Is displaying the wrong RC capabilities?

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I have a student who recently created an account via

Here is a pic of the error message he got a couple hours ago from PeakD when trying to submit his first post:


It says he needed 14.803 billion RCs to submit the post and that (at that time) he only had 14.757.

He now has 15.027 billion, so he should be able to submit the post.

However, says that his max_mana is 15.379 billion and that his current_mana (15.027 billion) should enable him to submit 7 posts (but it looks like the correct answer is closer to 1, maybe?).

Is displaying the wrong capabilities?

When I first started introducing my students to Hive (2 years ago), I pointed them to and let them choose which onboarding process to follow. Two semesters ago, I switched to having them send me their desired username, I would create their accounts for them, then email them their Master Password with instructions on how to reset it and retrieve their private keys.

Using that process, I could immediately delegate HP (because I knew their usernames immediately). However, that was a very clunky process and multiple students each semester would end up losing their newly-reset Master Password (despite multiple warnings).

After discussing onboarding options with @arcange several weeks ago, I decided HiveOnboard was by far the cleanest option of those readily available -- especially with its direct integration with Hive Keychain (@keychain). So, I created a couple videos stepping them through the process of installing the Keychain browser extension, claiming an account via HiveOnboard, saving their private keys, and loading their private keys into Keychain.

The problem is, with that process, I typically don't find out their usernames until after they submit their first post/assignment. I did not think that would be a problem when I saw (via that they were receiving enough initial RCs through HiveOnboard to make 7 posts. I felt confident that they would be able to submit their first few assignments without issue, and then they would each end up with enough HP on their own within a week or two.

However, that does not seem to be the case.

I will figure out a way to make things work for my students. My reason for this post is to alert others to the fact that does not appear to be providing accurate information.



Try the new tool for RCs costs from Peakd

I found this:

But it does not show any data on RC costs.

Yea its a bummer ... not sure why, was working a while ago, will ping @asgarth and @jarvie

Thanks, should be fixed now. Also the official domain is:

Thanks @asgarth and @dalz!

The RC stats page is showing 750 million RCs for 'comment(50)'.

That means my student (@nmorey) should've been able to make about 21 posts, but the error message (above) indicates that 15 billion RCs will barely allow him to make one post.

He made his first post a few minutes ago and it used up 94% of his RCs.

I'm guessing it's based on the length of the post, then? Does the '50' refer to number of characters?

Correct. The exact amount of RC is based on the length of the post content. Images are uploaded externally and only the link is embedded in the post.


That explains the difference then.

Most of my students’ posts are going to be 1,000+ words, which will be 6,000+ characters.

Thanks for the clarification. I’ve delegated RCs to all of them now, so I think we’re good to go.

Best guess is that hiveblocks isn't updated with the recent hardforks and changes.

Just out of curiosity, why aren't you simply delegating some RC to these users?

That's what I've done in the past.

They typically only need delegation for the first week or so, and many times I don't get their usernames from them until after they submit their first assignment.

This semester, after students claimed their accounts via HiveOnboard, I noticed that their RCs were showing enough for 7 posts (via, so I took that to mean they were all good to go for the first week. Apparently that was an incorrect assumption.