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Hello, SPIer's. Today we look at how to create a passiveish income on HIVE. We are all told about HIVE's great opportunities, but many are missing out on the best ways to generate an income instead of taking the hard road that often leads to nowhere.

We've all heard the saying, money is time and im going to show you exactly what that means on HIVE. What can you do in 2 hours per week on HIVE to make an income? Your first thought is to produce some content because HIVE is a social network blockchain, right? It was in the past but it's evolving. Ask anyone that joined HIVE through Splinterlands and they will tell you it's a gaming blockchain, ask someone that found CUBfinance and they will tell you that bHIVE/HBD and bLEO are used for defi staking. HIVE is many things and it's the community, me and you that are the ones that decide its fate.


The thing about a decentralized network like HIVE is I decide the future of the blockchain, you decide as well, and we all can play our part.

How SPinvest changed the game

Before SPinvest and its flagship SPI token came along, there were no investment tokens on hive-engine, not proper ones and certainly none that were backed by actual assets. I personally wanted to invest my HIVE into an investment fund that was hosted on hive-engine but it did not exist. I thought others might want the same thing so I created SPinvest and SPI tokens.

SPI tokens were the first tokens on steem-engine hive-engine to be considered as proper investment tokens that were actively managed and transparent through weekly reports. Today we have a plethora of investment tokens to pick from and the asset class of investment tokens on hive-engine is worth over $1 million which is a great feat considering we are in a bear market with most things down 80% and this number was $0 only 4 years ago when SPinvest was created.

With or without SPinvest, im sure someone else would have created a backed fund at some point. BROfund took inspiration and now its the second biggest fund on hive-engine with assets worth over $150,000. To name a few other popular ones, there is INCOME, DEFI, INDEX, LABFUND, SEED and UTOPIS which has failed.

How you can change the game


Just do the same thing as I did. Do you wanna be producing content every day for the next 10 years to create a HIVE income for yourself? Most struggle to produce quality content and burn out quickly. Maybe think smart, think long-term and build something that adds value for others while giving you an excellent work (time) required to reward ratio?

In 10 years from now, I want to be earning more HIVE but I want to be doing less work for it. This is how you should be thinking and you plant seeds. Some seeds will require more TLC than others but if they grow into trees, the yield can be much more.

All you gotta do is think of an investment that you would invest to, something you could put your money into for 10 years. On HIVE, there are literally thousands of projects that could be created because there are many options. We have HIVE which can be used to lease to tons of different projects offering rewards, HBD that earns 20% per year and then at least 10 decent investment tokens that could be grouped together into a proper index-style token. Investment tokens could back gameing NFTs that are actively managed or even non-HIVE assets such as BSC defi.


Let me show you 2 projects that take me around 1 hour per week each to maintain. This is what I do with 1 hour instead of writing a post that will be seen by 20 people and upvoted by a few HIVE.



This project is run under SPI as a HIVE income token. The EDS token is pegged to 1 HIVE and it pays out a weekly HIVE income to token holders. Its APY is currently over 32% making it the highest-yielding token that pays income directly as HIVE on hive-engine.

This project is incredibly simple to maintain and takes me 45 mins max per week. 15 minutes is spent doing a few transactions and 30 minutes writing the weekly report. Here is exactly what i do each week

1 - Convert all HE tokens into swap.hive
2 - Withdraw swap.hive from hive-engine to @eddie-earner account
3 - Open excel sheet and update numbers for...

  • EDS circulating
  • HP balance
  • HP inflation APY
  • Content rewards
  • Leasing income
  • Other income

4 - Go to HIVE wallet and send HIVE to @spi-payments for income payments
5 - Power up the remaining HIVE
6 - Open EDS report post template, copy/paste charts, write 500 words and upload.

DONE for 7 days


What is EDS worth to SPI?
Currently, EDS adds 55,691 HIVE to SPI's balance sheet. Not bad for under 200 hours of total work. This works out to EDS generating 280 HIVE for every hour I invested in it for SPI. It has passive incomes of roughly 300 HIVE per week, pays out around 200 of that as income payments and powers up the rest.

What could EDS be worth to you?
If you were to run a project like EDS and have the same success, the best way to pay yourself would be with EDS tokens which are pretty liquid on hive-engine with many buy orders in place waiting. For example, you take 10% of the total income each week as EDS tokens.

At 10%, the account would still grow, just slower but it would be sustainable long term. You would earn roughly 30 EDS per week worth 30 HIVE, this number compounds over time so in 5-10 years, this could be 100-200 HIVE per week for 1 hour of work.




This project is run under LBI as a LEO income token. The CL token value is pegged to it's BSC wallet value and it pays out a weekly LEO dividend to token holders. Its APY is currently around 20% paid in LEO and one of the best ways to invest into LEO.

This project is also incredibly simple to maintain and takes me 1 hour max per week. 30 minutes is spent doing a few transactions and 30 minutes writing the weekly report. Here is exactly what i do each week

1 - Collect CUB harvests from CUBfinance
2 - Open excel sheet and update numbers for...

  • CUB, LEO and HIVE prices
  • Enter CUB harvests
  • Update LP and asset values

3 - Convert CUB to BUSD
4 - Use simpleswap or Binance to convert BUSD to HIVE
5 - Convert remaining BUSD into LP token and stake to CUBfinance
6 - Convert HIVE to LEO for liquid CL token hodlers
7 - Mint CL tokens for staked CL tokens holders
8 - Open CUBlife report template, copy/paste report, add 500 words and upload

DONE for 7 days


What is CUBlife worth to LBI?
LBI takes 10% of CUBlife's harvests. Currently, CUBlife makes around 100 LEO per week for LBI. This is very straightforward, the more the wallet holds, the more it harvests and the more LBI makes. Harvest is split 50% for dividends, 40% reinvested for growth and 10% to LBI as an operator fee.

What could CL be worth to you?
If you were to run a project like CUBlife, it's highly possible you could have better success because it's not been promoted heavily and is a mostly unknown project to most. For you, you take a 10% operating fee. If you manage $100k and you harvest $30k per year, you would take $3k per year. That's over 10,400 HIVE per year at today's prices. Even $50k would yield 100 HIVE per week.


85% of people are users that follow trends (get used)
10% of people create the trends (use others)
5% of people observe and watch the madness (see everything)

This post is not for everyone, it's to show a few how you can use your time which more efficiently to produce better yields that if done correctly will grow over time. Anyone on HIVE that says they don't have the time, please read above again and see that successful projects can be ran in under an hour a week. The next excuse is, I can't code. I can't code either but I asked about it until I found someone that could code and now when I want to start a new token, I know a guy. You DM me and you might know a guy yourself. Never paid more than $100 to a coder to set up a project.

The skill set required is no higher than being able to think of an idea, explain it in a post and list the token for sale. You tell the coder what tokens you want to track (your tokens) and what to pay out. After that, it'll take an hour a week to maintain if you have a simple model.

If more people were to create projects and use there time better, the whole ecosystem would gain from that by creating more use cases for HIVE. More people would hold and invest funds into HIVE and hive-engine investment tokens as a class could be worth tens of millions of dollars someday.


SPinvest encourages others to create and build investment tokens/funds/incomes on HIVE, we don't see it as competition and more of an opportunity. We own slices of the biggest projects and have helped fund and set up tribes. SPinvest understands HIVEs sidechain potential and what future investments could be built on hive-engine and sees this as the start. In 20 years, you think HIVE sidechain tokens will be worth more are less as a total?

Thank you for taking the time to read through this post, feel free to share with your followers if you think they would find it interesting.


I've been trying to get more BXT lately. It pays hive divs if staked, but can be pooled with Hive to earn BXT. Since the daily payouts are generated from (50%) of the profits of the dex's transaction fees the amount fluctuates, but it's a couple of steady drips.

I am still looking forward to your next token ;)

Also, I want to make a Index Tokem which only holds dividend paying tokens including all of your projects, but it convett all the profits/tokens it earns to Hive and pays out most of it to people!

Like a big Dividend-Paying Index token in Hive ^^
Not sure where to start though xD

Damn, thats a pretty good idea. SPI, LBI, EDS, BRO, INCOME, and LABFUND all put together would be an epic token.

Not that hard to do. You create a few simple rules like having a core of 6-7 tokens to be part of your index and don't change them, don't add new ones and just grow the balances. You issue the tokens at 1-5 HIVE each and use the HIVE to buy up dividend tokens to back your new token. I'd put you into contact with someone that will code the dividend bot to however you like, daily, weekly, whatever. Make sure the wallet is funded each week and your sorted. You skim you 10% of div's as an operators fee and everyone wins.

I'd invest into that and can pitch it to other project operators in the space.

Yes exactly! All of those tokens! :D
Also Index could be anotjer good token to have, it just pays out in so many small tokens, that it might be hard to manage unless the tokens are sold automatically xD

Having a core of tokens is good and stable, but also being able to buy into other tokens would be neat!
The struture would properly 90% pay.
5% as Operator fee and 5% to New dividend-investment tokens.

Breaking out of that struture we would need a community vote to abstain for rewards for 1 month to buy into this new project if we dont have enough liquid hive ^^

Could that be something you think?

yes for sure, that would be a great token.

As for the community voting, just do what is best. If you want to hold off on div's for growth, just state they will start after 1,3,6 months from the start.

The more I think about the more hooked I get :P

I'd put you into contact with someone that will code the dividend bot to however you like, daily, weekly, whatever.

Can you do this? :D

As for the community voting, just do what is best. If you want to hold off on div's for growth, just state they will start after 1,3,6 months from the start.

Might just have to save and see how many tokens we can snatch up at least in the beginning

Can you do this? :D

Yep, DM me on discord silverstackeruk#3236

Might just have to save and see how many tokens we can snatch up at least in the beginning

You can presale to SPI Royalty members, then public presale and then launch it on hive-engine. By the time to launch it, you'll have around half your funding already collected. 10% of investors will buy 40-60% of the supply and they normally come in the presale.

Thank you! I will reach out tomorrow! I am kinda tired today hehe

May I hit you up on discord? I'd like your input on a project I've been working on. I definitely need to find someone who can script a few functions.

You've certainly done very well in building a good "family" of investment tokens! And it's nce to see that they have held up pretty well, in spite of this wretched bear market...

I'm unlikely to be someone who creates an investment token, but I do like the idea of creating content and engaging... and using the liquid rewards to buy such tokens, rather than just buying Hive and powering up.


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If you enjoy writing content then it's a little like a hobby and earning from it is the cherry on top. I used to beable to write lots of content easily but I need to feel like writing to write something now and that's not very often. I like reading :)

I want to build something else. I want a "vanity" token that serves a strong enough purpose to warrant holding.

In particular, I want to build around Splinterlands. I'd like a coalition of guilds with a token that can be tipped, via discord or hive, that very politely talks trash to the recipient.

I want guild members who stake them to earn more of them, and eventually be able to spend them on coalition merch, among other things, which are too complicated to get into here.

I've already spun it up, but I need someone to code the tip and interest functions. If anyone can direct me to someone who can give me some insight to cost it would be greatly appreciated.