Follow Friday - hot weather here in the UK

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The Minster, at Wimborne Minster

Hope you’ve all had a great week, I’m on time with this one, sorry I missed last week, I may not publish one of these every Friday.

I am only going to share 3 profiles this week, as I’ve not discovered many more new people to be honest but do have a number of Hivians in mind for each of these posts.

So let's jump straight in.

Paying it forward

Every person I feature in these posts, which I will try to schedule for each week will receive 10% beneficiary of the post rewards, since I've opted to power-up these up 100%. So there is an incentive! Maybe not a massive one because my account isn't as massive as some peoples'.


A musician who sticks to posts on the subject of music covering their own compositions and writing retrospectives or reviews for bands past and present. They are very active right now and well worth a follow!


Artist living in Southern Spain. She share a lot of great posts like this one where she takes part in the #wednesdaywalk by @tattoo-djay which reminds me I should take part in the challenge more often. Another great follow, if you don’t already.


Finally for this week, I have chosen a community host/leader, @detlev who runs the #beersaturday community. I partake in it, so I should praise anyone who sets aside valuable time to run something like #beersaturday as these things take time, energy and a bucketload of passion!

Have a great weekend when it lands, let see who gets picked next time.


Nice post @nicklewis - I think it's fine to do these as and when you have time/people to mention. I might do one too to highlight some relatively undiscovered people on Hive that I'm aware of. Have a great Sunday!


Thanks! Give it a go!

Alright will do!


Thanks for the tips, I follow @littlebee4 already and she's a gem. Enjoy the hot weather!

Thanks so much dear @riverflows 😁👋🏻 Happy to have bumped into each other here on Hive!

Could you send some hot not windy weather up here. I know you guys are getting the effects of the European heatwave!

Today it became winter again. Cold and wet!

I missed last week too, but that's okay. I've known @detlev for many years and had a few beers with him. He's a real asset to Hive.


!BEER and love ❤️ to see some beery fun from you

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Hey @steevc, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

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Aaawww thank you so much @nicklewis 😁😎 that’s so nice of you.
Much appreciated!
Will have a look at my fellow featured persons, as they are new to me. Thanks for that.
Yes, let’s have some more fun and a great weekend ahead!
Enjoy yours 👋🏻☀️💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 I will for sure.

Yoooo and many thanx for heaving me here.

Feel invited to join the lovely beer community or the longest running challenge on Hive - the #BeerSaturday week no. 259 - where we have prizes for those who had a beer and post this. What a horror job. ;-)

Sounds like a great job to me!!

Hey @nicklewis, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

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There is always a next week around the corner....

CU and a !BEER

So true 😀

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