Announcing HiveFest⁵ - 18 December 2020 - AltspaceVR - Stay Connected!

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Get ready for HiveFest in Virtual Reality!

Oh those fond memories... Exactly one year ago SteemFest HiveFest was in full effect in hectic sweaty hot Bangkok. Who could have foreseen where we are nowadays? Unable to travel, a new blockchain... Embrace change is what they say, right?

Preparations for HiveFest⁵ started only days after Bangkok wrapped (video here), on the beautiful island of Koh Chang. The Brady Bunch was still partying on Lonely Beach, and I was negotiating with a hotel for a full rent-out for the upcoming edition. High on the good vibes & community spirit pushed me to start preparing soon for the first 5 year Jubilee edition.

And then... well... you know. Lockdowns. Quarantaines. Hospitality closures. Uncertainty. All plans scratched. I was about to just postpone this year. Experimented with several digital formats and attended various online events. Discussed with good friend Jan who runs an event agency and who more pivoted towards digital events.

But none of them did fit the HiveFest vibe: learning, sharing passions, fun and generally having a good time TOGETHER with friends from all over the world.

Skeptically I obtained a VR Headset. And then, unexpectedly, I was sold! Technology in that area has come along way since 5 years ago. No glitches, binaural sound and great user interfaces makes the whole experience really immersive. I've joined several meetups and game events since then and boy did it surprise me. When you put on the goggles it's really as if you warp into another dimension. The sound quality and instant responses trick you into feeling you a really being together. It's really intimate and you are disoriented for a moment when you take off the headset to land back in "the other world". It really reminded me of Neal Stephensons' novel "Snow Crash". Not sure if that is a good thing :P

Obviously it is not the same as passing along some SangSom bottle between 2 speeding TukTuk's in Bangkok's narrow side alleys, or having a creamy & delicious Pastel de Nata after a nice surf, or having a dinner several hundred meters underground in a salt mine...

... but imho it truly is the second best thing. A great alternative to a real life meetup, perfect to keep the momentum going and reconnect beyond some chat messages. I hope you join HiveFest in virtual reality this year.

HiveFest⁵ - 18 December 2020 - AltspaceVR - Free entrance

Through AltspaceVR's Virtual Reality HiveFest World it will almost like the real thing, especially if you can join in with a VR headset (starting at 199 USD). The program will be more condensed to cater to the digital format. Plenary sessions and a social area should get somewhat close to that good old HiveFest vibe. The program is, as always, open to your suggestions.

HiveFest⁵ takes place in AltspaceVR

It's the premier place to attend live shows, meetups, cool classes, and ... you can learn, laugh, and gather with people on every major VR headset (and 2D desktop apps too).

You only need internet to join. With 360 audio in a 3D environment in which you can walk around, it really feels as if you are part of a communal gathering. Beyond discussions and presentations the AltspaceVR worlds also enable interaction through games, so fun ensues.

Without the need for lots of production, tech, locations, catering, hotel bookings, flights this year's HiveFest is affordable to setup. It is why this version will be free of charge to attend. Maybe you can even use the money you save on a ticket and travel expenses to obtain a VR headset? I have the Oculus Quest 2.

Apps for VR headsets, Windows & Mac. Livestream too.

AltSpaceVR is available on VR headsets and desktop apps for Windows & Mac. See this link to get started. HiveFest⁵ will also be streamed live for consumption on any other device, but joining in the VR world is recommended.

HiveFest⁵ registrations open soon.
Here is what you can do already:

  1. Put on your goggles.
  2. Follow @hivefest on Hive & Twitter
  3. Join the new Telegram group
  4. Setup your AltspaceVR account (read more) - Tip: use your Hive name as username for recognisability
  5. Customise your AltspaceVR avatar for originality and recognition
  6. Swag up in real life with the HiveFest Swagstore (t-shirt, mask, socks, hoodies)

Put on your 🥽 and hop in the Virtual Reality

HiveFest⁵ - AltspaceVR - Stay Connected!

18 December 2020


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Lookin' forward to it! Just marked a day off from work.
Glad to hear it's still going forward, although a bit different.
Really wish I was back in Thailand right about now!

In case anyone wants to reminisce about Sangsom and Tuk Tuks... here's an epic vid:

YES thats the one!

They should be quite happy you're not taking off a few weeks this time :)

I have one of those but from 'the other side' hehe.

Are the cables in the goggles VR long enough to go out and make a clean planet outdoors? 🤣🤣🤣

I'm super happy to see that the HiveFest is going to happen...

I'm going to look at the connection methods.


the latest VR headsets are wireless!

Fortunally (or not?) we won't fall in the Chao Praya or Vistule this year!
Devs could make a virtual cleanplanet to do as a game...

why dont you use from @disregardfiat which uses hive and and ? or at least vrchat ?


There are many platforms out there. After an evaluation of several including VRchat, FB worlds, Mozilla Hubs, this one was picked based on:

  • in world vr experience
  • availability of apps
  • availability of builders community
  • world capacity
  • seniority
  • sdk apps skewed towards the goal of HiveFest

Dlux looks cool too!

Congratulations to you, well done!

HIVEFEST!!!! Woohoooo! Thank you, @roeland, looking forward to it! ❤️

:D Epic! It's truly fitting to have a VR meet-up anyway, and this is year, as it doesn't replace 'the real thing', is the perfect time to try it out :-) Thanks for your creativity Roeland! Looking forward to it :D HiveFest from the couch!

well... with a vr headset its best to walk around :)

Oh see?! Only experience I have with VR is 'cinema' where I would sit and look around, but allright, I'll put on my walking boots then :D

Nice one, @roelandp!
I'm in! Just gotta get those goggles!

Whoo! Any sort of Hive get-together is going to be great. I missed last year and regretted it. Even if it's just in VR it's better than nothing. I don't have the hardware, but I will have to check what I could use on Linux.

Snowcrash is a great book, but we don't want the nasty effects people suffered in that.


What you could do for example is running an AWS AMI with Windows for a couple of hours and use Remote Desktop Protocol to run it remotely. Technically this should work, and is actually how we will be broadcasting a livestream.

Some RDP clients listed here:

Cheers. I do have Windows on my PC, but very rarely use it. That's my fall-back option. I just don't want to miss out on this event. I'm sure the community will be working on finding ways for the maximum number of people to be involved. I think I've only been to one small meet-up this year and I've missed chatting with Hive people in person.

Thanks for putting this together.


This is so cool! Thanks for never giving up on this year's hivefest @roelandp

Great to see this taking shape. Looking forward to it!

It’s wonderful you make IT always happen ❤️

Super cool ! I'll be joining !

Whoooot - love this. Now I have to solve two main issues.

  1. Which googles should I get - any recommendations
  2. How do we have virtual BEER together by using the !BEER token.

> Love so see you all again....

Whoooot - love this. Now I have to solve two main issues.

Hehehe. I have the Oculus Quest 2. They just came out, are wireless and cost 349 EUR. It is a hefty price, but less then a flight to Bangkok. And you need a facebook connection.

Let's contemplate about a virtual beer. There are possibilities on creating small custom interactive objects. We could "spawn" 3D beer bottles in the world.

Oculus Quest 2

I will search for that and my kids will go mad on that device.


We will defiantly do something cool. Let's discus this....

Nice. Hopefully with time zones and everything, I will be able to “attend” some of this.

yes for US it should be great with forecasted start at 5PM UTC

Blockchain guys meeting in VR. Imagine me telling my friends about this 😂

Yes! I am there! And i think ill stream it also! Nice.

and 2D desktop apps too

good to know!

Awesome. See you there.

Excited! This time in 2018 I was travelling to Krakow. That turned out to be one of the best things I did that decade for all sorts of reasons!

Fantastic news! I never done VR before and don't have the kit, hopefully 2D experience will be just as great!

try it now already to be ready by then!

This is fantastic announcement. Looking forword to this fantastic event.

This good news made my day and boosted my mood!
No Proof of Scan or Proof Of Hug this year 😷.
This is quite challenging to find something we can do remotely. Turning the idea mill on!

I've already experimented and build my own small MRE-object (in this case a dynamic changing text showing the current block produced, witness and amount of tx to put on display as a ticker in the hivefest world)

Here is the dev docs.

Simplest I can think of is a button to be found and then pushed to get a badge on your profile. More difficult is an object which can be spawned and passed to someone else and then handed in again. (something like a business card exchange).

I've been meaning to get a VR headset. Now I have the perfect reason. See you in cyber space!

see you there. They also have poker games on the VR stores :) I obtained an Oculus Quest 2. They are completely wireless, which is great. Potential disadvantage: Facebook product.

Just when we thought Covid spoiled the fun of having this year's HiveFest, @RoelandP managed to pull it off this year too with the best possible alternative! Excited to see what it's gonna be like on AltspaceVR!


Awesome, I get the feeling this will be well attended!

I have not read something as exciting as this here of late! As one of those who have never managed to experience any of the Fests, I am thrilled to know that is doable. Looking forward ♡

With this unusual but apparently practical way, I will no longer have excuses like "it's too far away" or "I want to remain anonymous": I'll be happy to participate! 👍

Thanks @roelandp... just to stay on topic, have a virtual !BEER 🍻 and a huge hug! 🤗

Nice idea, and plus it will cost a whole lot less HIVE to setup and attend! :)

@roelandp, that's really nice that this year HF is for free. I will try to get the VR headset and to participate in this great event!

Wow, very good! Finally I have another use for my Oculus Rift S. I think the idea is very good and I am curious how many Hive users will participate in the Online Hive Fest. A nice alternative! <3

Nice finally a fest I can attend! I'll be there with my VR goggles on!

especially if you can join in with a VR headset (starting at 199 USD)

Oh boy! regardless it can be with the cheapo $199USD or your fancy Oculus Quest 2 at €349 to go wireless, with the sluggish and nitty internet connection that I have. I'm afraid I will have no choice but wait until you organize one HiveFest via telepathic waves using "Brainstorm" technology to have the chance to attend to one. Hahahaha

Oh! and that's only if I'm still alive.

Now if I can just figure out how to attend via a 6-year-old iPad... 😂

Thank you for making my Day.

Really Looking forward to it!

Wow! I look forward to December! I wish that everything went at the highest level.
There is a great team and creative people here! Thank you very much for your ideas and energy!

Just the nudge I need to get a vr headset!! :0D

Yeah, this awesome. This time I will be present, expect a lot of participants that regular and of course its the first HiveFest (no SteemFest this year )

Yay! This is awesome! See you all there! Holy cow this made my day! Thank you! ^^

Brilliant idea and I expect nothing less from this community! Another reason to feel proud about being here :) See you in pixelville!

This is great. Finally, the challenge and reason why I would move to VR. So far, I've tried a few VR sets, for professional purposes, but I never thought of buying anything for myself.
But if I think about it now, VR will be the only rational solution already at this time.

Very nice news

Awesome idea! I cannot wait.

Given that many people can join this online event, is there any maximum target number of audience that AltSpaceVR can handle ? Or it can handle any number ?

Well technically it can handle infinite. How it works is as followed: every person in the world needs to know the actions of all people in a "world" and broadcast to every headset. It would be too much overhead starting from 80 people. How it works is that if more than 80 people attend HiveFest (and I expect so), it will be become a so-called "antenna" event which means that a second version of the same world is "spawned" and all contents of the stage (speakers, presentation) is spawned into all copies of the world. Leaving the world and re-entering will then mean that you could end up in a different copy with other attendees. This will be OK tho as you can reconnect with anyone through the message interface and then hop into a more quiet break out room for example. This is a thing which will be explained in future communications.

I call the Ned avatar and it's totally cool if everyone kicks me in the nuts.

Kinky. I'll be Justin Sun avatar that's fondling after kicking but only because you asked nicely.

See, people. It pays to be polite.

You would have to pay extra. They are not included in the original package.

I was sure my comment here would have earned enough to cover the costs. I guess I'll have to actually work for it now. Might have to charge a kicking fee.

Might have to dust off my original quest for this if I can make it on time :P

Yes yes! Please register on AltspaceVR beforehand and customize your avatar! See you then!

It looks like people from the U.S. can finally attend, Go figure a pandemic would make it possible.

They always could and many of them did.
But yeah, COVID-19 and lockdowns made us reach to a wider public! :-D

I do not have a VR headset XD. I don't have telegram either but I'll try to get it installed if only to chat with the fellows, I'm not very tech wise but will see what I can do

You can use https://OpenHive.Chat instead of telegram, channel #hivefest will soon be bridged with Telegram channel. Without VR headset you can still participate using 2D mode)

So. I can't play. A couple of problems. 1: I am all linux all the time. I won't load MS for this or anything. 2: I only have one eye. VR doesn't even get close to working for me.

Have fun.

It works without vr gear aswell and it may also work on linux via steams built in emulation or wine if youcare to fiddle with it enough

Well then. It's not like I haven't fiddled with Wine before :) That makes me happy that I can play.

Hi BigTom. I'm sorry to hear about this. The event will be live streamed.

An alternative is spinning up an Amazon (or other) Ami with Windows and install AltspaceVR on that and run it of RDP remote desktop.

Here is a list of Linux clients:

That said.... AltspaceVR itself is nowadays partly owned by MS :P. I hope you can make it. Coming weeks i'll share a possible setup walkthrough on the HiveFest support pages @

Maybe it works without the VR gear. I don't have one either.

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