HIVE 28, TRON 18.. 10 ranks to go.. ;-) LOL

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I do not care how long this will last.. but for this very single moment it was worth it... ;-)
HIVE and TRON on the same coingecko screen.. just 10 ranks appart...

funny thing so: I belive steem will profit as well as those who want to stay on steem will sell now their airdroped hive and buy back a much higer amount of steem..

and if steem goes up the steem powering down bees will have more money to put into HIVE.. at this price or some lower price...
so this may very well be a gigantic pump - but due to this rewinding and cross selling and buying - actually fresh money is put into both user groups and both chains.. IMHO a very very unusual and unique situation..

so in generall terms a pump is of course not sustainable... but this pump by some aspects is to a certain degree...
everyday HIVE is a above 50 cents and steem above 20 cents will put a higher floor (downside price area after the pump) into both token prices..

amazing times..



I just can not contain the excitement.

yeah.. me, too.. lets see how long it lasts... and enjoy it while it lasts.. ;-)

great to witness the rise of hive again. i see hive entering top 20 soon and who knows might even surpass tron

I am actually not sooo optimistic.. if it would hold between 50 cents and 1.50 USD for around one year this would be enough to give HIVE super powers.. ;-)

that will be great to see hive at that state

The drop off in activity on the Steem blockchain has been dramatic. Splinterlands seems to be one of the few things propping up the stats there. Some blocks have little but Splinterlands activity.

I think it will drop quite soon, even if not as fast as it went up - but, as you said, the floor will be higher. And it made Hive known to a lot more people :)