Hive Re-Introduction – Up from under a rock

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I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm one of those people that left and then came back with my tail behind my legs. Well, almost left – I at least kept my stake.

My Hive account is almost 5 years old now. I was active for about 2.5 of them before I stopped posting to the old chain. There were many reasons for me leaving, and some of them were definitely related to the climate back then, but it was mostly because of things in my private life that had to be addressed at that point in time.

I returned exactly one year ago, in january of 2020, and discovered to my big surprise what had happened with the hostile take-over, the community fork and all the other things. And I was just so IMPRESSED and so PROUD of what the community had achieved. Ecstatic even! What happened (and is continuing to happen) here is unparalleled in history.

And I wasn't here for it, I'm sad to say, which is part of the reason it took me a whole year after discovering this to post again. But nothing to do about that now – and man am I excited about everything that's going on here!

Here are some of the things I'm paying attention to these days.


I was an early adopter of Splinterlands (then SteemMonsters) which I played quite actively and managed to build up a decent collection in before I suddenly just quit playing (don't ask why!). In a stroke of luck and good timing, I started playing again just before all the hype started, and I even managed to pick up a nice chunk of land before they sold out and everything went crazy.

I got super lucky opening one of my Chaos Legion packs :D

At this time I was also accepted into my first and only guild, The Anti Social Club, founded and run by @reseller. He is also known as Blockchain Cards and is a talented NFT artist. I highly recommend checking out his work!

Here I've gotten the chance to play alongside some truly talented players, and we are currently ranked as the number 7 guild of all the guilds in the entire Splinterlands! I'm so proud of all my fellow guild members and what we've achieved together.


Perhaps even more so, I'm impressed with the Splinterlands Team and what they've achieved so far. I'm simply mind-blown over everything they are doing and how they're doing it; the transparency they display, the way they're growing the organization, how they communicate with the community.. I've been following their Town Halls closely for a solid year now, and is in awe of everything that has been done so far, and not to mention what's in the works. 2022 is going to be a crazy year for all Splinterlanders, no doubt. and the SPK Network

I'd write something about the upcoming SPK Network airdrop and the brilliant way it's going to be distributed to Hive holders, but I guess there are more than enough people covering this, and probably in a lot better way than I'd be able to anyway.

Let me instead highlight something else; I've spent quite a bit of time on lately, listening to primarily @theycallmedan and @taskmaster4450's podcasts. Although there's much of this content I probably don't fully comprehend yet, I do realize that there is incredibly important work it is that is being done here, that will go down in the history books as the beginning of the end of the centralized web 2.0 as we know it today.

I highly recommend having a look/listen to their podcasts if you haven't yet.

Oh by the way, did you know that you can listen to (and other video posted to Hive) as a podcast in your regular podcast app on your phone? Thanks to a project called Podping on Hive by @brianoflondon and @alecksgates, we are able to generate an RSS podcast feed link for any Hive blog.

Edit: Thanks to @brianoflondon for providing additional information as to how this actually works – please see his comment and the following thread below, for additional information.

To get an RSS link for any Hive account to use in an external podcast app, head over to and search for the Hive user you want to listen to, and you should be able to find them. Copy the RSS feed URL and paste it into your favorite RSS-feed-supported podcast player app.

Just make sure that if you do use this method, that you remember go to the actual Hive post and upvote them as well, as this will not be possible in the third party app!

My personal favorite mobile app is AntennaPod, an ad-free and open source alternative (Android only).



Earning badges on is so cool! I'm aiming for collecting a bunch of these in this upcoming year.

That's enough for now I guess. Thank you for reading! Until next time


Welcome back. I had no idea you got into SPL and did so well with it. I finally got involved at the end of last August and have been playing catch up out of pocket. While you put Hive away, you surely didn't put the most profitable app it offers away, and now you're set!

Thanks man, it's really great to hear from you. I did get extremely lucky with SPL. At the time of course, it felt more like reckless credit card spending than investing, haha. Very cool that you've gotten into it as well! I'd be happy to throw some delegations your way, if you're interested

I usually say no thanks to delegations lately because I'm stubborn and don't want to cost anyone SPS, but just logged in and saw my league jump up to Silver 2 to be very confused. I realized what you did and am so MAD!!! Kidding. Those are some seriously awesome cards I never thought I'd be able to use. This is going to be fun. Here I was renting a Water fiend last night for $0.26 for two weeks thinking that'd make me jump up a notch in my game play... Thanks so much, and please don't hesitate to take any back as soon as you need them. These cards are going to huge for poison and earthquake matches.

Haha that's great to hear, enjoy! I've been lending these spare cards to my brother for a good while, but he hasn't been using them almost at all, so.. I think it's better that someone who plays regularly and actually is building a collection can use them.

Regarding the SPS, it actually doesn't cost me any. The delegator still gets the aidrop points. And no worries, I'll take them back if I need to ;)

Thanks for the shout out! Actually the RSS feeds are from @threespeak and while not directly connected with @podping (it's complicated) they're related because it all springs out of the @podcastindex Podcasting 2.0 initiative. If you're feeling really adventurous, look for a Value 4 Value app, convert a few HBD to sats via the gateway and stream some sats while you listen. Links to how to do all of that are in my recent posts.

Thanks for stopping by and for additional information! I realize that I'm in deep water here, this does indeed sound quite complicated. I've updated my post to attempt to reflect your input.

My intention with mentioning this, is that I've found it cumbersome to listen via while on the go. To be able to listen in an app on my phone that remember where I stopped listening, so that I can easily continue were I left off is a convenient feature that is important to me. The down-side of this method is course that I'm not listening in a Hive-supported interface and will therefore need to remember to manually head over to the post to upvote it as well – Which is admittedly easy to forget.

I'm definitely interested in having a closer look at the Value 4 Value app. I tried reading up on it and finding the post you're referring to, but I can't seem to find it. If you could provide a direct link, that would be really great. I did find your proposal 201, which I've given my support. I don't think I fully grasp the scope of what you're working on, but I do love podcasts and I would like to reward good content creators, which seems to be at the core of this.

This is probably the best place to start for listening options:

A lot of times it is possible to click through to the underlying 3speak video on their front end. If you're logged in on that (which is an email password login) you can vote within the app!

Awesome thanks for the link, this sounds great! Will have a closer look asap

Hey man, welcome back to hive!
I started here at the end of last January so I'm about to be celebrating my first year on hive!

I've made alot of mistakes last year getting involved with projects on BSC, I made alot of money, and then lost it all lol! I wish that I'd have been focused on hive at the time cos my stake would be alot bigger, I just got caught up with the BSC shit too much..
Oh well it makes for a good story that I'd love to forget haha!

Thanks for the follow man, I read the post and was like Holy shit! This guy is like my crypto twin!
I really enjoy listening to task master, and dan.. and I'm fkn hyped about SPKnetwork!

You should checkout the cryptomaniacs podcast on spotify, and since you didn't experience the hostile takeover and haddfork, you might not know the whole story.. so you should check the leofinance podcast on Spotify, and sort it from oldest to newest. Khal documents the takeover attempt and hardfork in real time.

Thank you! Haha that's great, cool to hear from you. And happy birthday soon. Sorry to hear about your losses, I guess we've all had our share of them, huh

And hey, thanks for the tip! I happened to listen to The Cryptomaniacs podcast for the first time earlier today. It's really really good! Great tip about the leofinance-podcast too. I actually have it in my playlist, but haven't gotten started on it yet. Definitely gonna listen to your advice and sort from oldest to get the whole story

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