solarwarrior might have bought the very first ticket available for hivefest 2022.. yeah!!

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Yes... hotels and flights are not cheap at all.. (even with the hivefest deals) and travelling these days could be kind of hell... but I certainly did not want to miss the first RL meeting with all of you my friends in good old Amsterdam. And so it seems as if I might have bought the very first ticket available... #0001, but unfortunately not #0007... or #0042 though... ;-)

Most of you I will actually meet first time ever in RL! Can't wait until September to fly in.. many thanks to @roelandp for the initiative and making it happen...

So many things I am looking forward to..
more on the evolution of our blockchain by @blocktrades (smart contracts anyone? ;-) )
more on the plans of @splinterland by @aggroed and @yabapmatt
more about @leofinance by @khaleelkazi
is there even the chance @edicted will make the journey?
what about my friends from Australia? @kevinli

and of course seeing all of you again who I already had the honor to meet in real life or having had intense discussions via discord...

and also seeing and thanking all those heroes who saved our ass a little more then two years ago when his highness JS experienced very much the power of community, justice and decentralization himself.. ;-)




This will be amazing!

I hope to see you there. I will buy my ticket soon. It's going to be great. Just having all those people together is a cool event.


yees! would be great to see you there!


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I am hoping that I can make it this year. The last two in person meetups were amazing and it will be cool to celebrate with the first in person Hive meet up.

yes.. this is what most people forget... this is actually meetup no.1!

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I won't be there, unfortunately my friend.
Have the greatest of times! The people who show up to Hivefest are the nicest.

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Cool, cool! Demnach warst du auch da! Hoffe, du hattest eine schöne Zeit!

Nice meeting you at HiveFest! 😎