HIVE needs your help - EVERYONE!

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SPinvest is a tokenized investment fund/club experiment open to all HIVE users. The concept of SPinvest is to get rich slowly by using time tested methods of earning, saving and compounding long term. We encourage long term investing on and off the blockchain. We hope someday everyone will HODL some SPI tokens that can be bought directly from hive-engine by search SPI.
SPinvest has a proven history of success

HIVE needs your help - EVERYONE!

Its has not been a good month for HIVE's token price and they say all small count so i prepose that we all take 2 minutes to help improve the coingecko HIVE 24hr rep. For me when i hear about a new crypto are need some basic information, my first call is coingecko to check the chart and rep. We can not do much about the chart but we can flood vote for HIVE rep to be higher.

Link to coingecko - Click HERE

  • Click on the thumb up
  • REHIVE this post to your followers to spread the love
  • Drop a comment and help get this pot into trending

Let's make this happen folks, let's see a 90% green rep!!



@spinvestMain account and bankMany
@spinvest-leoAll curation is done from this account@jk6276
@spi-steemcityAll gaming is done from this account@shitsignals
@spi-paymentsUsed to pay out weekly dividends@silverstackeruk

Today's post comes to you from @silverstackeruk


Consider it done!


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Fantastic, thank you so much for taking the time :)


Thank you for your support as always my friend

reposted the given a thumbs up hope all will join in

Brillant, i've not checked ack on coingecko from uploading the post. Im gonna resist and check after i sleep :)

CLICK - done.
REHIVE - done.

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thats brill, thank you for your support

A simple but great idea. Every little bit helps. Some will check that out so it does not hurt to upvote it as a positive.

We could also go downvote STEEM. 😂😂😂

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It's working (for today), currently 83% green and 17% red. The system works!!!!

Hmm, never thought of downvoting STEEM, your ruthless my friend, i like it :D


This is what we also must work on.

Damn.. not good buddy

Where did you pull that data from? pretty interesting

It's also from coingecko. At the bottom of the page. It's provided by tradingview.

HA, shows what i know, lol

Yea mate we need more exposure for sure.

Thumbed Up and fingers crossed.

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Thank you

I should have bought some this morning, though!

Thank you for your response!
You got it brotha!

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Happy days, its 83% 17% atm. Lets hope people hit this every time they check the price :)

A question. With uniswap you no longer need go in to hive to get DEC to splinterlands. That have to be One part of lower volyme? Or?

not sure my friend, i never looked into the DEC liquidity pool..

here we are man hope this help a little.

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It's all helping. We are at 83% and 17%

Thank you for your support


thank you my friend, we have it uptp 83/17 :)

If you need it, good for this action of yours, and everyone, ReBLOG.

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Thank you, could not have said it better myself

I do visit this website but haven't noticed on this.
its on 83% now have a look.


Yes, it has gone up alot since yesterday.

We can make a difference

Ya it is better now 😃
thanks I will give a regular up-vote to this site from now on.

Thanks & Regards

I forgot my password xD So I will be voting as soon as I can reset my password :D

Together we're a great power! Done, now let's keep going!

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Done and Re-hived!