HiveFest 2022 Amsterdam

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It as been a couple of weeks since HiveFest and now I am home (I spent a week in Norway after the conference) and at my computer and ready to write a post about it.

This was my 3rd HiveFest and the first in person. YAY! Thanks @roelandp for putting together a great conference with interesting venues all over the city.

September 15th

I arrived in Amsterdam at 8:00am and went to explore the city. While standing one the sidewalk deciding which way to go I hear my name "Sara". Who is saying my name here in Amsterdam 5,366.04 miles (8,635.81 km) away from my home in Arizona?


What a wonderful surprise.

I have known @asgarth since my early days on Hive (2018) playing @Photogames and he is my brother's business partner.

I have seen him on calls with with my brother and hung out with him at the previous two HiveFest in VR. Now we meet on the streets of Amsterdam.

It was a pleasure to spend time with you Sergio!

We wandered around Amsterdam for awhile, mostly going to cheese shops, black garlic was my favorite. We even found the church that was the site for day 2 of the conference.

Later @asgarth @jarvie and I went out for dinner. I did not socialize much the first night. While I was checking in I did get to see @delishtreats and say a quick hi before heading to bed, it had been a very long travel day (s).

September 16th

The first day of the conference was at the very cool Eye Film Museum right on the river and a ferry ride away from Amsterdam Central. As an Arizona girl it was a treat!

It was great to hear from @zirochka about NFTs for Peace. So glad you made it to the conference and shared part of your story with us. One of my favorite things about Hive is that I get to hear from ordinary people from all over the world about what life is like for them in their own words.

Then I got to meet my sweet friends @livinguktaiwan and @delishtreats in person! You women are awesome and I treasure our friendships.

Martina, tell your husband thank you and it was a pleasure to meet him and I am excited he is going to join Hive. I look forward to visiting you in Switzerland soon. I can't wait to see all those gorgeous mountains!

Paulina, thank you. Thank you for your kind support, your example and your friendship. Maybe I will make it to England too! Or if you go back to Taiwan I am long overdue for a visit to Taiwan.

I also met and talked to @brittandjosie, @ph1102 and @priyanarc and @bil.prag (that was fun as he is another @photogames friend)

I hung out with the PeakD team for the boat ride to dinner and was on the winning PeakD team for the Balls of Steel competition!

It was my first time playing bocce ball, thank goodness we had @jarvie who is great and our Italians- @asgarth and @yozen. I am sure that no one could tell that @jarvie and I are a bit competitive! ;)

Team PeakD

September 17th

Thanks Pauline for taking these pictures as we received our trophy.

I went out with "the girls" to an amazing restaurant called Nomad. It was incredible. I enjoyed so much talking and getting to know these wonderful women as we laughed, talked and ate wonderful food.

September 18th

Scotty and I went to church in the morning. Then to my first Michelin Star restaurant- RIJKS, followed by a highlight tour of the Rijksmusuem before heading to the closing dinner at the beautiful Karzv De Hoop.

@soyrosa and I finally got to chat and it was so great. It is so special to have a bond with someone on the other side of the world, someone that loves to learn and create and is great at making those around her feel special!

During dinner we even got a super cute Jarvie- Rosa sandwich shot.

What great time at HiveFest in Amsterdam. I look back fondly on the people that I got to spend time with and meet for the first time. The city I got to see and photograph. The art and architecture I got to see. I loved it!

More to come of my adventures in Amsterdam.


Thank you Sara. It was really a pleasure to meet you and spend time with you. Hope to meet you again soon.
And your pictures...wonderful 😍😍😍

Hi Andrea! So good to hear from you! Thanks so much. Yes, when you come to the United States let me know and I'll come meet your family. Or maybe I can go to Italy again, :)

pretty good representation of @photogames community :D

you were even better than me, i never saw you taking photos :)

some cool shots there.

I know, at one point I thought we should do a @photogames group picture. Next time...

i was thinking about a photo group marathon but the weather on Sunday was not great for walking around with a camera :)

That would be fun. We should do something next time.

It was lovely to meet you and an experience being beaten in petang by your team.

Hi @apshamilton it was nice meeting you and beating you in petang! 😀

Thanks for sharing your great photos with us, Sara!!

And thanks for the mention... I hope this will not sound creepy, but you were the first person that was chatting with me at Hive Fest... You were an ice-breaker and it meant a lot for an introvert person like me, as I could continue approaching others and speak with them... :)

Nice to meet you, and I hope we will meet again in some of the next Hive Fests! Wish you the best!

Hi @ph1102 I am pretty introverted too, hence the few people that I met and mentioned. I am glad that we could have such a nice chat at the beginning. I will look forward to meeting again at a future HiveFest.

What a lovely time you have spent in Amsterdam and at Hivefest... Good to meet you and I hope we will meet again and talk more... :)

Yes, next time we will have to talk more. Have a great time at Nomad!

Yea for sure...

Looks like an awesome time. It's great that you were able to meet up with some blockchain friends. Michelin Star restaurant - whoop whoop! That's awesome. That's one of those things that is totally worth doing at least once in your life. It's hard to do in North America. There aren't many of them over here yet.

Yay too bad the time of your moving to Canada was around the same time. I know I splurged on this trip for sure!

It looks like it was worth it 😁

What a very great experience you guys had, I hope I can attend one Hivefest one day.

I hope you do to.

What a great experience and you made so many great pictures!
Till next time 😉

Thanks so much.

Loooove that selfie with @jarvie and you! :D Such a lovely post too, you did great with the pictures and I have seen your camera bag but not your camera! How did you do that? :D

Ha ha @bil.prag said something similar. I used my cell phone unless I was out walking around. So most of the pictures in this post are cell pictures. :)

Such an amazing event. I hope I can make it next year and see everyone again.

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The hive fest was really good in Amsterdam! It looks like you had a great time, an excellent day. ✨😃🙌