The Hive 'Value Plan' Account

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The @valueplan account is an account to hold funds that will be distributed for medium-sized initiatives aimed at getting Hive visibility.


The goal of this account is to reach 50,000 HBD through the DHF. A portion of it will be converted to HIVE as needed.

Unlike its related @pettycash account, this account is meant to be budgeted over the course of a single year. It is not meant to be refilled prior to this time next year. It's funds will be rationed out to ensure that we have a balanced approach of Hive-focused promotional initiatives. If any funds are unused, they will be placed back into the DHF in January next year and a new DHF proposal put in place for fresh annual funds.

Projected use cases

  • Sponsoring events, conferences and similar
  • Physical major advertisements
  • Significant promotions of Hive as technology
  • Tradeshow type activities (unlikely due to pandemic)
  • Paying people (community only) to professionally make key materials

Additional examples

  • Sponsoring a conference about blockchain technology innovation
  • Sponsoring a charity event that is a fundraiser for a cause
  • Sponsoring a Hive-formed hackathon team that participates elsewhere
  • Sponsoring a Hive-based type hackathon (unless there's a separate DHF for it)
  • Getting Hive logo on street advertisements
  • Wrapping a race car or regular car in Hive logos
  • Getting a dozen of articles and graphics created for external distribution

Not a use case

  • Items that are currently under other marketing budgets
  • YouTube "influencers" talking about Hive
  • Hive-based posting giveaways and things
  • Paying developers to build on Hive
  • Small ticket items that go under @pettycash
  • Advertisements to promote individual Hive dApps
  • Educational programs introducing people to cryptocurrency
  • Anything focused on promoting Hive as a place to earn money online
  • Paying marketing companies for marketing services
  • Ongoing salaries of any kind


This account functions exactly the same as @pettycash.

As the account needs to not only be properly managed but also have redundancy in respect to access in case of emergency, a total of five keyholders exist.

The account was created by @Guiltyparties who is a key holder and is responsible for recovery as trustee.

@Blocktrades, @Crimsonclad, @Smooth, and @Theycallmedan are the additional keyholders. All have the full set of keys.

Keyholders cannot be paid from this account for any work without the explicit authorization of at least three other keyholders and confirming transactions to that regard.

Account Use

All transfers made from the account must be made to another Hive account. They may not go directly to an exchange. This is for the purposes of tracking.

All transfers will be made with a clear memo as to the purpose of the transfer and it's ultimate destination. For example:
$7000 USD equivalent in HBD for ABC Tech Web conference Gold level sponsorship | detail | detail

Where the payment is for something too complex to be clear in a simple memo, a post will accompany it and the transaction ID of the post will be included in the memo.

Non-Keyholder Use

Hive members who are not keyholders should reach out formally via email to the account or get in touch with either @Crimsonclad or @Guiltyparties. Do not post or comment your requirements. Please ensure all attachments are in PDF format. No Zip or DOCX attachments will be viewed.


All sponsorships must be formal and initiated with a careful review of the benefits of Hive. They must have an attached sponsorship package that explicitly stipulates what Hive can expect from the sponsorship. For example, Hive will be mentioned 5 times during the event over a loudspeaker, have its logo prominently displayed on all event material, etc. The attendees/participants/audience of an event, both digital and physical, must be in a position to benefit the Hive ecosystem as in at least two of the following ways: [a] investors, [b] content creators, [c] developers, [d] project founders, [e] B2B liaison.

Where the sponsorship is for a charity event, the benefiting charity will be carefully evaluated. Events geared at supporting political or religious causes or organizations are not eligible nor are any events supporting individuals. Charity activities founded by Hive members are not eligible. Events held by charities directly are not eligible unless a distinct benefit to Hive exists.

This account is not suitable for small-scale local events such as your local children's soccer team jerseys. Please use the @pettycash account for such things.


This account requests 50,000 HBD in this annual funding round and proposal.


As mentioned already, all leftover funds at the closing of a funding year will go back into the DHF.

Liquid funds from this post will be sent to @pettycash. Powered up funds will remain as is for transaction purposes.


Getting a dozen of articles and graphics created for external distribution

This is interesting, company I work for uses "newswire" to release news and some of it gets picked up by industry and location specific publications and sometimes by stuff like Yahoo Finance. Not 100% sure what pricing our company would use but I gather our marketing team issue publications weekly or monthly to newswire and newswire is paid to get it published. & then our marketing team emails us all and says look how great we are we got featured on Yahoo Finance this week. Paying for it but obviously it builds brand loyalty


I remember we looked at this before. Will tag @lordbutterfly here as I don't recall as to why we ended up not buying a package there.

Its like PRWeb. The PRs are picked up by small news sites. Its very unlikely that it would get picked up by anything bigger. The price didnt seem justifiable and you also need someone to consistently write the articles.

Small time advertisements like these will do wonders in spreading awareness. Just making the logo visible and recognizable goes a long way. Good proposal.

Wrapping a race car or regular car in Hive logos

How can I say no to this!

Shake and bake!

I vote yes for project shake and bake. :)

Starting to regret including the cars.

LOL! I'm not joking. Seeing it on a racecar would be awesome! Unless they lose every race...

Seeing it on a Smart Car stuck in a snowbank, well, maybe skip that.

The racecar was originally from @pfunk's idea over a year ago. It doesn't cost that much apparently but don't quote me on that.

No, it's not much, but that all depends on how much much is to you. If that makes much sense.

But I'm thinking Hive should go nuts; pay for a car, team, driver. Indy 500. You down?


That's what I was thinking. I'm down if we have a professional race car. Not so much if we're just plastering it on beat up Honda Civics.

@guiltyparties I’m pretty sure if you’re involved I can trust the process homie.

Well, I voted for the proposal, due to its flexibility.

As for professional racing, 50k wouldn't go far, especially if it's big name like indy or nascar. You'd never get the full season at that rate. Maybe one race, depending on how many laps, if you're lucky.

Going smaller means far less exposure. Still a cool idea but frickin expensive.

Sounds like a great idea! If the community grow it is beneficial for all of us! So I wish you good luck, that this works well!
Hope that many new people and entities will join Hive and create even more value!

Have a great weekend!

!gif money

Why this is geared towards printed advertising while we are on a digital platform in the digital age? Is there a progressive plan for paid advertising on other social media platforms? Traditional marketing is outdated and doesn't effectively target people who would even be interested in blockchain technology. I mean seriously, Racecars... lol who is in charge of this? I would love to discuss some better options.

I don’t think I love the wrapping of a race car or car as one of the criteria.

I think races are mostly cancelled but the general idea is to get the Hive logo somewhere where people, including media, must pay attention to it. It's unlikely to happen this year due to the pandemic.

I get that.

Well, I am planning on painting the Hive logo on the step van. With me traveling it will be seen by many and I hope to get some questions about it because if I do not have answers I know someone who does.

I was thinking of grabbing some spray paint and graffitiing the Hive logo around town, or painting the Hive logo on my car would also work

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What you do is definitely a very useful thing for this community

Really nice initiative.

Wow that's great, very innovative for the development of community. Great👍👍👍👍

Great way to start, it’s about time to start spreading and promoting Hive.

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This looks pretty legit to me. I will go and vote the proposal as every vote helps. Glad to see so many innovative proposals being submitted.

I find that having a board of sorts to control the account gives the proposal a great deal of legitamcy. Having been involved with this blockchain for some years now, I know that the key holders are all very honest and reliable folks. Their character has proven to be impeccable.

Thanks Dan, appreciate it.

Shouldn't we try to increase the budget now that web3 buzzword is around? Better to spend now that there is attention and organic growth coming, than when real bear market comes. I would like to know the arguments, thanks :)

It's not a high budget but in my view, to build community trust we should start with low numbers and get some results. The way I'll be tracking success in this proposal is by the number of articles and outside engagement that we see. Normally, marketing is based on click-throughs and similar but that doesn't work too well for us due to the number of portals. Definitely going after the Web3 opportunities although it seems that everyone else is trying to rush that net.

I get it. But we have a problem: speed. Which is difficult in a decentralized ecosystem, I understand.

This looks like a great initiative to sponsor and support other projects here on Hive.

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Interesting, looking forward to seeing how it all turns out!

I'm curious.
Why no DOCX and ZIP files allowed?

If your a member of #clicktrackprofit# they teach how to be a better Marketter just come out with the new mailer #listnerds# and #plus1 success# you can use you #hive# to promote these sites .This is very hot for Jon Olson who does the podcast many times A week

I voted- good luck! Dedicated resources for growing the user base is a great investment!

I like this idea! This kind of support is really needed from the Hive environment.
I would love to get a feedback from you upon this project.

They are very oriented to charity as well!