Meanwhile, over on Blurt...

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Blurt is a Fork of the Hive Blockchain which claims to be for free speech and against Censorship.

Blurt also has no Downvotes, so along with the same immutability as you find on Hive and Steem users have no capacity to reduce rewards if they disagree with them.

Blurt has been around for two years now and it's currently going through a bit of a crisis which has seen several users initiate massive PowerDowns.

The crux of the matter is that the main developer behind Blurt - @megadrive aka @thecryptodrive here on Hive (and a Hive Witness) recently put out a post saying he was going to freeze certain accounts, one of them being @ctime - who you may remember from Hive Downvoting anyone who got upvotes from SteemBasicIncome - I think he DVd accounts receiving upvotes from other curation projects too.

Anyway, from what I can tell @ctime seems to have taken the opportunity at some point over the last couple of years, along with @fervi (very possibly the same person) and bought an absolute fuck tonne of Blurt - getting on for 30 million between the two of them....

Screenshot 2022-06-22 at 15.37.48.png

NB @megadrive has only 5M, but he also has the power, being the man behind the code, to freeze the governance rights on those two accounts, along with a few others, which is is precisely what he is proposing to do....

Screenshot 2022-06-22 at 15.37.07.png

@megadrive points out that @ctime effectively has enough Blurt to control the Chain, which he sees as detrimental because of his previous support of harmful dapps and various other historical actions perceived to be harmful.

He also claims that whoever @ctime is has threatened his children and that this kind of sociopathic behaviour isn't good to encourage development or for the community more generally.

So we've got a situation where one person is hard-censoring some of the accounts which he sees as harmful.

Personally I don't know whether I would trust @thecryptodrive's judgement (see the @markymark's comments on his post about his dubious track record viz funding) but I certainly don't trust @ctime's track record here on Hive either, he was hardly a positive force.

This whole process has people a bit upset - especially @world-travel-pro who recently powered down all his Hive and spent I think all of it on Blurt - he's lost $1000s and probably feels like a bit of an idiot having produced his 'it's better on blurt' banner which you may have seen.

The problem of small ponds.....

You can whinge all you like about certain Whales on Hive neutralising certain people's rewards (NOT censoring, there is no censorship, that and reward reduction are completely separate), but for the most part it works - there are plenty of reasonable people on here who get by OK as long as they are not absolute dick heads.

And having personally met at least a third of the T20 witnesses, I KNOW they are reasonable human beings, that's a good basis for trust IMO.

It seems to me that many of the more toxic and desperate people were the ones who sold Hive and gambled on Blurt at least one of them seeing it as an opportunity to become a very big fish in a very small pond...

And now it's come to a head - and we find out that in the medium term it's been held hostage by what is probably one anonymous (and seemingly sociopathic) whale and the reaction from the founder is arguably worse - freeze his accounts...

And yes Hive has its issues, but for the most part it's decentralised enough and reasonable enough that we can all get by without this sort of thing happening!

Part of me feels a little bit sorry for anyone who sold all their Hive for Blurt, but mostly I'm just kicking back and enjoying the show from a distance!


Ever notice how it's the same people over and over! dRAMA loves the Drama, but also the only reason this holds much interest.. Is because we know every name you mentioned from past drama.

There is so little drama here right now (except with some of the names mentioned) They've had to go seek drama elsewhere.

The thing about Blurt is I think their pay to post model is interesting, and the technology works, but then you let the humans use it.. and things get messy.

Those damn humans, it's why I only interact with bots these days!

One can't deny Humans are difficult creatures.🤴 Especially when fighting for power.

I have been dropping in on Blurt, but there's not enough going on for it to be interesting. There are a few Hive refugees who go on and on about how bad Hive is. Despite that I see hardly anyone here complaining that they are oppressed by whales. We are pretty free to say what we like without getting slammed, but if you personally attack someone they may well retaliate. I think some of these Blurters don't really understand why Hive has downvotes. Over there you have to pay to post, which is supposed to reduce abuse. With a few accounts having such a large share of the funds things are likely to be distorted. It just sets a bad precedent to actually block an account. They do not have independent witnesses to collectively make such decisions.

If anyone wants to cash out they won't make much as there's hardly any trade in the tokens. If ctime sells then the price will plummet further.

Anyone who was on St--m before Blurt came along with have some BLURT. They could try cashing that out, for what little it is worth.

It is really messy over there, and not pleasant. I'm glad I'm out of it!

I think seeing what is happening there that for anyone who has gone they should have taken heed of the old adage... DYOR!

No dude! Never DYOR!

Simply listen to the one running around town yelling about seeing demons...

Its satans minions!! He has a hand in everything!

Be careful what you say! They might come and get offended again for making fun of that shit!

This time I think they might be too busy looking at their own shit!

A little late for that now, isn't it?

True, there doesnt seem to be a lot of humour there right now.

It's an expensive lesson to learn, hopefully it has been learnt!

I hope that all of our wayward sons can indeed learn and grow from this.


1st time I ever heard of blurt

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The way things have gone recently, you were lucky!

yeah, I really only have time to spend at most an hour or so to spend on Leo Finance and Hive each day. So glad I'm focusing my time wisely.

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that’s wise indeed 😉

Who needs TV? No doubt it's a strange world!! Thanks for sharing the events happening over on Blurt. Guess we will see where this goes. I hope u enjoy the show!!

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It's tense rather than enjoyable, thankfully I'm not Vested!

Glad to have sold all my BLURT long time ago 😂

I sold half, I couldn't be bothered to sell the rest it wasn't worth the mouse clicks, it certainly isn't now!

Thanks for the info! Dont know anything thats happening there.

Very happy I sold out and have had nothing to do with that chain.

Blimey, falling down that rabbit hole is half an hour I'll never have again.

It's worth a quick visit, but then back out!

I was more interested in checking where witnesses were in the ranking.
I'd already made my decision about Blurt.

Is it possible to do that on Blurt, I wouldn't know how1

I was checking the witnesses on Hive as there is an overlap. Outside the top twenty, but still at thirty-eight. I'm surprised, a witness for Hive but running a competing fork?

That's basically right, he does a lot of work on Hive Engine too.

Will they never learn? :D

I wonder about the psychology of people too - I mean lots of stake, big fish small pond, you see it in the tribes here too - and IRL of course and all over the place, but it's unusual to see it played out in the open like this, well sort of in the open.

The transparency makes it interesting. And, looking at the people involved, it is quite funny how they have acted for years on end and here they are again...

WTP can't seriously think he's welcome back here!?!?!

He seems to think so :)
I will keep flagging him.

A chain created for solving "no problem" instead created a wormhole of issue by removing DV.

I guess I have more stake in Hive tribes that qualifies for Ocra status in Blurt.

May be I like to buy this devalued Blurt considering it as Hive tribe .

No idea who in sane mind is buying Blurt for serious investment by ditching Hive.

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I seriously wouldn't sell Hive for Blurt, that would be insane.


It certainly is, of the most entertaining kind!

I feel sorry for anyone who thought it'll be better on Blurt and sold their HIVE. And I'm glad I wasn't exposed to all the drama, not even a bit. Focusing and its benefits. :)

Defo better off out of it!