zero-ing out of people's content for questioning organized crime, government corruption, or censorship on Hive.

It's all political/ideological, obviously.

I'm sure this advertising post is definitely worth $1.25 per word

Wow, you're dumber than you look. Maybe check beneficiaries and what's being done with the rewards, I haven't accepted any rewards for the last two posts after having worked 20h now onboarding over 300 accounts, when's the last time you forfeited post rewards, leech scum?

Oh, you mean like that post that you guys zeroed out that was 100% beneficiary'd out to communities on the Chain?

when's the last time you forfeited post rewards, leech scum?

Every time I choose to speak out against wrongdoing on the chain, for one.

Also the insane number of posts I've beneficiary'd out, or used only as fundraisers for communities or individuals, etc.

having worked 20h now onboarding over 300 accounts

But none of them are here for the rewards, right?

Can't have more leeches, can we?

Who is "you guys", smooth downvoted it and he stated his reason, I downvoted it now after it already was at 0 because you're going around trying to throw dirt my way now in retaliation. So maybe you could use a bit lower reputation.

You guys - the two people you just mentioned. And the others, who are downvoting the content of so many people: @curangel & @azircon being the worst abusers.

I'm downvoting maybe 5 unique people who are passively cross-posting to Hive and getting massive rewards without providing anything else of value, aside from project hope votes also on content no one consumes after the beneficiary scheme we stopped which they most likely continued off-chain seeing their voting behavior focus on key members of their "community".

I'm most likely going to up my downvotes though as rewards have gotten very unrealistic with the price increase and trending doesn't always have that quality content, hopefully that pushes autovoters and other constant earners to switch it up a bit for a better distribution.

Kenny, I am muting you for constantly tagging me. I will not answer any further questions to you. I have only DV probably 1 post by you (so far) and I have given my reason. It is disagreement on rewards. I am saying this again.

You continue to complain on rewards and DV, I will do the same smooth is doing. Good luck, Kenny.

Kenny, I am muting you for constantly tagging me.

Awesome!!! Thank you!

That means that you won't be randomly down-voting my content any more?

How about the dozens of others you are attacking? That's the reason I started calling y'all out, because this is systemic abuse by a few whales. I just happened to use my downvoted post as the clickbait title, to get attention from people who don't know what's going on.

You continue to complain on rewards and DV, I will do the same smooth is doing. Good luck, Kenny.

No complaining about rewards, just providing coverage on centralization, censorship, libel, and other abuse being perpetrated by you and others.

I WILL BE downvoting your post or any other post if I feel they are over rewarded. I just won’t be giving you any “explanation”.

Remember what I said about one mistake is all it takes, btw.

Everyone knows that's me dude. It's the front-runner for the tribe trail.

You are living in a weird fantasy world, where your lies are truth, and things that have always been public are somehow secrets I'm trying to hide.

I just said one mistake is all it's going to take once you take off to your socks again after going inactive on this account cause you only post for the rewards, apparently.

More fantasies from master conspiracy theorist acidyo!

Every single comment you make just proves my point more. You are either completely dishonest, or just too lazy & triggered to actually read anything being comment (though more than happy to continue leaving insanity in response.)

Fact is I wasn't even downvoting you until I read comments of you turning against the platform you've been promoting which I openly admitted in the past that I thought you're bringing value to. Now you're on the other side wanting to do the opposite for the platform just because you got a few downvotes. I admit I was harsh in some of my comments and accusations, most likely wrong too, but I don't care, you're openly an enemy to the ecosystem now so I'll deal with that however I like, others can counter or judge me for that behavior. I most often don't care about what I say on Hive and hopefully people judge me based on what I do rather than what I may say to some losers like you. Anyway, done wasting time now, good luck trying to tarnish my reputation.

Fact is I wasn't even downvoting you until I read comments of you turning against the platform you've been promoting which I openly admitted in the past that I thought you're bringing value to. Now you're on the other side wanting to do the opposite for the platform just because you got a few downvotes.

How many times do I have to address this same lie?

I'm making a bunch of noise because there's a handful of folks censoring content and pushing people off the platform, because the platform is not and has never been decentralized.

I focused on you for my last post, because you're the one going around spreading libel about me, not because you're the only one downvoting me, or even the one doing it the most.

I admit I was harsh in some of my comments and accusations, most likely wrong too, but I don't care

The surprising part here is that you admit it, not that you don't care.

Anyway, done wasting time now, good luck trying to tarnish my reputation.


Captain Projection strikes again!

You're literally attacking my reputation (in the system) while spreading lies about me on the platform, and now trying to claim that I'm "tarnishing" your reputation.

Ah I see now you were talking about the post rewards of this post, not @ocdb.

I was wrong. See? I admitted it again.

Anyway this is bringing a lot of value to Hive so naturally people want to reward the effort that went behind it. It's not like @lordbutterfly is farming post rewards daily or posting stupid shit.

The surprising part here is that you admit it, not that you don't care.

I already admitted it a few times yesterday. You're the one who ignored it because your post was so focused on "how I said things" rather than you ruining your own reputation by how you were behaving.

Well you are. You're bringing up post rewards of a giveaway fund as if I'm farming rewards in an unrelated post about an NFT project, after you've been posting junk daily for years. lol