#HiveChat #86 - Recap of the March 8th Hive Chat on Twitter, hosted by @ilysarazom

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Please note: The post payout for this is set 100% to @ilysarazom, aka ILYSA RAZOM, an "association of people who provide support to victims of the Russian-Ukrainian war all over Ukraine. (non-governmental, non-profit organization)."

Just over a week ago, I was talking to @guiltyparties about not having a Hive Chat host set, and how I'd been considering doing one about the war in Ukraine & how Hive can help give people a voice when traditional social media shuts them down. But I also didn't want to give the appearance of trying to, for lack of a better phrase, take advantage of a horrible situation. As in, I didn't want it to come across as, "Yeah war sucks, but Hive solves that!" 😯

He suggested a recently-onboarded-to-Hive Ukrainian charity, and in short order put me in touch with one of the people in charge. She was awesome to work with, and came up with some excellent questions for the chat much faster than I expected.

Speaking of questions, here they are...

March 8th #HiveChat on Twitter hosted by @ilysarazom


Hi guys!

Are you ready for the Free Talk on #HiveChat?

Get ready for very interesting conversation! With


We are Ukrainian Volunteers!🇺🇦☀️☺️

#Ukraine #Volonteers

Question 1

Have you seen ILYSA RAZOM on Hive?

Do you know other volunteer organisation who support Ukraine?


#HiveChat #Hive
#IlysaRazom #Volonteers #Ukraine

Question 2

How do you see development & renovation of Ukrainian economy for Artists, Blogger, IT guys with Hive?

Both Now&After the War?

You guys are very smart & creative with alternative financial strategies!

#HiveChat #Hive #Volonteers #IlysaRazom #Ukraine

Question 3

Which Ukrainian population groups Need more Help?

People in bunkers 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦/ Military & Defenders 🪖/ Refugees 🛤?

#HiveChat #Hive #Volonteers #IlysaRazom #Ukraine

Question 4

So what about Millitary and Soldiers?

Should Volunteers support Ukrainian Defenders?

With just Humanitarian help (meal, meds) or more?

If the main goal of #IlysaRazom is Peace? ☮️☮️☮️

#HiveChat #Ukraine #IlysaRazom #Volonteer

Question 5

#IlysaRazom is working on the great International Project right now.

We are almost ready to run the first NFT collection in the series together with Ukrainian artists.🎨

Does Hive Community want to participate in this project somehow?

#HiveChat #Ukraine #NFTart #Volonteer

Final HiveChat tweet

Thank you all for participating in today #HiveChat

For more information about what we do, check out our Hive profile - https://peakd.com/@ilysarazom"

#IlysaRazom team work very hard to help as many people as we can.

We try to make our world a better place! Let’s cooperate)

Coming up for Hive Chat

Tomorrow at 1pm EST/17.00 GMT (assuming I accounted for Daylight Savings Time correctly), our host will be @hiveio (on Twitter as @hiveblocks), in honor of our upcoming blockchain anniversary on March 20th. Then the following week, there's a very good possibility that Ilysa Razom will host again, to talk about their upcoming NFT project.

As always, thank you to the Hive community for your awesome support of Hive Chat, as well as other Hive community members. Even in these dark times, seeing people come together as they have with this effort to assist those displaced by the war gives me hope.


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Speaking of witch which...



It appears you had another successful chat. I was wondering what these chats were about. I see them but never really thought to investigate them. Lovely stuff and for a good cause too! 😁

Thank you for bringing about awareness of what @ilysarazom are doing, so we can all try and do a little to help the people of Ukraine.
I was trying to find a legit account who really are there to help.
It's absolutely horrendous what the people of Ukraine are going through again! I'd never heard of the horrors of the Holodomor which I wrote about yesterday, (would have set them as beneficiary if I knew). Some of the people who lived through that in the early 30s, may still be alive and I cannot even begin to think how terrifying it must be fir them especially, absolutely horrific!

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