Got my Hive Folks

in #hivefolks5 months ago

Did you eard about Hive Folks? No?
@hivefolks is the new NFT project on Hive, pixelized bees with some known Hive members faces.
The collection is based on 47 Hivers and 1 non-Hiver and the total collection is 546 NFTs.
Was released yesterday on @dlux-io and I got mine!

Let me present you Mr. Drakos, hi @drakos 👋👋


I've been investigating and it seems my Hive Folks, Mr. Drakos is rare, unique and came with special lucky power!

It's not intention to sell him but,
who can resist to a millionaire proposal?

No! Stop! You don't want my Hive Folks! And actually I don't want to sell him!

Can you figure? Rare, unique, lucky power. Nah!!

Peace ✌️


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Drakos slowly becoming the most famous HiveFolks NFT. 😄

And I got one! 😎

It's really awesome.

Yeah :)