you must be kidding me... 40 cents and a trading volume of 37 Mio. USD!!!!

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Really no words for that,
never seen something like this before...
with such volume its not just a stupid pump...
.. and if it would be the MOTHER OF ALL PUMPS!!!

I am curious if we can find out what is going on!




Houbi listening coming thats why it is running up. Everyone gets excited from a big exchange listing.

I am debating dumping my liquid Hive and buying back in after a dip. What are you gonna do?

yes.. sure.. but this is not a simple pump due to the exchange listing...
look at this volume.. I mean of course it could be manipulated.. that's why I say I am courious if we will find out who is selling and who is buying...
no liquid hive... all powered up.. I am all in for the long run.. ;-)

but from experience if I hade some liquid hive.. I would sell some and keep the bucks on the exchange to buy it back when it comes down again.. if many bees do this, this actually would make hive price developement so much stronger on the long run as many small orders would buy when it corrects...

I went ahead and dumped my 420 liquid Hive at .39 it was 1/3 of all my Hive hopefully once it dips ill be able to accumulate more Hive for the long run.

Our liquidity is really bad. We've been cultivating holders for 30 months now. The dump down to 10 cents was artificial. Something like that will obviously create a springboard and create insane volatility eventually.

I expect a dump within three days. I think we'll level off at the 2400 sat level.

That being said the NINJAMINE was a huge reason investors didn't want to enter. Now that we are not under the thumb of a corporation and have a decentralized funding mechanism it probably looks pretty bullish to certain big players.

That and we've gotten nothing be publicity for over a month now.

I am experiencing a all time high of hive price at this moment. Still like a fast dream for me. Who knows it might hit $1 soon