Vessel v1.0.0 Release

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I've been meaning to make this post for quite a while:

Vessel, the Hive Desktop Wallet for Mac has a new version - v1.0.0.

It's still experimental, so please use it at your own risk!

The new release contains a few small bug fixes and in cooperation with @mahdiyari and @rishi556, it also supports the Hive Testnet.

Full List for v1.0.0:

  • Converted to a community-owned project (@jesta was supportive of this move - gratitude goes out to @jesta for creating it and to @netuoso for improving it)
  • Fixed Binance & other exchanges not taking correctly saved memo
  • Added Binance memo to settings and switched order between HBD => HIVE to HIVE => HBD
  • Supports Hive's testnet by setting to a testnet node.



So looking at the commit log, you removed Aaron cox guy, and are claiming $380 in rewards off @rishi556 & @mahdiyari 's hard work? Solid move!!!

Am I missing something? Or what heavy lifting did you do other then this super short not much effort post? This is the type of crap that's wrong with hive tbh...
Much wow, such sad.

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Tldr; please don't claim others hard work and put in minimal effort and time for rewardpoolrape like this.

I can understand where you're coming from.

First off, these are the commits I did:

If you want you can compare them with this code:

But basically I've fixed a few things, this includes binance transfer and also removed the branding to make it a "community-owned" project. Once again, I've asked jesta beforehand and he's supportive of this move.

The fact that this post received so many rewards is something I'm grateful for, though not what I had in mind when creating it. I initially made those improvements in June and used the version ever since locally, but forgot to make a post about it, so people can know about it and use it.

Anyway, thanks for letting me know your concerns.

Without weighing in on "who did what", which is probably best left to the devs to discuss, I think it's worth pointing out that the rewards from this post to the author are only 1/2 of the amount you state.

I never said this author, I said the post was claiming rewards.... And what a weird thing to focus on considering what my comment was about... Obviously part of the problem yourself. LoL

It's really nice that you chose to share the revenue of this post with them via beneficiaries! 😝 😂


Didn't expect these rewards. And I honestly forgot about it. Just wanted to push out an update.

Fair enough, I've made the same mistake before :P

@therealwolf! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @globetrottergcc.

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Woot woot

I do not own a Mac, but I still admire the work 👍

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Good job!

I see. @therealwolf, good to see you starting on projects for the blockchain. I enjoyed your project in the Steem Blockchain, so I'll say this is something to look forward.

Ohh thats nice.