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Some of you might know I work in the marketing and PR industry since over 22 years, some might also know I am moving on from previous job to explore opportunities mainly across blockchain

My plans? Not decided yet but it will include Hive and Rabona

Given my time here on this blockchain (incl. the former construct called Steem(it)) coming near to six years soon and my initiatives I tried to work on within this great community even working on a 60h/week job usually made it clear I will invest more time also professionally here on Hive. No idea yet how this will look like, if it ever will happen but it will of course include to support the Hive ecosystem in general, the @rabona game I am part of and other community things at least around my Music Community on Hive. I am looking forward to helping with my marketing, sales and PR skills to make this blockchain a bit more known to the outside world, focusing on the opportunities of the chain, which might NOT only mention the social media / content part.

I was writing some years ago a little skill set about me after @blocktrades created a great community here for people that wanna support the chain - just found this post again and wanted to remind anyone here on Hive. So if you need a guy that has only basic blockchain knowledge and is not a coder but someone that knows how to communicate shit tech to become a recognized industry leading solution - hit me on Discord, maybe I have a bit time now to help.

So again some of my skills outlined in the following.

I joined Steem back in August 2016 and have been quite active as content creator and curator. So what? Sure some might ask - creating added value is my goal.

My professional background

Based in Germany I am working since over 20 years in the field of Public Relations and Marketing for technology companies. After school I did a three years bank training, followed by studying international economics in Germany and France.

After handling some investment banking jobs at Commerzbank I started a career as PR consultant and established sales and marketing across a global agency in Germany, EMEA and was heading the global sales division later.

Since learning about Steem I became a blockchain addict and was trying to win clients in that area for my company........

I was eben able to win the business of Waves Platform and did run their global comms campaign out of Munich covering:

  • US
  • UK
  • Korea
  • Japan
  • Netherlands

On Hive most know me for my private addictions especially around music and photography. I created tags such as BeachWednesday, SunThursday, DanceWeekend and am also running the music community on Hive.

How I would support Hive

I am not a big shot here, not a whale, no dev but I have a feeling and basic understanding about blockchain and am able to run marketing and PR programs. One of my main feelings always been that we have to educate the masses about this strange blockchain topic by reducing tech talk and present use cases to a wider audience. Happy to help in that space by opening doors to non-crypto media as we need to create awareness outside the crypto space.

Some types of information you may consider including on your resume are: contact info (of course, in simplest case, this can just be your Hive account itself on the post), skillset, experience, preferred collaboration method (strictly for pay, pay rate, or interested in equity partnerships).


Hello, very informative post. For myself, I learned a lot more about you than I knew before. I would like to thank you for your work here on Hive, you do a lot for musicians, supporting their creativity and making it more visible to other members of the ectosystem. I am sure that your further plans for Hive in the future will bear fruit, especially since you are a person who has worked in the field of Marketing for so many years and not only - I am sure that your participation here will become even more noticeable if you decide to devote more time to the blockchain system. It is also very pleasing that you are open to questions, and I am sure that you will be able to suggest some points to new users and not only. I wish you good luck in your business and the realization of your ideas!

Thx a lot for the feedback, much appreciated.

Good luck on this endeavour!

If you need me, you know where to find me :)

Yes my friend, I know - thx a bunch!

Very interesting I do wish you all the luck with what ever path you are going to take Sir.

Are you bringing back @beachwednesday and @sunthursday soon it would be nice 😊


And YES - starting tomorrow again with them:

Are you bringing back @beachwednesday and @sunthursday soon it would be nice 😊

Awesome be looking forward to them thanks @uwelang have a great day 👍

Interesting skill set sir. You could do a lot with Leofinance. Maybe also give readers few lessons as you go...

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Thx mate - I am sure #Leofinance has already a lot awesome folks to handle their comms and also fantastic content creators - but if someone needs support I am not declining - am too long in this community.

Definitely a fine man on paper and on camera.
I am certain reality would not fall short either!😊😊😊

I can only wish you higher feats, greater impact, outstanding success, and the greatest fulfillment in whatever course you decide to thread.

Du bist in der Tat ein Mann mit einer Mission!
Größere Schritte warten auf dich! @uwelang

P.S: Thank you so much for the bonus tips you shared at the end to help us build a strong resume.

Good luck my friend! You will find the right path!

Seems like you have a great skill set to grow on Hive and make Hive grow with you.

Viel Erfolg dabei!!

Oh Dankeschön, mal schauen 😁

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Du bist einfach der Hammer @uwelang!! Könntest du mich auf Discord D-VINE#9336 kontaktieren? Ich hätte da ein Anliegen das ich gerne mit dir besprechen würde 🙏 Liebe Grüße aus der Pfalz ❤️

Aijooooo - isch faahr morge in die Pfalz :-)

Wie cool! Ich bin gerade erst wieder her gezogen, es ist so schää hier! Ich wohne direkt am Waldrand 🙏

Hey @uwelang, nice shoutout and so much welcome.

We need to make hive way more easy to use.

No coding to make a nice looking post, no handling so many keys, a way more easy login and so much more to reach and keep the mass market the next timeframe.

Anyway, your knowledge is highly demanded at the chain and why not have a proposal together to move hive with PR and marketing into the next level. This need to be adopted to new feature and functions we can offer at Hive and shouldn’t be a general activity, as non-tech users will leave if the GUI and the functions are to tekkie.

But all this is just my own opinion after being here around 5 years.

Thanks @detlev and yes the proposal is already in planning mode.

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Hey @uwelang if you like, let us do something together

aber immer gerne mein Freund